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When the Elements are cared for by true stewards

With spiraling climate change, violence, poverty, pollution, degradation of the environment and extinction of species we require radical holistic solutions. We cannot rely on partial, political and economic solutions that focus on isolated symptoms while the underlying causes of imbalance continue to wreak havoc on our shared home.  Instead we need a unifying process of collective rest and recalibration during which we can lay the foundations for a healthy and peaceful way forward.

06.01.2020, DAY SIX: ENVISION - Learning the wisdom of Life-Enriching Diversity

1. Inviting the Co-creative Intelligence of Flourishing LifeSitting in a quiet and restful space, invite in an honoring way, the Wisdom of Life Enriching Diversity to reveal itself to you? Sense into the billions of years’ of Life experience that informs nature’s wisdom as to how it organizes itself and evolves. Sense into how Life has learned to learn from Life the wisdom required to ensure the thriving evolution of all Life? What images, sensations, emotions, insights emerge as you sense into 

2. Learning with Life for Life: Sense into your own learning journey as part of Life learning the wisdom of how to live in healthy and mutually nourishing relationship with all other parts.  Imagine how your body has evolved since before birth into the complex individual that you are today. Sense into how the learning from every encounter and experience with every different aspect of yourself and the world around you, each different challenge and triumph, informs your ability to navigate your experience in the now. 

3. Information:  Sense your self in-formation through the multiple channels of information being processed through you every moment in conscious and unconscious processes of your body-mind. Sense into the innate drive of Life to learn and to thrive, and how this drive to learn and to thrive informs your choices.

Sense into how 

4. Beyond the senses: Sensing into that sense, beyond the normal sight, the touch the taste, the smells, sounds, sensing. Sensing into the experience of all senses, informing together the perception, experience, the meaning of now. 

5. Wisdom of Relationship: Sense into the diverse patterns of relationship are there among these diverse aspects of Life., that reflect and embody and honour this nourishing field of relationship? How many ways can one care for the other? And how many ways can one be cared for by the other? And how creative can we be when we inquire about our similarities our differences, our complementarities. 

And how life has offered these to each part of the whole, as a journey of discovery and evolutionary journey through which they can manifest their unique potential in service of the whole through recognising the power of diversity through meeting and greeting

and sensing the potentialities in this diverse field through encountering in greater depth, the diverse aspects of creation waiting for dialogue, for recognition, for co creation, for loving

Fertilisation, for dancing with different rhythms and different forms and colours with you.

And in this meeting and greeting and encounter and learning of the other story

And so, what is noisy becomes entrained into the harmony. The harmonies. And as we experience this co creative culture of mutual generosity

And loving mirroring of ourselves in our diversity through also connecting to our similarities for the similarity is the bridge to diversity. So, we learn we distil the wisdom from our experience.

We see the patterns of the past. In their limitations and in their offerings with greater clarity.

Our intuition pierces those patterns, revealing them in where they serve and where they are no longer useful.  And new patterns. New possibilities are called forth for their is space.

we amplify our caring. For we know more about the experience of the other, the needs,

the pleasures, the service. And this intimacy, that unfolds, provides the foundations for a culture

of radiant expression of harmony in diversity as infinitely rich in colour as all of life unfolding.




Imagine Life as a vast and compassionate being that learns through experience as to how to provide the conditions for Life to flourish - how it has involved as an intricately complex information processor that uses all its different parts to inform and be informed by the whole so that each part can evolve in its own capacity to take up a mutually nourishing role in the whole. Imagine all the different aspects of creation as diverse sensors and information proceses - that offer information to the whole that informs the medicine and nourishment needed by the whole for the whole to thrive. Imagine how the human body-mind has infinite sensors in its complex living organism to regulate itself and work as an integrative consciousness… 


3. Applied resonant learning: what is the learning that happens when we lose our resonance with the whole and must  find our way back to the whole.

4. Wisdom: Distilled wisdom from the ongoing experimentation with the forces of Life to discover precisely what is needed to ensure ever-evolving harmony in diversity. The learning comes from separation to find our way back to interconnection and the 



Observation, Experience, Meaning Making, Curiosity, Patterns of Relationship 

3. Wisdom in Action: 

4. What is life-enriching diversity - pleasure - through suffering - consciousnesses evolving - harmony - 

5. Personal journey of wisdom in encounter in relationship - what is pleaurable -

6. Out of balance to discover the - going out to go back in - learning journey - 

7. All intelligences working together.. Information processing - wisdom is all the information processing working together as a coherent whole.


6. co-operative and mutually nourishing Creative Expression?

6. Co-Creation and the Vitality Code - Nature’s code for ever-evolving harmony in diversity and empathy with all of Life.


Sense into the Vitality Code as Nature's code of Co-Creation - the code that ensures that all parts express themselves in their fullest potential as a radiant, mutually enriching co-creative participant in the Web of Life. How do you see yourself as a part of this co-creative force? What is your part to play? How can you nourish the conditions you need in order to fully express your co-creative potential in 

Sense into your unique passions and skills that you bring to the world. Given your unique history, life-lessons, passions, skills and sense of calling - what do you feel would be your most radiant expression of yourself in contribution to personal environment, your local community, the global community and the Web of Life. Imagine yourself expressing this in its fullness. What are the conditions you would need in order to manifest this? How can you co-create the conditions for your fullest co-creative expression with the community of Life? 

Art from the Heart of Co-Creation and Radiant Diversity: Express what is most alive in you from these different reflections and practices through any form of art – dance, music, visual arts etc.  If you would like to share your Heartist offering and inspire in loving co-creation with others, please share your creations on our Community Sharing Space.

