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Day 5: 5.1.2018


 treesister's journey of awakening:

meditation day 5: activate 

Artist, Claudia Tremblay

day 5: activate

Do you long to take off your brakes, let go into your inner knowing, tap your connection to all life, root yourself in this truth and liberate yourself into sacred activism for the planet in ways that make sense to your heart?

This meditation helps us unleash our love into action, alchemize internal chains into quantum leaps and activate our restorer consciousness and the appropriate response to restore our world.

Thursday  5.01.2018  12:00 WET

Featured Presenter: Lorraine Turner

Lorraine is a professional animal communicator and was trained by renowned Wynter Worsthorne. In addition to using her abilitites to help people around the world, she gives 100% of the animal communication fees directly to Global White Lion Protection Trust.  See more...

REIKI -  Healing blessing for the day

Gifted by Linda Rosenthal 

Guided Meditation: Day 5

Offered by Shelley Ostroff

Meditation Day 5 2018

Reflections and practices will be offered each day. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey and the process of healing and transformation.

Offered by Shelley Ostroff




DAY FIVE: Rest in Loving Communication – Reflections and practices

1. Embodied Communication: Your entire body is always communicating. At different times of the day and in different situations, pause and pay attention to what your body is saying in the way that you are sitting or standing or walking. If you were to look at yourself from the outside, what would you imagine yourself to be communicating through your body language to the world around you?  Offer yourself some gentle attention, transform the way you are holding yourself and experience the impact of this shift.

2. Communicating with your body: Notice the internal sensations of your body, what is it saying to you, what is it feeling, what is it needing? Notice how you communicate with your body, both in the way you think about it and the way you treat it. How can you listen and communicate more lovingly with your body.

3. Smile: Even if you are not happy, just for a moment, smile, and notice how the shift in your face impacts the rest of the body. Notice the communication of the smile within you and beyond you.

4. Loving inner messages: What words of support, love or acknowledgement would you like to receive right now? What words would soothe you and inspire you? Offer those words lovingly to yourself. Notice how receptive you may or may not be and soften into even greater receptivity.

5. Witnessing communication: As you communicate through the day, watch the communication and reflect on it. Notice how you are communicating, the tone and pace of the words you choose, the content of the words, the essence and energy of the words. Notice the body language you use as you speak. And as you notice imagine what this communication would look like if it these communications were more heartful, more loving to yourself and others? Practice bringing heartfulness into these communications.

6. Deep listening: Notice the way in which you listen to others.  What is your body language as you listen? What are the voices in your own head as you listen? What are the interpretations and judgments about what is being said?  How can you perhaps hear what is said by the other from a different vantage point or from a more open and empathic perspective?

7. Practicing empathy with others:  Put yourself in the position of those you are communicating with. Imagine what it is to be them. What is the story that has led them to this moment – and to the communication they are offering. 

8. Practicing empathy with yourself: We are constantly communicating with ourselves through our thoughts, judgments and interpretations. What is the quality of the way in which you communicate with yourself? Practice being kinder, gentler and more understanding of yourself as a bridge to transformation

9. Honest communication: Honesty and integrity involves practicing self-awareness. Honesty often gets confused with judgment – but honesty is generally less about ideas and more about emotions, and personal experience. Honest communication entails developing a vocabulary of emotions and experiences and spending time listening to and acknowledging what one is experiencing. Practice noticing the difference of energy when you speak with judgment and interpretation of yourself or another and when you are speak from personal experience, taking responsibility for whatever you are feeling.

10. Sifting messages: Discern the messages that are nourishing to your soul and those that are not. Practice listening to those that are nourishing and letting go of those that are not.  In the same way practice nourishing others with your communication.

11. Interspecies communication: Spend time with an animal, either physically or in your imagination.  Watch its behavior, sense its breath and its energy – what is it feeling? What is its experience? From a very calm and unexpecting place, send it a loving message.  Spend some time with the animal communication webinars offered through 7 Days of Rest.

12. Journaling:  Spend some time writing your thoughts and feelings. Optimally spending at least 15 minutes a day writing whatever comes to mind without censorship offers a powerful journey of self-awareness. Start today with taking 15 minutes to talk to talk to yourself and listen to yourself through this process.


13. Intention: Set an intention to grow more and more into loving and honest communication with yourself and others and cultivate practices and processes for doing so.

Invitation Day 5 2018

Share your experience of kindness, service and compassionate action during the 7 Days of Rest, and become part of making compassion a game for all to enjoy everywhere!

7 days of rest - Sacred ritual space 

#GOODoftheWHOLE In partnership with the 7 DAYS OF REST Global Event will offer a 1 hour resonance call each morning for those who wish to attune in resonance and experience the joy of coherence with the Unified Field.  As Planetary Stewards committed to the GOOD of the WHOLE, we are listening, speaking from our hearts and intentionally expanding the resonant Field of Love through the Global Heart Resonance call. We gather at the “Watering Whole,” and find ourselves nurtured, revitalized and uplifted, as a collective consciousness.

