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an invitation for rest and reflection with


We began the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection with a sacred offering from the Amazon with Sacred Ritual Holder, Daiara Tukano. A blessing for Pacha Mama - for Mother Earth.

Guided meditation: Resting and Reflecting with Earth

Offered by Shelley Ostroff
soundcloud earth.JPG

Reflections and practices will be offered each day. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey through these seven days.



Reflection offerings and practices for the day - Shelley Ostroff

  1. Intentional invitation:  There are many ways to connect with Earth. Sense into the way in which you would like to deepen your relationship with Earth today.  What are you inviting in for yourself, and for Earth? How can you best create the conditions for this to manifest. 

  2. Breathing with Earth:  Spend time quietly breathing and noticing the subtle sensations moving through your body. Become curious about the inner spaces within your physical body. What do you notice as you follow the inner sensations – the experience of the breath – the air, touching and nourishing you from within?

  3. Touching Earth:  Spend time with the sense of touch. Open your curiosity to the richness of textures around you and of the quality of different ways of touching and being touched by Earth. How do you feel when you rest on Earth and with Earth?  What are the qualities you offer to Earth as you touch her and walk upon her, and interact with her in your everyday life through the material world around you? How do you feel she would want to be touched by you?

  4. Tasting Earth: Spend time with the sense of taste. Expand your sense of taste. From the taste of soil itself to the rich diverse tastes of her Earth’s abundant garden – spend time exploring the way in which taste itself transforms as you attend to it with greater curiosity and attention.  Notice the impact of the different tastes on your mind and body. Slow down your chewing and let the food dwell just a bit longer with the taste buds. Notice what you learn about Earth through the tastes she offers.  Notice the vibrancy of her pure colors and vital nourishment as it moves through the taste buds into and through your digestive system. Receive inspiration from the Gateway of Nourishment.

  5. Seeing Earth: Gaze at Earth with new eyes. Notice the colors and the textures and the forms and the movements of Earth and all the creatures and plants and elements that live on and with her. Shift your gaze from as close as you can to as far as you can and back again. Expand your vision to take in as wide a perspective as possible and find yourself noticing the different directions and different perspectives.  Now look at the world from her eyes. What do her different children look like to her? What does she want you to see when you look at her? What does she see when she looks at you?

  6. Listening with Earth and to Earth: Listen to the sounds of Earth. Can you hear her humming? How do the animals in nature free of noise respond to her and give musical expression to her through their own sounds?  When you put your ear to Earth – what happens to your body through your ear drum? What is the song of the Earth that wants to come spontaneously through you now?

  7. Becoming Earth: Allow yourself to imagine you are Earth. What does it feel like to be Earth? What does it feel like to experience the world as Earth? Sense into which aspect of Earth reveals itself to you and for a few moments - become Earth. Dance the dance of the Earth. Dance this message into being.What does this experience reveal to you? What does Earth show you? What does Earth want you to know? What is her message through you to humanity?

  8. Earth Offering: What would you like to say to Earth? What would you like to offer Her. Sense into her nourishing essence – into her infinite offerings to all of Creation.  Find her creative, nourishing essence within you. What would you like to offer her in return? You may want to say something to her. You may want to work in the garden or begin to formulate the kind of activism for her wellbeing you would like to engage in. You may want to make a pledge to her to transform something about the way in which you relate to her. What would you like to offer Earth.

  9. Art from the Heart of Earth:  Let Earth inspire the Heartist within you. Express what is most alive in you through any form of art – dance, music, visual arts etc.  If you use any form of materials in your art, attend to how they come from her and how the very materials you use can honor her. If you would like to share your Heartist offering and inspire others with it, please share it in our Community Sharing Space.



Blessings for a deeply meaningful day of connecting with, remembering and honoring Earth within you and beyond you.

Meditations and Practices 2019


Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

1st January 2019

Offered by 
Robin Youngblood

This beautiful healing prayer and offering of Ho’oponopono - an ancient practice of forgiveness - was shared today by Sacred Ritual Holder, Robin Youngblood.

