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welcome to 7 days of rest  & Reflection

This second annual event brought together individuals and groups from over 80 countries and was experienced by many as a deeply healing and loving space of abundant diversity, generosity and creativity.

Together we catalyzed a renewed connection with the foundations of Life, and co-created an purposeful

sense of community with like-hearted people across the globe.

Honouring the Foundations of Life with Shelley Ostroff


For a deeper understanding of the vision and evolution of the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection Event - you can listen to this in-depth dialogue between Dr. Julie Krull and Dr. Shelley Ostroff as they explore what it means to develop

a deeper connection with the foundations of Life through this event.







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Co-creating a global field of intention and experience for the Healing and Replenishment for the Planet and all its inhabitants
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