7 days of rest and radiant diversity, january 1 - 7, 2020

and the
loving diversity campaign

7 days of Rest and Reflection 2019 invited a global field for connecting in fresh and meaningful ways with the foundations of Life and with our human and non-human family. Together we expanded our awareness of the consequences of our interdependence with each other and all of Life.

At this time of global awakening, we are recognizing that learning about, respecting and nourishing Life-enhancing DIVERSITY is a vital step towards a global culture of harmony, cooperation and regeneration.


With this awareness, we are delighted to announce that for January 1 – 7, 2020 the theme will be

7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity. Returning to our radiant diversity means rediscovering our true colours and the vitality of our mutually nourishing complementarity.

The significance and scope of this theme has inspired us to begin preparing for the event by developing a co-creative Loving Diversity Campaign.

loving diversity campaign


The purpose of the Loving Diversity Campaign is to contribute to the global movement dedicated to honouring Life-enhancing diversity in all its forms.

The campaign is designed to support the healing of our cultures and ecosystems by:

~ Expanding our experience of KINSHIP to include other species and expressions of Life.

~ Creating a BUZZ around loving differences.

~ Learning to POLLINATE what is good for all Life.

~ Revitalizing the HEART of meaningful friendship.

~ Rekindling our ability to be in MUTUALLY NOURISHING relationship with all of Creation.

~ Transforming mindsets and behaviours to open HEALING pathways.

~ Celebrating TOGETHER our true colours.


The campaign opens a collective space for igniting, cultivating and sharing initiatives such as events, art, videos, images, music, theatre, curricula, sacred activism and resources dedicated to the theme of Loving Diversity.

Shared Values for Loving Diversity


In this delicate field of healing our cultures and ecosystems we are called to discern between that which nourishes Life and that which fragments life. With this in mind, we offer this set of orienting values for all who participate in the campaign.

1: Honouring all of Life - Ahimsa

2: Kindness

3: Generosity

4: Mutually nourishing co-creation

5. Learning with Life


We are in the initial stages of development and look forward to sharing more as the campaign evolves in upcoming newsletters and on Facebook.

7 Days of Rest and Loving Diversity are initiatives of Together in Creation. To learn more about other initiatives of Together in Creation please visit our website.