Thank you for contributing to making the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection all that it was.


We are moved and grateful that so many people across the world joined to co-create the event.


This second annual event brought together individuals and groups from over 80 countries and was experienced by many as a deeply healing and loving space of abundant diversity, generosity and creativity. Together we catalyzed a renewed connection with the foundations of Life, and co-created an purposeful sense of community with like-hearted people across the globe.

The website is still active, and you are invited to discover a rich diversity of offerings that were shared during the event on the daily Calendar Pages or in the Gallery.

For ongoing sharing, connecting and inspiration please join the social media channels Facebook PageCommunity Sharing Space. and Instagram.

And, we are excited to share that 7 Days of Rest and Reflection has already inspired the theme for 2020! Read on below for details...

With blessings and deep gratitude,

Shelley Ostroff, Yan Golding and Lidewij Marinissen

7 days of rest and radiant diversity january 1 - 7, 2020

7 days of Rest and Reflection 2019 brought together a radiant spectrum of wisdom and creativity from many countries and cultures. The experience we shared together in honouring and remembering our intimate connection with the foundations of Life allowed us to shed many of the concepts and narratives that have disconnected us from ourselves, from each other and from the world around us. It allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and our diversity in more direct, discerning and loving ways.

The evolution of this event was a tangible expression of co-creation, unity and diversity in service to all Life.

With this inspiration, we are delighted to announce that for January 1 – 7, 2020 the theme will be 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity. 

7 days of rest and reflection, january 1 - 7, 2019

Welcome to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection 2019!


The 7 Days of Rest and Reflection is dedicated to cultivating Sacred Relationship with all of Life. Given this intention, we are delighted to dedicate this event to the White Lions and Lionesses of Tsau, and the work of Linda Tucker and Jason A. Turner, founders of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.


As we move into the 7 Days, we invite you to pass through the White Lion and Lioness Gateway of Sacred Relationship that has inspired this event and our ongoing work as Together in Creation.


We also encourage participants to join in the Gateway Meditations offered by Cynthia Jurs and David Nicol on the first and last day of the event, connecting with a global mandala grid of vases laid by the Earth Treasure Vase Healing Project over the last 30 years.


And most of all we invite you to enrich yourselves with the abundance of generous resources offered by the global community to create your own meaningful and replenishing journey through the 7 Days.



Given the co-creative, emergent nature of this event, this website will continue to evolve over the week with new events and updates.


Each individual and group is invited to honour these 7 days in ways that are most meaningful to them. We recommend that you prepare for the event by sensing into and clarifying your intention for this sacred time and doing what is possible to create the optimal conditions for you to manifest this intention.


While the journey through the 7 days is a very personal one, we will offer suggestions for each day that provide an opportunity to weave meaning and deepen your experience along different themes and through different gateways.


Calendar Pages are dedicated to each day - representing one of the Foundations of Life. On these pages you will find inspiration, resources, and local and online events specific for those days. New events and information will be added on a daily basis so please check the website regularly to enjoy the full range of offerings.


Gateway Pages are pages dedicated to different themes. These gateways are specifically chosen to enrich the field of reflective experience.


A Global Map shows the participants, communities and events that registered on this website.

Community Sharing Space: A community sharing space is available for participants to share, meet, inspire and be inspired. Please note that Facebook does not share widely from groups so you may not see the posts unless you visit the group.


Facebook Page: We will use our Facebook page to share inspiration for the day, and in some cases provide updates and useful information.  


Facebook Event Page: will showcase local and online events offered by the global community. On this page you can find details and directly subscribe to the events.



We are deeply moved by the range of offerings already gifted to the collective space - from Sacred Ritual Holders holding ceremony on all continents, and the subtle activism offering of the Gateway Meditations with Cynthia Jurs and David Nicol, to the frontline activism of the nonviolent civil disobedience movement of the Extinction Rebellion

Current offerings include:art, music, reflective groups, beach clean ups, nature walks, mind-body and contemplative practices, music, videos, ceremony, webinars, meditations and more.


Diverse religious and spiritual groups are participating, each bringing their unique tradition and gifts in service of all Creation.


Our own daily offerings of guided meditations and practices invite participants to experience a deeper sense of connectedness and communion with the foundations of Life, through intuitive and imaginative attunement to the different elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of Life,


Through an empathic leap of the imagination we sense into how these foundations exist within us and beyond us, their unique nature and qualities, and their interdependence and relationship with the other elements.


We explore reflective questions such as:


What do they reveal to us when we listen in, with all our sense and offer them our focused attention?


What can we learn from different forms of reflective engagement about how we can best protect and replenish these elements, nourish them and be nourished by them?


Please consider this website as your evolving and dynamic guidebook, event calendar, and resource library for creating your own unique experience for the 7 Days.


This global event is rooted in the spirit of generosity and provides all participants and co-creators access to a wealth of offerings from around the world. This experiential field of diverse offerings contributes to personal growth, as well as our evolution as conscious protectors of Life on Earth.  


Not all offerings speak to all participants. There may be those that are considered for some to be too spiritual, while by others too rational and pragmatic... too noisy or too restful, too wordy or too vague. Some are choosing to honour the event by immersing themselves in nature and disconnecting from all media and technology. This diversity is an integral part of the design that enables people from many different cultures and perspectives to unify in protection and reverence for all Life..