TreeSisters: Guided Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Quote and Meditation

Offered by

Clare Dubois

Clare's quote for Day One: Earth

'Resting with the trees that create, nourish and hold our soils against the erosion of wind and flood. Giving thanks for the food givers, the medicine providers, the shaders, the fuelers, the home makers - every floor board, wall and roof, for the cradle we are born into and the coffins that we depart from. For the privilege of paper and the written word, for endless mindless packaging, for clothing and clobber that once was thriving life, and for the ancient forests now coal and oil that have powered our civilisation to the point of awakening - may we give thanks to the standing ones that we cannot live without, that give us breath and that cool our world.'

Meditation ~ Becoming and Belonging to Nature (8 mins)

Tree Sister DAY 1 Earth.png

Artist: Alice Mason, artist partner to Tree Sisters

Meditation with the animals:

1-7 January

Daily Meditation

Offered by 
AnimalTalk Africa

Animal communicator: Wynter Worsthorne is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Wynter is a trustee of Baboon Matters Trust and works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Wynter webinar2.JPG

These exquisite meditations with the animals by 7 different animal communicators, were first offered during 7 Days of Rest, 2018 and are generously made available for participants this year as well.

Reiki Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Meditation

Offered by
Linda Linker Rosenthal

7 Days of Joy - Daily Practice

1-7 January 

Daily Practice

Offered by 
Halina Goldstein

Joy Keepers Network

Start 2019 With 7 Days Of Joy! Get a simple yet powerful joy practice that only takes a minute and do it each morning for the first 7 days of 2019.

FB Event

7 Days of Joy.jpg

In the Womb of the Mother 

1-7 January

Daily Practices


Offered by

Yulia Jai Ma

In times when our Earth and Our Spirits are in such a need of healing, She rises ... Great Mother stretches her arms toward her children, asking from us to ReMember Her, to see Her for what She is, to Adore her for who She really is, to finally realise that through this kind of radical and all embracing love we will birth through Her in us a new kind of Human consciousness, the Christ consciousness, sacred Divine child of the world. We will spend those 7 days in deepening in silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of Mother Mary, silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of

In the Womb of the Mother.jpg

Mother Mary, liberated from the religious limitation of Patriarchy. Helping Her to birth Earth keepers and Love workers in us, to assist Her in restoring and healing of our world.

Practices will include meditation, prayers, chants and sacred ceremonies. As well as audio recordings, where I will dive into the mysteries of Her Wisdom .
All will be published on the event FB page every day at the same time.
This online immersion is open and free for anyone, who wishes to offer Her/Himself to the Great Mystery of love.

For more info and the program see PDF.

Music 2019


Light Warriors - Music Live Stream

1-7 January 2019

Daily Live Stream


Offered by

Light Warriors
Erik Rabaska

Daily improvised musical and vibrational offering from the Light Warriors inspired by the elements. (Erik Rabaska). 

Mystic Voice

1-7 January 2019

Daily Sacred Chant

Offered by
Mystic Voice

The soothing and meditative chanting of Lixin (pronounced Li-shin) stems from a deep spiritual connection to the ancient texts that inspire her music, such as the Tao Te Ching, the Buddhist Sutras, the Sanskrit Vedas or Rumi, the Persian poet and mystic. 

Lixin’s healing voice and unique interpretation of those sacred words of wisdom infuse them with meaning and power, felt strongly by listeners from across the globe, even without understanding a single word.  

Lixin has offered a specific chant for each of the 7 days.

Online Events

Online Events 2019

Gateway Meditation 

1st January 2019

12 - 13 PM PST 


Offered by 
Cynthia Jurs
David Nicol

Cynthia Jurs & David Nicol will lead two “gateway” meditations on the first and last days of the the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection.

You can find the recording of the first Gateway Meditation offered by Sacred Ritual Holders, Cynthia Jurs and David Nicol here.

Gateway Meditation.jpg

Unabantu Nokuphila - The Ubuntu Mother where healing flows

1st January

Offered by
Ubuntu Wellness Center

Presencing the trees in the field of 7 Days of Rest and Reflection with the preparations for a ceremony that took place today as part of the Global Event. Unabantu Nokuphila, meaning ‘the Ubuntu Mother where healing flows’, is an ancient wild fig tree placed in the heart of Cape Town’s Camissa river. Recognized as the Mother City’s 7th Sacred site on the solstice day in 2012 by Southern African Sacred Sites Association (SASSA), she has been a gathering point for centuries, and is to be nominated as a government-protected ‘Champion Tree’ in 2019. Her

vital message, ‘Only when the humans and animals gather together under my branches will the true healing begin’, is increasingly relevant for our times. More of her story will be shared over the next days as she plays a special role with her unique vibrational wisdom in the 7 Days of Rest event. Thank you to Ian Macfarlane, Dawn Macfarlane and Mariette Hathor for holding space with this sacred tree at this time.

