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7 Days of Rest, January 1-7, is an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. All are invited to enjoy the rich array of offerings, including wisdom teachings, meditations, music, inspirations and more, that are generously offered by the global community.


During the first 7 days of 2024, we seed the New Year with a global field of intention and healing, honoring our collective calling to wholeness.

Each day we journey through primordial portals of remembrance, guiding our dreaming and becoming.







As we commune with these essences of Life, we remember our ancestral roots, our original untamed nature, and the ancient knowing of ourselves as infinitely diverse expressions of One Source.

Together, we reweave our unique threads of light in integrity and harmony with the fabric of our living universe.

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how to participate



From December 23rd, a calendar with the evolving overview of offerings from the global community will be available on this homepage.

All participants can freely join and access the offerings by following the details outlined on the event/offering "card" in the CALENDAR. If you miss an event ~ not to worry. Most events will be recorded and will be uploaded onto the website within 24 hours, so you can view them at your leisure. Events that are live-streamed on social media will also remain available on those platforms.


During the event this website will serve as your evolving and dynamic guidebook, event calendar, and resource library for creating your own unique experience for the 7 Days.

The event provides all participants and co-creators access to a wealth of offerings from around the world. This experiential field of diverse offerings contributes to personal growth, as well as our evolution as compassionate and competent stewards of Life.  

Not all offerings will speak to all participants. Every year provides a rich variety of gifts to choose from. Some participants will enjoy diverse daily offerings on the website, while others will choose to honor the field of intention in silent retreat or by immersing themselves in nature. This diversity of experience is an integral part of the design that enables people from many different cultures and perspectives to unify in sacred alignment for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

You are invited to choose that which feels vitalizing and accurate for you. And, if you cannot find among the offerings something that is aligned with your specific needs and ways of participating, we invite you to create and lead an event which opens your unique window to enrich the good of the whole.

All event announcements and recordings will be shared on this website.

You can also join the online circle mentioned below.


As a self-organizing program, all individuals and groups offering an event provide the space ~ either online (eg. Zoom) or a physical venue. All registered events will be showcased on the website's daily Calendar.  Please make sure your offerings are aligned with the purpose of this year and the themes of the days.


  1. Create a banner. If you are hosting a public event, it's suggested to have a banner for your registration. This can be as simple as finding a nice image online or creating your own poster (click here to find free tools to do this). See example of layout HERE.

  2. Fill out the Event Registration Form by clicking the button below.

  3. Share the banner with a description and details of your event with your communities. ​​​​​​ Please be sure to include a link to the 7 Days of Rest website:  

  4. Optional: Join and share your event with your communities, on the 7 Days of Rest Circle, on Eco-Governance Community and on other platforms.

  5. Optional: Create an online event announcement (eg. Eventbrite, Facebook, etc.) for sharing on social media.

​Being an entirely non-commercial event, all events are gifted in the spirit of generosity. If an event does incur out-of-pocket expenses eg. renting a space, then donations can be accepted.



GATEWAYS are offered as inspiration for delving deeper into the purpose of the event. Some of these  are specific to the theme of the year and others are recurring. GATEWAYS offer a variety of content including articles, videos, photos, posters and inspiration that you are free to access throughout the event and beyond. 


PLEASE NOTE: We no longer use Facebook and the 7 Days of Rest page. You can, of course, still create, host and announce your own events for the 7 Days of Rest on Facebook in your communities as you wish.

There is also an opportunity to join the 7 Days of Rest circle where you can share your experiences, insights and inspirations and engage with other participants. 

We will host a 7 Days of Rest Circle on the Eco-Governance Community where participants can share their experiences, insights and inspirations and engage with others.

The Eco-Governance Community brings together diverse initiatives for personal, collective and planetary healing, such as Codes for a Healthy Earth, Global Alliance for a World Water Law and Eco-Governance, in a private and dedicated space that is vibrationally aligned with the spirit of 7 Days of Rest. You are warmly invited to join the community and the circle.

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inspiration from the community

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Sufi Teacher

"7 Days of Rest is an opportunity to turn inward, to rest and replenish. But most important, it can be a time to return, to reconnect, to allow this deepest communion of our soul and the soul of the Earth. Only from this place of reconnection can we hold the light that is there and begin the essential work of healing and redeeming our abused Earth."


