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an invitation for rest and reflection with


On the 2nd Day of 7 Days of Rest and Reflection we honour Water: Sacred Ritual Holder Daiara Tukano offers a blessing from the Waters of the Amazon.

A beautiful message for 7 Days of Rest and Reflection from Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswatiji of Parmarth Niketan on the holy banks of Mother Ganga. In this message she focuses on the importance of honouring Water.

Guided meditation: Resting and Reflecting with Water

Offered by Shelley Ostroff
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Reflections and practices will be offered each day. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey through these seven days.



Reflection offerings and practices for the day - Shelley Ostroff

  1. Intentional invitation:  There are many ways to connect with Water. Sense into the way in which you would like to deepen your relationship with Water today.  What are you inviting in for yourself, and for Water? How can you best create the conditions for this to manifest. 

  2. Breathing with Water:  Spend time quietly breathing and noticing the subtle sensations moving through your body. Focus attention on the fluidity of the breath – sensing how the air moves through the fluids of your body. Sense into how it enlivens the cells as it is transmitted through the your veins as the rivers flow through the body of Earth. Breathe like a fish, through your skin and feel the water all around you as you take in oxygen through your skin.  With each breath - remember that you are a watery being, and that over 60 percent of your body is water. With each breath, enable the fluidity of the water to expand the fluidity within you.

  3. Tasting Water: Hold a glass of water in your hand gently before you drink it. And as you hold it you may want to bless the water, knowing that water carries information. What information would you like to inform the water before it informs you from within.Sense the water in the glass between your hands before you even drink it - what are you saying to it... what it is revealing to you. What is happening in the exchange in this moment. Sip the water very slowly, and allow it to stay on your tongue for a moment - feel the taste and sensation of the water on your tongue and how it impacts the rest of the body. You may want to swill it in your mouth for a moment, noticing how it touches and refreshes the sides of your mouth, under the tongue. How does your mouth feel touched by water? Then swallow slowly, and notice how much you can feel of the water as it moves through your body - expand into the sensation.  And sense also how the water moves through the body out of the body, through the urination, the sweat the tears - feeling into these processes and what it means for water to travel through you in these different physical ways?

  4. Sensing Water: Spend time sensing into your diverse experiences with water in your daily life. What are the many ways in which you encounter and engage with Water as you go through your day?  In what ways is Water present for you, around you and within you and how does water move through you? Sense the qualities Water brings you in these different encounters? Sense the qualities you bring to water in these encounters. For a moment sense what your life would be like without water – or if water was more difficult to access. Feel the water as it touches your skin in many different ways.

  5. Reflecting water: Research has shown how water remembers information and responds to human thought patterns. Sense into the way in which your own thoughts may inform and impact the water in your own body and in turn the vitality of your experience. And then expand this picture to sense into the way in which our culture’s stories and ideas impact the water in our waterways. What would we be like as individuals and as a culture if we drank water that was pure from nature’s sources and ensured that our water sources remained with the nourishing clarity of nature’s true vibration?

  6. Embodying water: Imagine yourself as water. What can you learn from water as you become still like a lake, or deep and vast like an ocean inhabited by diverse sea creatures, or shapeshifting from the solidity of ice, to the fluidity of water in the streams and the vapours of steam and the moisture of clouds and of the dewdrop? Allow your body to become these forms of water. How do you feel when you embody these different forms that water takes?

  7. Waters of the soul: sense into the waters of your soul and your psyche – the emotional and imaginative realms of your being.  Sense into the tear drop, and how it travels through the emotional body to be released as a tear informed by so much feeling? Feel the stormy nature of your being, the fresh drizzles in the warm breeze of your nature, the icy coldness and the steamy sensation of your passion ignited. Feel it all as the watery, shapeshifting nature of your emotional body enriches your experience of yourself and the world around you.

  8. Messages from Water: In your imagination – invite water to reveal itself to you. What form does it take as it appears to you in your imagination now.  Notice what it looks like, feels like, tastes like, and what happens as you attune to it – what happens as you listen in to its message. Imagine it has a personal message for you – a lesson. What does water tell you about the way in which it experiences your relationship with it/ What can you learn from water? What is the message water is asking you to share with humanity.

  9. Messages for Water: What would you like to say to water? Given these reflections, if water could understand you, what would you want to let Water know at this moment?

  10. Art from the Heart of Water:  Let Water inspire the Heartist within you. Express what is most alive in you in this encounter through any form of art – dance, music, visual arts, poetery etc.  If you use any form of materials in your art, attend to how they somehow are connected to Water. If you would like to share your Heartist offering and inspire others with it, please share it in our Community Sharing Space.