Contemplative Life & Brahma Kumaris Worldwide

1-7 January

Daily Live on Zoom

Offered by
Contemplative Life
Brahma Kumaris worldwide

Day 1: Raja Yoga - Brahma Kumaris Sister Gayatri

Earth Raja Yoga Practice led by Sister Gayatri of the Brahma Kumaris, a raja yogi of 40 years who has accumulated deep and profound experiences of the spiritual realms. Here she guides us on a journey to two special “worlds” -- the inner place of light, and a dimension beyond that is a silent and blissful place of souls and pure light.

Message from the Wolf Sanctuary 

1-7 January

Daily Sharing

Offered by
Kim Kapes

Kim Kapes daily sharing from the wolf dog sanctuary.  

Message from Kim:
Please enjoy this video and use it to feel your own connectedness with all Life! Letting go of this physical feeling of separateness and acting as if you are one with all is a good start to feeling it more and more. Your good energy and light can go a long way and definitely makes a difference.

PS... I do know it’s 2019, but I said 2017 in the video 😂

Good of the Whole - Rest in the Loving Embrace of Earth

1-7 January 2019

Daily offerings

Offered by
Good of the Whole

Hosted by Shelley Darling & Resonance Stewards

Day 1: Earth Rest in the Loving Embrace of Earth Resonance & Reflection.

Morning Live Facebook Resonance Attunement

Evening Live Facebook Reflection

Facebook Live with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019


Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Deva Premal

Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation - Day 1

Loving Waters - Daily Live Zoom 

1-7 January 2019

Offered by
Loving Waters

Hosted by

Shelley Darling

DAY 1: Earth's Water 

Hosting Water Steward: Charlie Riverman
If Earth didn’t have water there would be no life. Let’s rest in the wondrous mystery of Earth’s Water, and as a collective share our reflections. 

For 30 minutes each day, Loving Waters Stewarding Council invites us to rest and reflect on our sacred relationship with our ONE source Water, as a flowing river in relationship to the Foundations of all Life.

XR Sisterhood - Online Sharing

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
XR Sisterhood

An on-line sharing - On each of the 7 days of the campaign our the members of XR Sisterhood will be invited to post words and images related to honouring and protecting that days theme


The Future is Indigenous: Indigenous Environmentalism 101

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
Shaylon Blair Stolk

A series of mini-essays on indigenous environmentalism, along with resources for further information and more cultural perspectives about the importance of indigenous knowledge to saving life on Earth. Content will be posted to this page.

Event XR.jpg

Devotional Joy with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019

1 - 1:30 PST

Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Sommer Joy Ramer

As part of the Global 7 Days Of Rest And Reflection Sommer Joy Ramer, Co-Founder of Compassion Games & Synergized Impact Network Exchange has invites you to join Deva Premal and Miten in singing devotional JOY Gayatri Mantra January 1st through January 7th at 1:00PM PST - 1:30PM PST in rest. The intention of this event is to pulse a meaningful 30 minutes of rest and devotional joy as a powerful way to begin 2019 together. 

How can you join?
1. Sommer Joy Ramer will be sharing the Deva Premal FB Live daily on CGI FB Page & FB Group, Personal Stream, and SINE FB Page. You can also RSVP for Deva & Premal Mittens FB Event and watch for the livestream from there too.

2. Join by listening and also sharing the stream on your pages too.

3. Reflection can be sharing your reflections in comments of the live stream in a video, image, and or written reflections. You can also amplify your reflections on the Global Compassion Report Map from where ever you are as Team 7 Days Of Rest at

Local Events


7 Days of Rest - Hyderabad, India 

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Chindu and SAFA

Chindu, a cultural resource centre and SAFA a skill training centre working with Dalit, Muslim and other disadvantaged communities in Hyderabad are creating a 7 Day in-house event for their staff dedicated to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection during which we will offer a daily program, working with different experiential modalities (arts, movement,  playback theatre, meditation and more) to learn how to connect with the different elements individually and collectively for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

7 Days of Rest - Deventer, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Jannah Wijffels
& Via Natura

7 days retreat to recallibrate with mother earth. To restore the relationship with our resources. To redefine our goals and actions for 2019. To really commit to what we can do if we take full responsibility of what is happening in the world right now.


