During the 7 Days of Rest we encourage time spent in stillness, prayer and/or meditation. In practicing present-moment awareness, we cultivate deep listening to our minds, hearts and bodies, and to the infinite languages of Nature. The 7 Days invoke a sacred time for us to nourish and enrich ourselves so that we can manifest our unique potential in serving the eco-systems in which we live. We are deeply grateful to those who have offered the wisdom offerings and practices on this page. Here you can find tools, practices and teachings from wisdom keepers and mentors from diverse traditions.

A unique opportunity during the Days of Rest to immerse yourself in life-enhancing wisdom from many of the world's greatest teachers.  During the week January 1 - 7 you will have access through the link to the post below to a rich library of resources offered with the generosity of The Mentor's Channel.


During these days we warmly recommend exploring this exceptional library of indigenous wisdom hosted by The Shift Network.


7 Days of Rest is a time for cultivating a deeper connection with our bodies. engaging with dance as the language of the soul. Ya'acov Darling Khan has generously offered us this webinar to invite participants to use this guided dance process as a gateway into a deeper connection with the energy that we are. Movement Medicine is a powerful process for supporting people and planet through cultivating embodied wisdom. 



A beautiful meditation on stillness offered by the 

Brahma Kumaris Israel.

With deep gratitude to Yael Steinberg, and the Brahma Kumaris team in Israel for their generous contribution to the  7 Days of Rest and for the rich daily events they have organized in different cities in Israel which you can find on the list of events on the calendar of the 7 days.


With  deep gratitude to Sami Aaron for generously gifting these healing meditations to the 7 Days of Rest.