Meditations and Practices 2019

TreeSisters: Guided Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Quote and Meditation

Offered by

Clare Dubois

Clare's quote for Day Two: Water

'Resting with the rain creators, the forests that transpire and provide the flying rivers that water our world. Blessing the rainforests that cool and cleanse, and the root systems that drain fresh water down into the aquifers that feed our streams and rivers. Blessings on the forests that sequester excess carbon so that it doesn't dissolve into and acidify our oceans, and for the coastal forests that provide the iron needed to support the forests of the sea - the kelp forests out of which so much life thrives and arises. Blessings on the trees that protect from storm surges on the coasts and the forests that guard against flood and slides. may we understand just how deeply trees are indivisible from the water of our world and bow to them...'


Meditation Water ~ Deepening into Presence (13 mins)

Tree Sisters DAY 2 Water.png

Meditation with the animals:

1-7 January

Daily Meditation

Offered by 
AnimalTalk Africa

Animal communicator: Wynter Worsthorne is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Wynter is a trustee of Baboon Matters Trust and works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Wynter webinar2.JPG

These exquisite meditations with the animals by 7 different animal communicators, were first offered during 7 Days of Rest, 2018 and are generously made available for participants this year as well.

Reiki Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Meditation

Offered by
Linda Linker Rosenthal

7 Days of Joy - Daily Practice

1-7 January 

Daily Practice

Offered by 
Halina Goldstein

Joy Keepers Network

Start 2019 With 7 Days Of Joy! Get a simple yet powerful joy practice that only takes a minute and do it each morning for the first 7 days of 2019.

FB Event

7 Days of Joy.jpg

In the Womb of the Mother 

1-7 January

Daily Practices


Offered by

Yulia Jai Ma

In times when our Earth and Our Spirits are in such a need of healing, She rises ... Great Mother stretches her arms toward her children, asking from us to ReMember Her, to see Her for what She is, to Adore her for who She really is, to finally realise that through this kind of radical and all embracing love we will birth through Her in us a new kind of Human consciousness, the Christ consciousness, sacred Divine child of the world. We will spend those 7 days in deepening in silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of Mother Mary, silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of

In the Womb of the Mother.jpg

mother Mary, liberated from the religious limitation of Patriarchy. Helping Her to birth Earth keepers and Love workers in us, to assist Her in restoring and healing of our world.

Practices will include meditation, prayers, chants and sacred ceremonies. As well as audio recordings, where I will dive into the mysteries of Her Wisdom .
All will be published on the event FB page every day at the same time.
This online immersion is open and free for anyone, who wishes to offer Her/Himself to the Great Mystery of love.

For more info and the program see PDF.

Meditation for the Whales

2nd January

Offered by

Jane Smith

Anyone wishing to take part in today's whales activity in their own time can freely access Corelight's beautiful meditation. Over the years, many thousands of people from countries in six continents have participated in whale contemplation circles that sit alongside ongoing activism for marine life.

This is also a chance to consider how we can best campaign for the lives of whales, at a time when they are extremely vulnerable not only to whaling but also to other fishing, pollution, high-intensity military sonar and seismic exploration and global warming. Now struggling to maintain their presence on earth after centuries of human persecution, they need our solidarity and our action now more than ever.

Animal Welfare Party has long campaigned for the creation of an International Marine Council (instead of the 'whaling commission' etc) whose remit would include the protection of marine life including whales, dolphins and sharks, and we lobby for official sanctions against those countries who engage in whaling, also pushing for those countries to face prosecution in the international courts.

In terms of activism on the ground in the UK, there will be a march taking in the Japanese Embassy in London on 26th January - see"


Music 2019

Light Warriors - Music Live Stream

1-7 January 2019

Daily Live Stream

Offered by

Light Warriors
Erik Rabaska

Daily improvised musical and vibrational offering from the Light Warriors inspired by the elements. 

Mystic Voice

1-7 January 2019

Daily Sacred Chant

Offered by
Mystic Voice

The soothing and meditative chanting of Lixin (pronounced Li-shin) stems from a deep spiritual connection to the ancient texts that inspire her music, such as the Tao Te

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 16.42.00.png

Ching, the Buddhist Sutras, the Sanskrit Vedas or Rumi, the Persian poet and mystic. 

Lixin’s healing voice and unique interpretation of those sacred words of wisdom infuse them with meaning and power, felt strongly by listeners from across the globe, even without understanding a single word.  

Lixin has offered a specific chant for each of the 7 days.