Free entrance.*

Weeklong extensive program!

To sign up, you can send an email to:
For more information about the event in Dutch, see Facebook event page.


7 Day's of Rest and Reflection - The Hague, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Opened Daily

from 1 PM-7 PM

Offered by New Humanity Dojo

The New Humanity Dojo wants to contribute to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection and offers the space for you to do that in communion, in connection with your fellow evolutionaries.
We want to create an environment together of 'Existential Relaxation' and we invite you to together with us sink into a deeper relaxation than you ever have experienced before. 
Everyday of the week will have a different quality of 'Existental Relaxation' and we will keep that quality (lightly) in our awareness as the theme of the day.

The day will be co-created in the moment by the people that feel called to be there and show up in their wholeness, their full humanness.
We start the day with an opening circle and sense into what is in our awareness. We then let the day unfold into and from 'Existential Relaxation' and the engagement with the abundant qualities in each and every one of us that come from that.

Sacred Circle and Meditation - Granada, Spain

1-7 January

Daily Ceremony

Offered by
Grian A. Cutanda

We will pay tribute to all the elements and beings of nature through a daily ceremony in the four directions, earth and sky, and we will accompany it with a meditation within the sacred circle on that foundation of Life that is dedicated every day.

Ubuntu 7 Days of Rest - Earth Prayers - Cape Town South Africa

1-7 January 2019

Daily Program

Offered by
Ubuntu Wellness

Ubuntu and 7 Days of Rest join in a global event to unite and activate consciousness for the good of the earth and all its creatures. Join us for a daily ceremony under the branches of Nokuphila, our sacred tree for prayer, meditation, singing and maybe even dancing to the rhythms of Her being. Our daily program is inspired by the Earth Prayers of Petra, a renowned spiritual ‘Heartist’whose incredible images are a harmonic meditation in themselves, conveying precise healing resonance for us individually and globally at this time.

Long Live the Amazon * 7 Days of Prayers for the Lungs of Earth - Brazil

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Marianne Soisalo

We, the Mariri crew, guests and artists in residence of the jungle lodge will be gathering together with our beautiful indigenous activist friend Daiara from the Tukano tribe on each of the days to pray and honour the Foundations of Life dedicated to the Amazon forest, now sadly threatened by a new ecocidal Brazilian government. 

We invite the rest of the global community to remember this most important source of our most basic needs; oxygen and water and its inherent value to continue green and alive without being further plundered for resources by human interests. 

7 Days of Rest Retreat - Tel Aviv, Israel

1-7 January 2019

Week long program

Offered by City Tree 

7 Days of Rest Retreat

A week of rest, replenishment, reflection, urban ecology and preparation for activism at the CityTree Eco-Home in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
The retreat will be in Hebrew.

25 Bialik St., Tel Aviv - Israel

7 Days of Rest - Online sharings

1-7 January 2019

Week long sharing

Offered by
Lïla Avery


Sharing an online space for seven days via FB and our blog with lavender themed insights, healing modalities and distillations.

Ritual for the 7 Elements of Life - Worcester, USA

1-7 January


Offered by

Shaun Bartone

Private DANCE Ritual for #XR Protect and Honor Life Campaign

Earth Healing

Worcester, MA, USA

7 Days of Reflection at Toberbeg Lodge - Dunlavin, Ireland

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

Nick Bryson

A DAILY OPEN GATHERING SPACE GIVING THOSE WHO ATTEND THE CHANCE TO COMMIT TO PROTECT AND HONOUR EACH FOUNDATION OF LIFE (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity, Web of Life) The daily event will take place for around 40 minutes at 4.30pm each day in Toberbeg Lodge. Nick and Signe will hold a space for people to come together around the shared intention of restoring our sacred relationship with the primary elements of Nature in community. From 1st January through to 7th January 2019 you are very welcome. Children welcome! 

Toberbeg Lodge, Dunlavin, County Wicklow, Ireland

7 Days of Beauty

1-7 January 2019

Daily Video

Offered by

Jamie McHugh

A 7 day online series of 5 minute somatic-aesthetic contemplative pauses with music and images from the natural world for restoring balance. Each day, a new video will be posted on the 7 Days of Beauty FB page.