Jan 5

The 3 Dimensions of Water Consciousness A guided meditation to connect with the 3 Dimensions of Water Consciousness: Celestial, Surface & Primordial, and to attune our own Inner Waters to the wisdom they hold. ​Presented by: ​Maya Shaw Gale: Loving Waters Council​, ​Ambassador for Water​,​ Poet, Writer, Ceremonialist

7 days of rest - sri lanka national program



January 5th

Screen-Free Day

Imagine a day without TV or facebook! This day proposes a radical experiment of reconnection as we come together to share stories and meaningful activities that strengthen our family and community relationships. It is a day dedicated to our elders and our children so that we may re-learn and pass on the art of play, games and especially storytelling.

January 5th - 7 days of rest  

local and online events offered by the community 

Animal meditation and communication webinar, ONLINE, 12:00 WET

During these 7 days, 7 different interspecies communicators from around the globe, will be sharing meditations for the animals and nature, as well as profound messages received from the animals themselves for humanity.

Global meditation with Sperry Andrews - Session 2 ONLINE, 6:00 PM PT 7:30 PM PT

Global meditation free, online - This is a chance to practice a life-changing experience, feeling quiet mind and causeless joy, liberated from the illusions of separation and limitation. This easily reproducible exercise shows how "The world can live as one."

Raaga- The fusion of Indian-western music New Delhi, India 6:00-7:30 PM

A musical evening devoted to enlightenment of souls weaving Indian and western music together directing a spotlight on oneness and love. 

Meditation Weekend, Einbeck, Germany, Jan 5, 6:00 PM - Jan 7, 4:00 PM

Find yourself in stillness -sich selbst in der Stille finden 

Online brodcast. Hebrew - שידור ישיר מישראל - מפגשים יומיים עם אנשים מיוחדים 12:00

בצהרייםלאירוע בפייסבוק -
לצפייה ישירה -

Sacred Syllables of the soul with Nasser, KUWAIT, Artspace Salmiya, 6:00 PM PT 7:30 PM PT

Citytree Retreat for the trees, ISRAEL, Tel Aviv, 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

שבוע לימודים מלא בבית הספר לאקולוגיה עירונית, והפעם בהתמקדות על עצים

נכתוב יחד את "אמנת העצים הקדושים" על בסיס התבוננות, שירה, שיחה, ולמידה של העצים בעיר - שלל מורים מהקהילה משתלבים הפעם, לשבוע של לימוד וחיבור עם העצים: אמיר חרש יערוך סדנת כתיבה מהתבוננות, גל גולן תנחה אותנו לשירה על
עצים ועמם, ליאור בלנק ילמד על יסוד העץ ברפואה הסינית, דניאל מישורי ילמד על התנועה הסביבתית העולמית ואיך העצים הניעו אותה, עם אלון אלירן נלמד איך עץ עובד, ועם האגרונום, עודד יפה, נלמד איך עובדים עם עצים ואיך מגנים עליהם בעיר.
בין לבין נלמד עם תמי על התנהלות אקולוגית בבית שמצילה הרבה עצים ובעיקר עושה לנו טוב.
לפרטי האירוע -


Brahma Kumaris - ברהמא קומאריס - Meditation and conversation, ISRAEL, Kiryat Ono, 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Various workshops that involve both conversation and practice on cultivating the mind for a more healthy and happy life

Nerve-pain-healing Online with Hillen Cocq 7 p.m. CET

An ancient sacred prayer will help you get rid of or diminish nerve pain / neuralgia for example caused by shingles, Post Zoster Neuralgia

Sacred Togetherness: Relationship Rest and Renewal 6:00 AM Massachusetts, USA

Glory in feel-good ideas and visions of relationship heavenly bliss for seven days.  It's fresh and its fun and its healing, all designed for you.  Seven days of spiritual goodness for individuals, couples, and poly households.

7 Days of Rest * Descanso No SerVivo retreat - Jan 1st 12:00 PM - Jan 7th 12:00 PM Lisbon, Portugal

We invite you to enter this rest through a healthy and more simple diet respecting the rhythm of each one, associating it with other proposals for reconnection – frequent meditations, contemplative and active,morning energising practises, walks in the surrounding nature, yoga, massages, sharing circles, moments of singing and dancing, moments of conscious silence.

Loving kindness meditation for all beings, Daily, 8:00 – 8:30 AM, Jerusalem, Israel

Meditation and prayer for the well-being of all beings each day in a different place in Jerusalem. 
To join physically follow the updates in event. 
For those who wish to tune-in from other places, hopefully there will be a "Facebook live" check-in.

מדיטציה ותפילה לשלומן של כל הבריות, בכל יום במקום אחר בירושלים. 
להצטרפות במקום, אנא עקבו אחר העדכונים באירוע.
לאלו המעוניינים להתכוונן ממקומות אחרים, בתקווה יהיה צ'ק-אין באמצעות "פייסבוק לייב".

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