Online Events 2019

Online Events

Message from the Wolves

1-7 January

Daily Sharing

Offered by
Kim Kapes

My heart fills with love for the affection that is shown to me today by our resident wolf dog. As his love is given so I share it with you for the intention of a coherent consciousness for the water of our planet! Let us all use today as a day of gratitude for the Blue Planet and the nourishing waters she provides. If we all think about the water that most of us freely have access to be mindful and grateful and send that feeling to the areas where they are more challenged with water. We learn very quickly how much it is needed and can be taken for granted and that is an easy trap to fall into. How can you send your love to the water? Take a drink and feel the love for it or while you’re in the shower be grateful for it and send that intention out to the waters of the Earth. Small acts can go a long way especially when millions of small acts happen together!!

Good of the Whole - Rest in the Lovining Waters

1-7 January 2019

Daily offerings

Offered by
Good of the Whole

Hosted by Shelley Darling & Resonance Stewards

Day 2: Water - Rest in Loving Waters

Contemplative Life & Brahma Kumaris Worldwide

1-7 January

Daily Live on Zoom

Offered by
Contemplative Life
Brahma Kumaris worldwide

Day 2: Sunrise of Being Meditation - David Ellzey

In co-creation with the Brahma Kumaris Worldwide and Contemplative Life comes this offering for Day 2. Here David Ellzey guides us in a visual feast of embodied spiritual imagery through “The Sunrise of Being.” David speaks primarily through movement, but his voice also guides us into a deep awareness of “that which has always been what and who we are.”…

Facebook Live with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019


Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Deva Premal

Day 2 Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation with Sacred ritual holders Deva Premal and Miten

Loving Waters - Daily Live Zoom 

1-7 January 2019

Offered by
Loving Waters

DAY 2 Water: Cherish Water

FB Live Local Water Blessing with Charlie Riverman at  #LovingWaters

Hosting Water Stewards: Loving Waters Council

I pledge to put Water First in my life; to respect, appreciate, and cherish Water as the sacred source of all life and a primary intelligence of the Earth.

XR Sisterhood - Online Sharing

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
XR Sisterhood

An on-line sharing - On each of the 7 days of the campaign our the members of XR Sisterhood will be invited to post words and images related to honouring and protecting that days theme


The Future is Indigenous: Indigenous Environmentalism 101

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
Shaylon Blair Stolk

A series of mini-essays on indigenous environmentalism, along with resources for further information and more cultural perspectives about the importance of indigenous knowledge to saving life on Earth. Content will be posted to this page.

Event XR.jpg

Devotional Joy with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019

1 - 1:30 PST

Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Sommer Joy Ramer

As part of the Global 7 Days Of Rest And Reflection Sommer Joy Ramer, Co-Founder of Compassion Games & Synergized Impact Network Exchange has invites you to join Deva Premal and Miten in singing devotional JOY Gayatri Mantra January 1st through January 7th at 1:00PM PST - 1:30PM PST in rest. The intention of this event is to pulse a meaningful 30 minutes of rest and devotional joy as a powerful way to begin 2019 together. 

How can you join?
1. Sommer Joy Ramer will be sharing the Deva Premal FB Live daily on CGI FB Page & FB Group, Personal Stream, and SINE FB Page. You can also RSVP for Deva & Premal Mittens FB Event and watch for the livestream from there too.

2. Join by listening and also sharing the stream on your pages too.

3. Reflection can be sharing your reflections in comments of the live stream in a video, image, and or written reflections. You can also amplify your reflections on the Global Compassion Report Map from where ever you are as Team 7 Days Of Rest at


Local Events

7 Days of Rest - Hyderabad, India 

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Chindu and SAFA

Chindu, a cultural resource centre and SAFA a skill training centre working with Dalit, Muslim and other disadvantaged communities in Hyderabad are creating a 7 Day in-house event for their staff dedicated to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection during which we will offer a daily program, working with different experiential modalities (arts, movement,  playback theatre, meditation and more) to learn how to connect with the different elements individually and collectively for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

7 Days of Rest - Deventer, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Jannah Wijffels
& Via Natura

7 days retreat to recallibrate with mother earth. To restore the relationship with our resources. To redefine our goals and actions for 2019. To really commit to what we can do if we take full responsibility of what is happening in the world right now.


Free entrance.*

Weeklong extensive program!

To sign up, you can send an email to:
For more information about the event in Dutch, see Facebook event page.


