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We are deeply grateful to the planetary stewards who have agreed to hold sacred rituals and global meditations during the 7 Days of Rest. These rituals and meditations are rooted in different traditions and provide powerful energetic support the collective space of this portal.



Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker 


After being rescued by a Tsonga medicine woman from a life-threatening encounter with a pride of lions in 1991, Linda Tucker relinquished an international fashion and marketing career to become a conservationist, founding the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002 to ensure the survival of the White Lions as a living heritage in their endemic habitat. Linda’s work to help restore balance between Lions, Land and People has evolved over the last 20 years, to include the promotion of LionHearted Leadership™ as a model for sustainable living. Her eco-educational initiatives include the StarLion Program, a global eco-educational program for emerging talent in youth leadership, and the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ founded in 2012 and based on heart-centred knowledge which enables adult leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change. In 2016, the Linda Tucker Foundation emerged as the driving force of ongoing campaigns for the rights of Lions as well as the voice of LionHearted Leadership™ with the task of presenting to the world strategies in ecosystems and human systems for protecting our earth. The Linda Tucker Foundation operates fully in support of the ongoing scientific work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Linda Tucker is author of Mystery of the White Lions (2001),

Saving the White Lions (2013) and LionHearted Leadership: The 13 Laws (2017).

Mira Michelle

Mira Michelle


MiraMichelle was born to an English mother and an African-American/Native American Indian father, she was raised in two distinctly different cultures and this reality has given her a great ability to understand, appreciate and to assimilate with different cultures.

Her exploration of consciousness began at age 19 with an intensive 5 year training in meditation and energetic healing. She spent another five years in meditation training with the light head ascended master Yogananda Paramahansa, studied and practiced the ancient Goddess traditions and has been taught by a Native American Shaman and Chief of The Sun Dance Society. Rediscovering her Native American and Celtic ancestral lines played a major role in the empowerment of her healing and ceremonial abilities.
After traveling and experiencing different cultures Mira began to study anthropology. She is honored to be advised by author Gerhard Bott (Die Erfindung der Götter) in the cultures of the Matrifocal societies of the Paleolithic era.

Mira feels she is here to inspire the awakening of self-discovery and is a writer of the Sacred Female Rising booklet and ‘Sacred Ceremonies for Everyday – The Ancient Art of Ceremony Meets the Contemporary Science of the Quantum Age‘. She is also a trained quantum shamanic healer and facilitator of ritual and ceremony with over 20 years experience. Mira has been a professional actress and an executive English coach.

Mira founded the Sacred Female Rising Institute in 2008. 

Daiara Tukano
Daiara Tukano.jpg

Daiara Tukano


Daiara Tukano was born in 1982 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, daughter to the hereditary chief Alvaro Tukano from the Tukano indigenous nation of the Rio Negro Amazonian Basin. She was born within the National Indigenous Brazilian Movement. Artist and activist with a Masters degree in Human Rights at the University of Brasilia working on the right to memory and truth to indigenous peoples. A free independent media activist and co-ordinator of the first Brazilian indigenous web radio “Radio Yandê” - She is the first woman in her nation initiated in the traditional Tukano spirituality studying side by side with her father, working with Sacred medicinal plants and conducting ceremonies in the Amazon and all over Brazil. She is also a feminist activist working towards raising awareness about gender equality and against sexual violence. Daiara believes that activism is an exercise in consciousness for integration with Nature and all the beings that there exist, so that we can build a society that is able to cultivate more balance and respect towards diversity whilst honouring the dignity of all living beings. There are various paths to attain raising this awareness…there isn’t one path alone, everything is spirituality, art is spirituality, our political relations, our seeking for a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness.


Alexandra Khula

Alexandra became passionate about natural birthing after she gave birth unattended to her two daughters in rural Africa. She feels a deep connection to the sacred circle of women and is devoted to serving womanhood, birthing and motherhood in diverse ways. She weaves her life between her work as a doula for the last 10 years, organizing retreats around the ancient art of midwifery, as a massage therapist for over 11 years, working with the placenta and umbilical cord, making natural cosmetics, and organizing sacred dance sessions and rituals. She currently lives in the south of Portugal with her two daughters whom she is home/ un-schooling. She has lived in Africa and Brazil and has travelled widely through Asia giving her a multicultural sense of honouring women and their different realities.