Clare Dubois

Founder of TreeSisters

"The 7 Days of Rest being the first 7 days of 2020, a whole new decade that is offering us a moment of reflection, but also of intention. This is an opportunity to step in to sacred relationship with the essence of creation. It’s a beautiful invitation, every day having its own vibrational frequency and invitation, each one of those a doorway through which you get to explore yourself and your relationship with all that is."


Cynthia Jurs

Founder of Earth Treasure Vase Healing Project

“Let’s take these 7 Days [of Rest] to recover ourselves … Creating a sacred space or a time out where we can return to something that is relaxed, open and quiet, and feel that sense of connection to something so much larger than ourselves. This is where a new story can be born, this is where we can contact deeply what we care about the most, and then offer that to our loved ones, to our communities, to the Earth, to all beings”

Sharon Rosen

Global Director for Religious Engagement, Search for Common Ground

How wonderful to be called to intentionally dedicate time to honor, appreciate and care for the dazzling diversity we are so fortunate to be a part of on this planet. Over a period of 7 days we are invited to take time out from our busy lives and simply be; be quiet, rest and listen to the still small voice within ourselves and without, calling us to open our eyes and see what we can do individually and collectively for our planet. Astronaut Michael Collins who piloted the momentous Apollo 11 to the moon 50 years ago, speaks of how ‘fragile’ the earth looks from afar. We recognize this fragility today more than ever before. So, let us take this gift of 7 days to consider how we can contribute towards a more flourishing world for all its diverse inhabitants and for the web of life as a whole. And then let us act on it.

Jate Kulchavita

Comunidad Mhuysqa de Ráquira

[7 Days of Rest] seems very important to us because in truth, humanity that lives in this time has forgotten its own path … It is important now to give time and place to an action, a culture of the human being that allows him to fully realize himself as a human being so that he may return to the path of remembering who he is. [To] look inside, walk inside, to live in fullness, to live in inner peace, to live in happiness. We must restore a permanent culture of the spirit. The inner way."

Sadhvi Bhagawatjj Saraswatiji

Parmarth Niketan Ashram

"During these beautiful and auspicious days at the beginning of the new year, as we relook at ourselves, and our lives, and our decisions, and our choices, it is crucial for us to also look at how we interact with Mother Earth ... Let us pledge to be part of the solution, to be the change we need to see in the world. That possibility is ours."

Ming Shan (Bright Mountain)

Director of E-Mei Mt. Enlightenment Institute

"In this journey of 7 Days of Rest … we will reflect on each other and the radiance of life. In this process we feel the warmth of each other, and we will find the home of happiness that existed a long time ago. Every heart will be blooming with laughter."​

Dr. Sailesh Rao

Founder of Climate Healers

"Just as I begin each day with an hour of meditation, I begin each year with a week of rest and reflection. Resolving to grow more into my true compassionate self … I truly believe that act will make me much more effective during the year … The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the limits we place on our compassion and to widen our circle of compassion to include all lives."​


Dr. Julie Krull

Founder GOOD of the WHOLE

Join us in community to honor the 7 Days of Rest ... All healing begins with rest, it’s the first step. A time for us to slow down and allow the designing intelligence; that animating life force to do its work. The wisdom, the guidance, the energy that it takes; all of that emerges from that place of rest. The sacred space for healing. This is our invitation to begin with the rest, allowing ourselves to really muse in the wisdom of our radiant diversity”


Founder of Sacred Female Rising Institute

"7 Days of Rest, this global movement, is asking us to rest, and to nourish ourselves and our Earth. So please join me. Let us put our feet on this Earth this day, let us breathe the air, let us feel ever more deeply into this resonance, which is nature. We are nature."

Nejoud Al-Yagout

Founder of Co-Exist Kuwait

"The language of the soul is stillness and silence, and the language of the ego is noise and chaos. 7 Days of Rest is a time for us to realign ourselves with our essence. To get in touch with the divine, to spend moments in stillness, to recall the space, the unifying thread in us … to raise our frequency collectively. This is what we came here to do; to love. Sometimes we need rest in order to create a new reality

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