7 Day's of Rest and Reflection - The Hague, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Opened Daily

from 1 PM-7 PM

Offered by New Humanity Dojo

The New Humanity Dojo wants to contribute to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection and offers the space for you to do that in communion, in connection with your fellow evolutionaries.
We want to create an environment together of 'Existential Relaxation' and we invite you to together with us sink into a deeper relaxation than you ever have experienced before. 
Everyday of the week will have a different quality of 'Existental Relaxation' and we will keep that quality (lightly) in our awareness as the theme of the day.

The day will be co-created in the moment by the people that feel called to be there and show up in their wholeness, their full humanness.
We start the day with an opening circle and sense into what is in our awareness. We then let the day unfold into and from 'Existential Relaxation' and the engagement with the abundant qualities in each and every one of us that come from that.

Sacred Circle and Meditation - Granada, Spain

1-7 January

Daily Ceremony

Offered by
Grian A. Cutanda

We will pay tribute to all the elements and beings of nature through a daily ceremony in the four directions, earth and sky, and we will accompany it with a meditation within the sacred circle on that foundation of Life that is dedicated every day.

Ubuntu 7 Days of Rest - Earth Prayers - Cape Town South Africa

1-7 January 2019

Daily Program

Offered by
Ubuntu Wellness

Ubuntu and 7 Days of Rest join in a global event to unite and activate consciousness for the good of the earth and all its creatures. Join us for a daily ceremony under the branches of Nokuphila, our sacred tree for prayer, meditation, singing and maybe even dancing to the rhythms of Her being. Our daily program is inspired by the Earth Prayers of Petra, a renowned spiritual ‘Heartist’whose incredible images are a harmonic meditation in themselves, conveying precise healing resonance for us individually and globally at this time.

Long Live the Amazon * 7 Days of Prayers for the Lungs of Earth - Brazil

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Marianne Soisalo

We, the Mariri crew, guests and artists in residence of the jungle lodge will be gathering together with our beautiful indigenous activist friend Daiara from the Tukano tribe on each of the days to pray and honour the Foundations of Life dedicated to the Amazon forest, now sadly threatened by a new ecocidal Brazilian government. 

We invite the rest of the global community to remember this most important source of our most basic needs; oxygen and water and its inherent value to continue green and alive without being further plundered for resources by human interests. 

7 Days of Rest Retreat - Tel Aviv, Israel

1-7 January 2019

Week long program

Offered by City Tree 

7 Days of Rest Retreat

A week of rest, replenishment, reflection, urban ecology and preparation for activism at the CityTree Eco-Home in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
The retreat will be in Hebrew.

25 Bialik St., Tel Aviv - Israel

7 Days of Rest - Online sharings

1-7 January 2019

Week long sharing

Offered by
Lïla Avery


Sharing an online space for seven days via FB and our blog with lavender themed insights, healing modalities and distillations.

Ritual for the 7 Elements of Life - Worcester, USA

1-7 January


Offered by

Shaun Bartone

Private DANCE Ritual for #XR Protect and Honor Life Campaign

Earth Healing

Worcester, MA, USA

7 Days of Reflection at Toberbeg Lodge - Dunlavin, Ireland

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

Nick Bryson

A DAILY OPEN GATHERING SPACE GIVING THOSE WHO ATTEND THE CHANCE TO COMMIT TO PROTECT AND HONOUR EACH FOUNDATION OF LIFE (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity, Web of Life) The daily event will take place for around 40 minutes at 4.30pm each day in Toberbeg Lodge. Nick and Signe will hold a space for people to come together around the shared intention of restoring our sacred relationship with the primary elements of Nature in community. From 1st January through to 7th January 2019 you are very welcome. Children welcome! 

Toberbeg Lodge, Dunlavin, County Wicklow, Ireland

7 Days of Beauty

1-7 January 2019

Daily Video

Offered by

Jamie McHugh

A 7 day online series of 5 minute somatic-aesthetic contemplative pauses with music and images from the natural world for restoring balance. Each day, a new video will be posted on the 7 Days of Beauty FB page.

For more information see the Facebook event page and the 7 Days of Beauty Facebook page

7 Days of Craftivism - Brooklyn, USA

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

On each day we are creating fabric objects with reflective poems or sayings to put out honoring each of the 7 concepts. They will be gifted to random places.


In Brooklyn, USA

7 Days of Rest - Water Ceremony - Klein Suntel, Germany

2nd January 

2 PM - 7 PM CET

Offered by
Annabelle Bini

Together with my sisters of Sacred Female Rising ( I am supporting 7 Days of Rest by hosting a water ceremony 💧✨ at the creek of our local forest in Klein Süntel (near Hannover, Germany). Here is a video in German for all the local people who want to join. Would be lovely if you come and we all give our blessings to nature to start the year strong, with mindfulness and in tune with nature!