Pixi Byrnes

Pixi Byrnes​ (Bulleen Absolom)

Pixie Byrnes a Ngarigu/Ngarakabul woman born from the great fathers of the Ancient Volcanic Systems that extends the Mighty Snowy mountains & into Wollumbin Volcanics of northern New South Wales. Pixie entered her story in the last days of the Notorious Rapid Adoption Schemes that were responsible for 10's of thousands of babies being separated from their birth mothers throughout Australia, without reconciled options. Thanks to a succession of connections lent to her biological Father and his mother, Pixie along with her sister remained in their care. But soon they would understand that the nature of this comprised would begin to fray at the seams. And so Pixie's father made the decision to never stop moving with his daughters untill the danger of losing them was over. Years later Pixie would discover that her Fathers seemingly impulsive decision that gave access to a life time of accelerated and trancendent learning from Victoria to central Eastern Queensland that later Pixie would afford back to the very landscape, its Animals and many descendants of the great teachers that built her.

A word from Pixie:

Fear and Faith in their "balance" are the 2 principle elements that initiated every advantage given to me. In that Balance I learned to understand the applications needed to use 'Time' and most importantly from 'Times' perspectives only. In learning that was also the applications for understanding the Right 'manners'. And The Right Applications for Manners opened every instruction and permissions to access more faith then i will ever need or use.

Never stop asking for better ways to look after yourself, because for sure, It’s the only way you will learn to look after others properly.

Don’t leave Anything or Anyone behind, let them all feel safe enough to speak.

And at the end of the day DONT FORGET TO DANCE

Cynthia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs, is a Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and a Dharmacharya in the Order of Interbeing of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. She is the guiding teacher at Open Way Sangha in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she teaches a dharma path of sacred activism in response to the call of the Earth. In 1990 she made a life-changing pilgrimage to meet the hermit and meditation master, Kushok Mangden Charok Rinpoche, a 106-year-old lama living in a cave in Nepal, from whom she received the practice of the Earth Treasure Vases. Cynthia’s nonprofit, Alliance for the Earth is dedicated to facilitating a global community committed to planetary healing and collective awakening through the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project and is also engaged in numerous mindfulness-based peace-building and women’s empowerment efforts in Liberia, Africa. Cynthia is currently at work on a book and film entitled, Summoned By The Earth.

David Nicol
Earth Rising logo.jpg

David Nicol

David T. Nicol, Ph.D., is the executive director and co-founder of the Gaiafield Project, and co-founder of BeThePeace and WiseUSA, two initiatives that have united tens of thousands of people worldwide for large-scale meditations dedicated to social change. He is the author of Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation (SUNY Press), the first comprehensive study of the idea that focused collective meditation and intention can contribute powerfully and measurably to social change. David has taught on Subtle Activism at the California Institute of Integral Studies, The Shift Network, and the Institute for Subtle Activism. With his life partner Kate, David is the co-founder of Earth Rising, a growing global movement to harness the power of coherent group consciousness for profound personal and planetary transformation. 

Mare Cromwell.jpg

Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author and Healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman or Lightworker. She has devoted her life to serving the Great Mother and midwifing the New Earth coming in now. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number….”. Mare has studied with Native American elders for 23 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers. She sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering & Global Grid. (which activated Gaia’s Oneness Grid in October, 2018). Mare also hosted the weekly Voices from Gaia Webcast Series during the winter of 2018. She lives in western Maryland and is a former worm herder. She absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!

Mare Cromwell
Robin Youngblood.jpeg

Robin Tekwelus Youngblood

Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, Okanagon/Tsalagi, is a minister, teacher, author, artist, and a shamanic practitioner/healer. She has been a student of her heritage for many years. She has learned the sacred teachings of Indigenous elders from her own Native American tribes, along with Siberian, Polynesian and Aboriginal elders. As a healing practitioner, Robin offers Soul Retrieval, Aura Cleansing, Cord-Cutting, Crystal Healing, and Soul Readings. Robin travels the world, offering Workshops, Medicine Wheel Constellations, and Dance to Heal the Earth, as well as facilitating ceremonies such as Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest. 


Robin is a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, which organizes multicultural Wisdom Gatherings in several countries. She is also a member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, and helps establish Grandmother Councils wherever she travels. 


Since 2012, Robin has circumnavigated the earth three times, sharing teachings and ceremonies. As a graduate of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training, Robin is a Guide for the Wheel of Co-Creation, a method of working with others to co-create sustainable lifestyles that honor Mother Earth and All Our Relations.


You can find Robin at, on Facebook. Robin is author of “Path of the White Wolf, An Introduction to Shamanism” with Sandra D’Entremont, as well as several music CDs.