Blessings for a deeply meaningful day of connecting with, remembering and honoring the consciousness of Co-Creative Expression and its role in nourishing Radiant Diversity within you and beyond you and that contributes to making Life all that it

2. Co-Creative Foundations: Sense into the co-creative intelligence of each of the  foundations of Life, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of Life. Sense into how each of these foundations have a unique and complementary co-creative wisdom. They each need each other for their fullest manifestation in service of Life. They thrive in co-creating harmoniously the conditions for all of Life to flourish. As you tap into how each of these different foundations bring their uniqueness to the co-creative field in service of Life - sense into how these foundations of your own being are reflected in your own co-creative wisdom, activities and potentialities. For instance, what is unique about the Earth's co-creative wisdom? What is unique about air's co-creative wisdom and how can you tap into, cultivate and express these co-creative potentialities of all the different foundations of Life within yourself?

2. The Co-Creative Breath of Life: Take a few minutes to follow your breath. Sense into the creative force of the inhale. Sense into how the Air is transformed as it encounters  your unique body and soul. Sense into the exhale as your co-creative offering to Life. How do you welcome this Life force into your body with your inbreath? How do you honor the Air as a welcome life-enhancing guest in your home as it enlivens the cells within you? What do you offer back to the Air around you and the world around you with the outbreath? What shifts in you as you recognize this as a co-creative act with the Air that connects you with All of Life?

3. In Co-Creation: Imagine that every minute you are co-creating with your surroundings. As with the inbreath and outbreath, you are being informed by your surroundings and informing your surroundings. Your local and global context are creating you and you are co-creating them.What insights emerge as you recognize this circulation between you and your local and global  environment as a fundamentally co-creative act.? What are the qualities you bring to this co-creative exchange in the different contexts in which you live and work? In what ways is this co-creative exchange nourishing to you and to the world around you? How can you cultivate an ever more vitalizing co-creation with the world around you?

4.  The Co-Creative Masculine and Feminine: Sense into the primal co-creative forces of the Feminine and of the Masculine essences, coming together to create Life itself. Inspired by the Life-Giving relationship of the Sun and Moon, sense into each of these forces within you and the co-creative relationship of these forces as you experience them within you? How do honor and cultivate each of these essential and complementary co-creative forces within you? How do you cultivate the sacred relationship between them, so that they can fertilize and nourish each other creatively and harmoniously in service of Life?

5. Co-Creative Living and Radiant Diversity: What does co-creative living and radiant diversity mean to you as an individual, as a human being, as a member of the Community of Life? What feelings and insights emerge as you sense into the following questions?

How do your diverse emotions, ideas, skills, passions and roles co-create within you to enable you to thrive in all your diversity?

What does flourishing co-creative diversity mean to you as you relate to: The diversity within you? The diversity in your personal relationships? In your family, work, leisure and purpose-based communities? In the global human community? In the community of Life? How can you cultivate these co-creative relationships in their full radiant diversity? 

How do the ideas and feelings you have impact your co-creative participation in these different communities?

5. Radiant Diversity and the Web of Life: Sense into the Web of Life in its most flourishing form, as a co-creation of all these diverse essences working in precise complementarity to support and enrich the conditions for Life to flourish. What can you personally, and humans in general, learn from the Web of Life about co-operative and mutually-nourishing Creative Expression?

6. Co-Creation and the Vitality Code - Nature’s code for ever-evolving harmony in diversity and empathy with all of Life.

07.01.2020, DAY SIX: EVOLUTION - Learning the wisdom of Life-Enriching Diversity

1. Honoring Evolution: Sitting in a quiet and restful space, invite in an honoring way, the essence of Evolution into the field? What does the essence and intelligence of Evolution reveal to you as you meet it and greet it in this moment.  Sense into the Intelligence of Life - of Evolution itself. What does it feel like to be in the presence of this Intelligence? And find a way to honor and bless the wisdom of Evolution that has brought us from the beginning of time until this moment.

2. Radiant Diversity Evolving: Envision how the evolution of Radiant Diversity has manifested over billions of years. Where did it begin? What was its journey until today? Sense into the challenges and triumphs of Radiant Diversity over the millenia - and how the challenges have been an essential path of the richness and resilience of Life unfolding? Imagine how we can bring the wisdom distilled from our collective evolutionary path 

3. Honoring your own evolutionary path: Sense into and honor the profound lessons in your own life that have brought you to where you are today. Spend time remembering the milestones that have shaped you in your evolutionary journey. Take a moment to bless these experiences and the wisdom gifts they have brought. Imagine that they were perfectly orchestrated to prepare you for this moment in time. In what ways did they prepare you for now in your personal context and the global context.

4. Honoring the evolutionary path of humanity: Sense into the evolutionary path of humanity until this moment -the challenges, the lessons, the falls and the triumphs that have brought our species to where it is today. What do you see as the core lessons, resources, challenges of this time? How do you see us evolving as a species at this moment? What is needed and what resources do we have as we move forward now?

5. What is your blessing for this time for yourself as you move forward to step into the fullness of your own evolutionary role at this moment - together with others

6. 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity evolving: Sense into your own evolutionary journey over these 7 Days. SInce the beginning of 2020. Sense into your own learnings of each day, in and out of the event… what has happened for you?  What are some of the significant events. How have these transformed you. 

7. What is your intention for yourself - as you move forward. Perhaps create a ritual to ground this intention

8. What is your prayer for the world - ritual around this intention

9.  In what ways would you like to transform your actions in order to set in motion your intentions for yourself

10. In what ways would you like to transform your actions in order to support your intentions for the world.

11. Are there any reflections about your experience of the event that you would like to share with us to support the evolution of this event dedicated to the p…

Please consdier sharing on FB, something of your expereince.

Co-creating a global field of intention and experience for the Healing and Replenishment for the Planet and all its inhabitants



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