Ceremony for the Waters of the Earth - Cape Town, South Africa

2nd January
2 -3 PM (GMT+2)

Offered by
Debra Delglyn

We will gather by the beautiful waters of Riviersondend within the Learning Clan camp to honour, pray with and listen to the voice of the Waters. All are welcome - bring voices, instruments, offerings, your hearts <3

Rain water harvesting - London, UK

2nd January
Each hour

from 9 am

Offered by

Nick Campbell

Rain water harvesting demo starting each hour from 9am - 4pm

London W14 8BG, United Kingdom

Waterweek walk - Sussex, UK

2nd January 2019
1:30 - 4:30 PM GMT

Offered by

Charlotte Still

A Waterweek walk in reverence of water Along a stretch of the River Cuckmere in East Sussex from Exceat to Litllington. Meeting at the Cuckmere Inn carpark, Exceat Bridge, Cuckmere Haven, Seaford BN25 4AB at 1.30pm About 3.5kms each way, so a fairly short walk. We plan to be back by dark. The Plough and Harrow is halfway in Littlington so there should be time for a sit down and a drink before we come back. Buses from Eastbourne to Brighton stop nearby

Réflexion vivre en communauté - Annecy, France

2nd January 2019
2 - 6 PM

Offered by


Echange et réflexion sur des thèmes liés à la vie en communauté

Hameau des glaisins

Archive 2018


Invitation DAY 2 2018

Offered by Shelley Ostroff


Rest in Loving senses – Reflections and practices - an invitation


1. Awakening the senses: Spend time reconnecting with your primary senses - exploring as if for the first time the sense of touch, and taste and smell and sound and sight. You may want to give yourself at least 5 minutes if not much more with each of these senses, imaging that you have just discovered them with the curiosity of a child. Think of an animal and imagine what it would be like to experience the senses from the perspective of this animal.


2. Following sensations: Spend time sensing into the inner sensations in your body. Finding a comfortable position lying down or sitting quietly allow yourself to notice the internal sensations, following the energy moving inside you. Just notice and follow with curiosity - no doing, only following what is. Surrender to the experience of sensations, following them with curiosity as you begin to remember the primary language of life.


3. Sensing nature: Go for a walk in nature and spend time noticing each of your senses activated in the natural environment. What do you notice as you connect more deeply to each of your senses in nature?


4. Loving intuition: On your walk in nature, slow down your walk and become still for a moment. Breathe and notice what you are drawn to… as if your body knows exactly where to go - without thinking about it just follow your intuition until you naturally stop to greet some some part of the environment.  What have you stopped to greet? What is it revealing to you? What is it telling you about itself? Allow yourself to discover that part of nature within yourself. Thank what you have encountered for sharing its wisdom.


5. Nourishing intuition Sense into what color fruit or vegetable your body is drawn to. Spend time asking your body what would be most nourishing for it in the moment. Before choosing what to eat - imagine eating the food and what your body will feel like after eating it.  What is the story of the fruit or vegetable? What are its colors and textures, and how does it grow and what can all of these tell you about how it may interact with you and in what ways it may nourish you?


6. Mutual nourishment: Spend time nourishing yourself by giving yourself something that will enrich you. When you feel you have received what you need, sense into how you can nourish someone you care about.  


7. Smile at a stranger and offer help to someone who you don’t know.


8.  Animal lessons: Notice an animal in your environment. Watch its behavior.  What can you learn from it? What does it need in order to thrive? What can you do to support an environment in which it can thrive. Thank it for what it has shown you.

9.  Tuning in: Slow down inviting yourself to be more in tune with your body wisdom and intuition - sensing into how you would behave differently if you followed these more in your everyday life.


May your practice offer the solid and fertile foundations for the rest of the 7 Day of Rest Journey. Thank you for your contribution to this field of healing and replenishment for all!

Guided meditation DAY 2 2018

2nd January 2018

Offered by 

Shelley Ostroff

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 23.16.42.png

Tree Sisters Meditation - Reveal

2nd January 2018

Offered by

Clare Dubois


Do you long to touch the truth of your own magnificence, access life’s limitless intelligence and redefine yourself and your humanity in terms of connection, reverence and restoration so that you can leave a legacy that reflects your heart’s longing?


This meditation catalyzes us into deep rest by helping us  let go of the shore of our old identity, so that the river of life can teach us who and what we really are.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 23.16.13.png

Artist, Catrin Welz Stein

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