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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why 7 Days?


7 Days of Rest holds both symbolic and pragmatic significance. On a symbolic level, the number 7 has profound meaning in many spiritual traditions and the concept of 7 levels of space, time, color and sound can be found across cultures.

A week is a unit of time, a cycle of activity and rest according to which we organize ourselves in modern life. A week offers a natural opportunity for participants to undergo a significant journey, a process of deepening immersion into the vibration of rest and healing.

The first day of the new year, 1.01 amplifies the energy of a fresh beginning - seeded through a sacred collective process from which a new blueprint for a thriving planet can take root and grow. 

Q: How to participate/register?

  1. You can sign up as an individual and/or community

  2. Create an event with your friends / community / neighbourhood (it can be very simple, there are examples on the event form. (Optional)

  3. Join the Facebook event

  4. Join the Facebook Community space where all participants are welcome to share inspirations and activities related to the event.

  5. As we approach January there will be important information about the event on the homepage of the website, including the participant and event map. 

  6. The website will serve as the primary notice board during the event - so please be sure to visit regularly for updates. We will also be in touch via newsletters with important information. To make sure you receive our emails, please check your promotions/spam mailbox and, if relevant, add our email address to your safe senders list.

  7. The way in which people participate is very individual. Some may choose to honor the 7 Days in a silent retreat by themselves - others may choose to initiate and/or join peace-building ecological activities, meditation, art,  ritual, learning events - or any other activities aligned with the purpose of the event. During the event participants can check our interactive map to see what’s happening both close to where you live, as well as the global events online that can be joined from anywhere.

Q: Does the event cost money? Is there a product or service being sold at the event?


The event is created in the spirit of generosity and all events are free of charge. If any costs are incurred the event organizer may invite donations to cover them.The event has no income. Nothing will be sold. 

Q: Where is the event taking place?

The event has both local and global elements co-created by stewards, participants and partners across the world. Anyone who creates an event will be able to share that event on our global map which we will put in place closer to the event. Events will also appear on the website on the Calendar page closer to and during the event.

Q: Let me know what I can do/ What kind of support do you need?

Thank you for offering your support! Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. As an open, co-creative community we invite all participants, stewards and partners  to help nourish the larger event by engaging on social media. Please:

  2. Organize an event in your local area that aligns with the event’s concept. Some possible ideas we can suggest: A group meditation, Daily gatherings in your community during the week, yoga events, a concert of sacred music, dialogue groups, activities devoted to compassion, ecology, awareness raising etc. Whatever your passion is aligned with the 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity you can create an event around it and inspire others

Q: If I live in the city, should I take the time off and retreat to a place that is closer to nature?

This is a personal decision. The rest we envision invites resting from business as usual to move forward in the New Year in a new and healthy way for all. This intention can be manifested in many different ways - both through a personal retreat in nature - to finding new, healing and replenishing ways in the midst of city life.

Q: What is planned to happen after the event is over?

With the completion of the 7 Days & Radical Healing 2021, individuals and communities will be invited to continue to connect as a global community. Our intention is to build the foundations of an ongoing virtual community platform that will enable a vibrant co-creative sharing space where we can together evolve a new form of eco-governance and sacred stewardship of the planet. The community platform will align with Codes for a Healthy Earth as the core value system and organizing principles. Codes for a Healthy Earth provide a unifying framework for citizen-led self-organization towards cultural and systemic transformation and healing. You are invited to learn more about Codes for a Healthy Earth and consider joining the Codes Community as well.



If you have any questions about the event, please fill out the form below.

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