For more information see the Facebook event page and the 7 Days of Beauty Facebook page

7 Days of Craftivism - Brooklyn, USA

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

On each day we are creating fabric objects with reflective poems or sayings to put out honoring each of the 7 concepts. They will be gifted to random places.


In Brooklyn, USA

7 Days of Rest and Relaxation New Year's Eve Celebration

31st January 2018
1st January 2019

Offered by
Yanni Maniates

Private New Year's Eve Celebration where we will usher the New Year in with a meditation on the 7 Days of Rest & Reflection

Earth: Healing for the Badger Nation - Cheshire, UK

1st January 2019

2 PM - 4 PM

Offered by
Jane Smith

A short walk out to a badger sett in ancient woodland in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, where we will have time for quiet contemplation or a healing meditation, for Cheshire's badgers who have suffered so much in the government's cull and also asking for healing for the badger defenders.

Brahma Kumaris - Israel

1st January 2019
7:30  - 9:30 PM

Offered by
Brahma Kumaris

To serve the elements

The nature and the world, both needs our support, and through our inner powers we have the ability to help the elements and to serve the world we live in. 
You invited for a very special evening. 

At the centers
*Kiryat Ono (near Tel-aviv) 03-5322192 
*Haifa 054-4428705‬ , ‭054-4223517

brahma kumaris.JPG

Guided Sunrise Meditation - East London, South Africa

1st January 2019
5 - 15 AM

Offered by
Lebo Mopeli

Guided meditation for intention setting and positive declaration over 2019


Archive 2018

Invitation DAY 1 2018

Offered by Shelley Ostroff

Return to loving essence – Reflections and practices 


1.   Shedding:  Sense into what is essential in your day and nourishing your life , and also sense into that which is not essential and creates more noise or clutter than value – whether these are thoughts, relationships, habits or material objects. Allow yourself to consider what it would mean to shed that which is no longer nourishing or how you can  transform them. Discover ways to give material objects that you do not use to others, honoring the earth matter from whence they came and all that went into them. Allow them to be received and appreciated by others. Practice the concept of “less is more” as you reconnect with the essence of your experiences.

2.   Slowing down: Practice moving and engaging in slow motion, attending to the nuances of our mind-body experience. Slowing down allows us to deepen our present moment awareness. What for instance does it feel like to notice yourself walking slowly, chewing slowly, opening your hand slowly, talking more slowly?

3.   Quietness: Create silence for yourself and spend time listening to it in soft stillness. What does it sound like? What does it feel like?

4.   Nourishment: An invitation to eat raw fruit and vegetables attending to the colors, tastes, textures and to the sensation in your body during and after eating.  Eat only what your body needs, chewing slowly and with attention, giving thanks for the food and water before you eat or drink.

5.  Grounding: Spend time in nature if possible, connecting to the Earth.  Imagine yourself as a tree with roots going down towards the center of the Earth and branches spreading above. Feel the solidity of the Earth supporting you – enabling you to find a soft and powerful stability within you.

6.  Honoring: Consciously honor the physical world - the essence of the natural world as well as the man made objects and their unique story of evolution and creation. Notice something in nature that you feel called to – imagine it is speaking to you – what would it say? Notice a physical man-made object that calls you – if it could tell you something about its life/itself – what would it say? Thank the objects for sharing its wisdom.

7.  Intention Setting: Set your intention for the week. What would you like the week to bring for you?  Imagine this outcome is already here – what does it feel like? With your imagination make that experience come alive in this moment.

8.  Blessing: What is your blessing for yourself, your loved ones, for humanity and for the planet and all species?

9.  Gratitude: Offer thanks to all that is essential and nourishing in your life and all that you are ready to release for the lessons and gifts they have given you.

Guided meditation DAY 1 2018

1st January 2018

Offered by 

Shelley Ostroff

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 22.33.39.png

Tree Sisters Meditation - A Call to Dream

1st January 2018

Offered by

Clare Dubois

This ceremony is the calling, the gathering.

The dropping of the known and the daring to be shown what life is asking us to become as we dream in the new story and embodiment of what it means to be human.

It's an opportunity to join hands in togetherness and know ourselves to be brilliant, powerful, and resourceful in the face of climate change.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 22.36.45.png

Artist, Catrin Welz Stein

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