Robin Youngblood
Shelley Darling

Shelley Darling

Shelley combines her experience of ancient indigenous wisdom, with the nature of evolution itself, as she offers “Resonant Stewardship” an evolving whole system model that honours each person, while fostering greater harmony, connection and community coherence. Resonant Stewardship is the amalgam of 20 years of emotional integration teaching, Conscious Evolutionary Mentoring, Unified Field Delegate Theory, Heart Intelligence and Resonance Coaching, and Evolutionary Dowsing.


Clare Dubois

Clare Dubois is the founder of, a global women’s movement supporting humanity’s evolution into a restorer species. She is an Earth-loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, known for her direct, catalytic energy; her whole systems approach to behaviour change and her unending loyalty and love for the natural world. In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, astonish herself and be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go.

Clare Dubois
Ming Shan (Bright Mountain) - Richard Pa

MING SHAN (Bright Mountain) – Richard Park

Philosopher/Theologian, Writer, Poet, Founder of New Taoism – One Taoism, Oriental Phenomenology Founding Director of E-Mei Mt. Enlightenment Institute, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Journey of Harmony to Oneness.  I come from the lineage of the kings of Silla (57 BC ~ 935 AD), one of the 3 kingdoms existed in the Korea peninsula. In my spiritual journey and research into the history, religion and philosophy of the East and the West, and in my deep meditations in the E Mei Mountain (A Taoist/Buddhist holy ground), I come to understand that the fall of the great civilizations in the East and West, its root cause lies in the loss of truth in the human heart.   We started the Amrita Project (since 2006), launched Journey of Harmony to Oneness around the world (since 2012), to ReMember the lost memories of the One Human Family through the channel of Mystic Voice chanting the message of love and wisdom from the Sacred Scriptures of all civilizations to purify and enlighten the human heart, and connecting with the musicians and artists of all cultures to weave into one global harmony culture. This global harmony culture is the womb for a global world community and civilization.  

Chen Lixin.png

Mystic Voice - Lixin

The soothing and meditative chanting of Lixin (pronounced Li-shin) stems from a deep spiritual connection to the ancient texts that inspire her music, such as the Tao Te Ching, the Buddhist Sutras, the Sanskrit Vedas or Rumi, the Persian poet and mystic.

Her research in the Sacred Writings of many religions, and creative spirit and commitment to music as a healing, unifying force so urgently needed in today’s world, led her in 2006 to start the Amrita project – creating Spiritual Music for the new day inspired by many traditions.  She recorded several albums, and In 2012, she launched Journey of Harmony Project, a series of concerts, workshops and cultural events across China and the whole world, promoting intercultural and interfaith dialogue and harmony, creating a worldwide harmony culture. Journey of Harmony has traversed 150,000 km around the world,healing and transforming, calling humanity to Unity and Oneness. She chants in different languages: Chinese, Persian, Sanskrit, and English, leading people from different traditions and cultures into a space of Oneness, in a transcendental spiritual journey to Love, Truth and Beauty.  Her chanting was praised by prominent artists and scholars as “A Soul Penetrating Voice from Heaven”, “Divine Flute”.

She is also a scholar on religions, a writer, a master of Tai Ji and Tai Ji sword, a spiritual educator. Invited by the creator of Jeju Stone Park, Lixin made her hew home base in Jeju - the Island of Peace, located in the East Sea between China, Korea and Japan.  From here she continues her global travel to spread the message of love and unity.

Jae Hyoung Lee
Jae Hyoung Lee.png

Jae Hyoung Lee

Jae Hyoung Lee, a spiritual mentor and guide to many people throughout his life, has been a member of the Emissaries of the Divine Light for more than thirty years and a leader of the Emissaries of Divine Light in Korea since 1990. He worked in a business setting for 35 years and after his retirement as the president of a small joint venture company between Korea and America in 2005, he was a central figure in starting a spiritual education community at a tangerine farm in southern Jeju Island off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. As the community grew, it moved to Joyville Resort, located in northern Jeju Island, to focus on its growing spiritual education program. As the educational market changed, the spiritual education classes moved to Seoul while Jae Hyoung Lee remained with the Joyville community where he is actively involved in collaboration with outside activities for peace and harmony of the Korean peninsula and of the world. He is presently cultivating the Art of Living Village at Joyville Resort with a group of dedicated young people.


Emma Yao,Scholar of Heart Power

Vice Director, “Light of Millennium” One Belt One Road New Age Harmony Culture Organizing Committee, China

My beloved Spring Goddess asks: “How did clear water turn into wine?” Laureate Poet of England Crashaw replies: “Gentle Goddess of Water came face to face with Jesus Christ and she blushed.”


