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Sacred Earth Films

We are immensely grateful to Films for the Planet and Sacred Earth Pictures for offering participants of 7 Days of Rest free viewings of “Sacred Earth” and “Echoes of Creation” enabling us a powerful portal into 7 Days of deep connectedness with and prayer for Mother Earth and all her Children

With immense gratitude to Films for the Planet and Sacred Earth Pictures for their generosity and partnership with the 7 Days of Rest!

"A perfect way to start 2018 – RE-CALIBRATE and REGENERATE! It is from stillness and clarity that together we can begin to restore balance and replenishment for all. Join individuals and communities around the world to co-create a coherent field of rest, deep listening and benevolent actions during the 7 Days of Rest – A Global Event, January 1- 7.

The regenerative actions taking place during the week are intended to amplify the emerging global culture of peace, health, cooperation, wise governance and reverence for all Life.

To enrich our collective journey, Films for the Planet has joined with Sacred Earth Pictures to feature FREE viewings of “Sacred Earth” and “Echoes of Creation” (as Seen on Public Television) – a mesmerizing multimedia meditation by Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman. This unique Nature Immersion Experience takes you on stunning rides through nature’s beauty, as if you were actually there.

From the ancient forests of Alaska to the white sand deserts, ancient slot canyons and the stunning sacred lands of the American Southwest, each scene is about letting go, taking a leap of faith and freeing ourselves to see the bigger picture of the sheer magic and wonder of life.

Studies show observing nature boosts the immune system, speeds recovery from illness, lowers blood pressure, alleviates depression/anxiety and improve work and study performance. As Barry Bittman, Neurologist and Researcher stated, Nature Immersion films are “a visual and musical celebration of our cherished natural environment… that progressively evolve into a transcendent healing experience.” Other professional reviews claim the films are “extraordinarily calming” and “re-balancing and healing.”

Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman combines a brilliant soundtrack by Grammy® nominated composer David Lanz with evocative spoken words by Academy Award® winning actress Linda Hunt to create a Nature Immersion Experience you will want to take again and again. Years in the making – these films are a revolutionary way to turn your TV, computer or mobile device into a virtual wellness center at the push of a button — the “play” button.

“Sacred Earth is absolutely beautiful. It is among the most beautiful images of nature I have ever seen! I love it!”
– Charlene Farrell, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“I just watched Sacred Earth movie last night on KCET and wanted to tell you it was one of the most awesome films I’ve EVER seen on that show! I’m a big supporter and buying a copy for myself and my sister. Thanks again for a wonderful piece of heaven!”
– Laurie Herndon, Public Television Viewer

“Jan Nickman has created films to be replayed like music… They pull the viewer into what seems like secret corners of the universe.”
– People Magazine

“Hypnotic, everyone who sees it gets hooked, as I did.” (The Mind’s Eye)
– Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

“A mesmerizing journey” (Infinity’s Child)
– Don Liebenson, Chicago Tribune
~ “A glimpse of what it means to be at one with the inter-connected whole.”
~ “A reason to want to stay ‘in the now’ and even for some, a reason to live.”
“…specifically designed for repeated play, Nature Immersion Films “strike a rare chord that heals mind, body and spirit.” ~ Author/Biologist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Members can access this program at the Members Circle"

FREE during 7 Days of Rest January 1 – 7.

TO REGISTER FOR THE FILM…/sacred-earth-nature-immers…/


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