We invite you to choose that which feels vitalizing and accurate for you. And, if you cannot find among the offerings something that is aligned with your specific needs and ways of participating, we invite you to create and lead an offering which opens your unique window to enrich the good of the whole.

Honouring the Foundations of Life with Shelley Ostroff


For a deeper understanding of the vision and evolution of the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection Event - you can listen to this in-depth dialogue between Dr. Julie Krull and Dr. Shelley Ostroff as they explore what it means to develop a deeper connection with the foundations of Life through this event.



We look forward to co-creating with you a global field of inspiration, reconnection and replenishment - for the planet and all its inhabitants!


As a small team, during the event dedicated to Rest and Reflection, we may not be able to be available for questions and technological support. We hope to support the unfolding in whatever way we can and trust that the most powerful force at work is our individual and collective intention and practice during these days, in whatever form it takes.


We are deeply grateful to the Sacred Ritual Holders, StewardsPartners and Co-creators who are contributing so lovingly and generously to the 7 Days of Rest Global Event. Thank you for helping this event become a powerful force for unity and healing in the world.


Blessings for a deeply healing and replenishing time for you and for all Life.


With Love and Gratitude,


Shelley Ostroff, Yan Golding and Lidewij Marinissen



Inspiration from the 

growing community

"We need moments of quiet to support the world through a time when we seem to be losing our collective heads."


I so very much am aligned with this project/event!


Silence has always been where my deepest Wisdom has come from. Such a deeper need on our planet to slow down, keep it simple, focus on one or two things, mindfulness and REST.


Rejuvenated Souls are needed to co-create and build a New Earth. Rest, forgiveness, heart connection then we are ready to Collaborate and design and move through to the New Portal. Universe is waiting for us to understand it's Silence first to set the foundation.


This is such an important initiative! The world is moving so fast that is it far to easy to get swept up with it. It is for this reason 7 days of Rest offers us a gift.. the opportunity to formally unplug from our default patterns so we can reassess how we want to live our life. If we use this time to pause and settle within ourselves we can get in touch with what we are really feeling, and discover what is important to us. To question and reevaluate what our purpose is here on this earth? Are we aligning the way we live our life with our core values and beliefs? If we can nurture ourselves both on the inside and outside by listening to our heart we'll be able to make the necessary changes needed to improve the quality of our life, the lives we interact with and the world.


I do believe that rushing is violence... when we rush too much we do violence to our bodies and mind and spirit. I see that this creates disease in our bodies/minds. Let's come together and go slow in the sacred time. IN this deep and profound energy we will find the peace that is needed to create lasting change on this planet.


We are finding out that faster, bigger, more isn't always better, if fact it damages the planet, and we steam on, because "that's how it works"...not! So good a global initiative helps us all to reconnect, rethink and become real.


So many ways to be in the stillness, to allow it to flow into and through you to strengthen the balance in ALL, and to develop, give, and receive Unconditional Love 


"Inspired and beautiful vision! Can't wait to participate....."


Taking time at the start of the new year to rest calls to every part of my being, personally - knowing it also can have such a restorative effect , collectively, on all of Life and Mother Earth, how can we say anything but YES?


"Unifying, inspiring and much needed....looking forward to join together with other to come together and move forward together"


An absolutely inspiring and beautiful vision! An initiative so timely and so sorely needed. Thank you!


Inspired by this initiative. It facilitates a collective coherent field of Unity in our World which will be most powerful and by adding Sound Harmonics daily , your own mantra sound or an offered collective mantra /song it has the potential to unite the worlds within ourselves , within this galaxy and merge in a accelerated symbiotic dance with the energy and frequency of Mother Earth. 
This Collective Harmonic resonance wave will create a field of Love that is so powerful that anything that is in dissonance within/without will be dissolved and the restoration of Balance , Harmony and Peace will be returned .
Excited with the transformational potential !


Like our in-breath and out-breath, REST is our natural state of Being. This is our great reminder to come back into balance with giving AND receiving. Imagine CONSCIOUSLY breathing and resting in the ease of our own Essence for 7 full days. Now imagine the whole world doing that! Ahhhh....


The mind is the most powerful and magnificent tool to Heal the planet and all its inhabitants.It is sorely needed vision to inspire all and my deepest gratitude to you and Rathane Thero for this groundbreaking work.


inspiring and healing event for our world and hearts.


Time of visualizing goals for the coming year. Cultivate Patience, Tolerance,become more charitable.


Collectively tapping into this purity of vision is the replenishment and inspiration we so desperately need to reconnect with our creative deepest selves, our beloved animals and all of nature.


Excellent initiative!! Our culture is so out of balance in the direction of work, producing, achieving...doing,doing,doing and so in need of stillness and rest..time for pure beingness. Years ago I was in Bali during their New Year which is honored by a day of total silence, meditation, fasting, no machines or computers are businesses open, no fires burning...Total stillness. It was divine!!! And I have always carried this wish for us in the Western world to adopt a practice like this...Many Blessings for the initiators of this movement!!


Such an incredible vision and event for a new story and future for earth and humanity. So honored to know about this and am grateful for the success and growth of this inspiring and growing event. Thanks and love


To me, giving 7 days to gather our energies and consciousness within, and communing with Great Spirit, together, is even more powerful than sending thought forms out into the world. In Silence is where WE are. Sharing infinite Blessings of Gratitude with US ALL.


So many ways to be in the stillness, to allow it to flow into and through you to strengthen the balance in ALL, and to develop, give, and receive Unconditional Love