The Goddess of Spring of the Orient is so delighted with this answer and she calls out wuthering fireworks in the zenith.  She says: The world in its myriad mystic beauty, that is the blooming of the lover’s yearning for the Beloved.


The sea of flowers merges with the clouds in the sky,

One is drown in the flower’s sea while flowers are intoxicated in the wind.

Thinking back the wildness of childhood days,

The most delighted memory is the fireworks bursting to flowers in the dark.


I am Water, I am Fire, I am Love, I am the Eternal Power.

Yulia JaiMa

Yulia JaiMa
Yulia is God/ess lover, yogini, artist, dancer and nomad, whose deep love for Mystical traditions, Earth wisdom and human heritage, has brought her to devote herself to a spiritual path for the most part of her conscious life. She was born in Russia, moved alone to Israel when she was 15, after 7 years in Israel, leaving her architecture studies and “ normal life “ behind, she started her journey into travelling the world, following her longing for life in Spirit and freedom. Her search brought her first to India over a decade ago, where she has lived in the mountains diving into the Mystery of Goddess worship, silent retreats and training into Indian Temple dance. For past 6 years she is dedicating her life to service of The Great Mother, and Her birthing through us, as a force of love in action. Her words: “ I believe that Mother is rising in us, as active love, as a desire to give something to the world, and I wish to inspire people to surrender to this Divine force. Earth needs human beings driven by this power “ She is also feeling the urge to restore Ancient tradition of people gathering together to praise and honour the Beauty and Majesty of this creation. “ We hold way more power than we think, So the unseen world is affected by us on a greater scale we can imagine! Our ancestors were aware of that, that s why they consciously took a part in the maintenance of balance on Earth through rituals and sacred actions, it sustained their lives in harmony with a planet for ages. It has been forgotten just recently, and we all can see the results of it “ Yulia feels she is here to help people to restore that kind of embodied connection and deep love to the Great Mystery, Great Mother and Earth, that is most needed now in order for a human race to survive. Currently, she is holding Women Temple groups in St. Petersburg, in an attempt to bring Goddess culture, sacred activism and Earth-based wisdom to Russia, where it is still not so known. She is also a creator of eco-friendly and ancient tradition inspired clothing brand.


Shelley O

Shelley Ostroff


Shelley Ostroff (PhD) Visionary and co-host of the event. Shelley is an author, activist, leadership consultant, and social entrepreneur focused on initiating and supporting whole-system planetary healing processes. She is the founder of and, and numerous other platforms and initiatives dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. Deeply concerned by the suffering and devastation humans cause each other, other species and the planet, she has dedicated herself to exploring healing wisdom through different disciplines and traditions. She developed a holistic approach to human and whole system healing and evolution which she has shared in workshops across the continents. She brings to her work a deep interest in unconscious, symbolic and energetic processes and an eclectic training in a wide range of practices including art therapy, group psychoanalytic therapy, group relations and institutional transformation work, gestalt, mediation, meditation, movement and shamanic and other spiritual and healing traditions. She is currently engaged in different forms of planetary activism including working to articulate an innovative governance system - Eco-Governance and a citizen-led platform Citizens for a Healthy Earth that can support a new form of human self-organization on the planet aligned with the fundamental principles of Life. She is the author of "IS" and "A Testament of Now"


Yan Golding

For over 20 years Yan has been exploring and experimenting with conscious evolution and alternative, nature-based & passion-driven living. He has practiced and taught yoga, meditation and permaculture & ecovillage design. He loves to dance, play in Nature, garden, rescue food, sculpt organic homes, build & celebrate community, and perfect the art of having fun with his daughters. In 2003 he co-founded Khula Dhamma ecovillage in South Africa and in 2015 he co-founded Transition Lagos Em Transição in Portugal. In 2010 he began to explore whole-system processes as a foundational blueprint for catalysing and stewarding our cultural metamorphosis. Since that time he has dedicated his work, energy and creativity to serving, stimulating and pioneering the realisation of our collective potential to co-create a new global culture on the basis of unity, cooperation, education and systemic redesign. Since 2015 he has co-initiated and stewarded United Earth, Synergy Hub, Global Solutions Day and A Solutions Revolution. He is currently serving as a co-creator with Together in Creation, and is leading the implementation of many of the initiatives and frameworks through direct partnerships with other networks and innovative platforms.

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