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how to participate



All participants can freely join and access the offerings by browsing the drop down menu under "OFFERINGS" in the main menu at the top of the page as well as the colorful menu of days at the top of the page under the banner. All offerings/events ~ pre-recorded and live (that have been recorded) are added to the page of the day. Besides attending a live event the page of the day is your main go to/ Live events that aren't up on the day either haven't been shared yet or will not be shared publicly.


Each day has a "CALENDAR" with live events that you can join by clicking on the event and finding the zoom link.


Below the calendar is the "GALLERY" that provides an overview of all of offerings, including in-person events, pre-recorded videos, etc. All pre-recorded videos are added to the website on the corresponding day.



All participants are also invited to explore GATEWAYS. These are offered as inspiration for delving deeper into the theme of the event. The gateways provide a variety of content including articles, videos, photos, posters and inspiration that you are free to access throughout the event and beyond. Some GATEWAYS recur each year (eg. Deep Nourishment), 


creating your unique experience

During the event this website serves as your evolving and dynamic guidebook, event calendar, and resource library for creating your own unique experience for the 7 Days.

The event provides all participants and co-creators access to a wealth of offerings from around the world. This experiential field of diverse offerings contributes to personal growth, as well as our evolution as compassionate and competent stewards of Life.  

Not all offerings will speak to all participants. Every year provides a rich variety of offerings to choose from. Some participants will enjoy diverse daily offerings on the website while others will choose to honor the field of intention in silent retreat or by immersing themselves in nature. This diversity of experience is an integral part of the design that enables people from many different cultures and perspectives to unify in sacred alignment for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

You are invited to choose that which feels vitalizing and accurate for you. And, if you cannot find among the offerings something that is aligned with your specific needs and ways of participating, we invite you to create and lead an offering which opens your unique window to enrich the good of the whole.


amplifying the global field of intention

To enable more people to access the event offerings – and to amplify the field of sacred intention – all participants and co-creators are invited to share the invitation with your networks. You can share the video  (above), and the poster (below) with the event description (below), in newsletters and on diverse social media platforms.

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(and, of course, add whatever inspires you!)


7 Days of Rest, January 1–7, is an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. All are invited to enjoy the rich array of offerings, including wisdom teachings, meditations, music, inspirations and more, that are generously offered by the global community.

The theme for the event is 7 Days of Rest & Return to Essence. Together we will seed the intention and experience of relearning the language of essence and bringing our energy and resources to that which is most nourishing and vitalizing to all of Life.

To learn more and join this FREE event, please visit:


join the new online community

All event announcements and recordings will be shared on this website.

PLEASE NOTE: This year we will no longer use Facebook and the 7 Days of Rest page. Of course, you can still create, host and announce your own events for the 7 Days of Rest on Facebook in your communities.

Instead of Facebook, we are initiating a 7 Days of Rest Circle on the Eco-Governance Community where participants can share their experiences, insights and inspirations and engage with other participants. The Eco-Governance Community brings together diverse initiatives for personal, collective and planetary healing, such as Codes for a Healthy Earth, Global Alliance for a World Water Law and Eco-Governance, in a private and dedicated space that is vibrationally aligned with the spirit of 7 Days of Rest. You are warmly invited to join the community and the circle and to announce your 7 Days of Rest events there as well. 

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sharing and healing circles

rest in the field of heart-centered community with the connection field - join live

yello flower LIGHTER.png

Pachamama Healing Circle with narianna treadway - join live

yello flower LIGHTER.png

unifying humanity with divine mother's love - join live

sharing circles with church of the earth - join live

yello flower LIGHTER.png

deep dialogue on the themes of 7 days of rest with emissaries of divine light - join live

yello flower LIGHTER.png

Reweaving the Hoop Following Mother Earth's Directives with jim petruzzi - join live

yello flower LIGHTER.png

sharing circle on being love with jae hyoung lee - join live

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