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an invitation for rest and reflection with


On the 6th Day of 7 Days of Rest and Reflection we honour Biodiversity. Sacred Ritual Holder Daiara Tukano offers a blessing for Biodiversity from the Brazilian Rainforest. With deep gratitude to Daiara Tukano and Marianna Soisalo

Guided meditation: Resting and Reflecting with Biodiversity

Offered by Shelley Ostroff

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Reflection offerings and practices for the day - Shelley Ostroff

  1. Intentional invitation:  There are many ways to connect with Biodiversity.  Sense into the way in which you would like to deepen your relationship with Biodiversity today. How can you best create the conditions for this to manifest? 

  2. Breathing Biodiversity:  Sense into your breath and how the breath activates the diverse biological intelligences in your own body. Notice the different sensations as it moves through the ecosystem of your own body with all its diverse functions working together in community.

  3. Sensing Biodiversity: Sense into the biodiversity within your own body – the rich aliveness of all the different parts of your being – their different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, densities, functions and intelligences. Sense into the uniqueness and differentiation of these different parts as well as their fundamental interconnectedness. Now extend your imagination, to sense into the infinite communities of animal and plant species in your close environment. The birds, the trees, the insects, the micro-organisms, the plants, and trees, that reside in your home area, in your local environment. Sense farther and farther into the larger environment, imagine bringing all the living creatures in the waters, and soil and skies across different climate zones and bioregions into your immediate sense of community of species. What do you notice as you encounter this extraordinary richness? What do you feel? What are these diverse species revealing to you?

  4. Biodiversity, the elements and the Climate: Sense into the connection of all these diverse biological beings with Earth, Water, Fire and Air. How do they express and engage with these different elements? How do impact and how are they impacted by climate?  

  5. Reflecting Biodiversity: Sense into the richness of your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being? In what ways do you acknowledge and cultivate the diverse aspects of your own being?  Sense into the way in which your relationship with the diversity within you is reflected in the diversity within your close community. Sense into the way in which your relationship with diversity within yourself is reflected in the way in which you relate to the diverse species in the world. How does your everyday behavior impact the biodiversity within you and around you?How do those diverse humans and non-humans in your environment experience your relationship with them?

  6. Nourishing Biodiversity: Sense into how biodiversity manifests? Sense into all the conditions that needed for the biodiversity to exist and flourish? How do you nourish the biodiversity within you? How do you nourish the diverse intelligences within you? How do you attend to the diverse parts of your own body, mind, emotions and spirit? What do these diverse parts of you need? How is your relationship to the biodiversity within you nourished by the food that you eat? How do you nourish the diversity of your body through the rainbow colored fruits and plants of nature's kitchen, informed by pure sunlight, water, soil and air working together with the recipes of Mother Earth's precise nourishment that has evolved with Life over millenia? How do you nourish the diversity in you in hte way which you breathe, learn, move, think, feel and express yourself? In what ways do you nourish the biodiversity of the environment that nourishes you?

  7. Embodying Biodiversity: Sense into the essence of biodiversity - the spark of biodiversity that manifests in its infinite spectrum of Life.  What does it feel like to dance the dance of biodiversity, to explore and discover biodiversity in your dance? Imagine becoming different forms of Life? What does it feel like to become a sea creature, a bird, a butterfly, a tortoise, tree, a leaf, a coral reef? Allow these forms of Life to inspire you as you shapeshift into becoming them. What do they feel like and what insights emerge?

  8. Bidoiversity and consciousness: Feel what it feels like to perceive the world through the eyes, and consciousness of different species? How does this shift your picture of the world?

  9. Messages from Biodiversity: Imagine yourself in the presence of the essence of biodiversity and that biodiversity has a message/wisdom offering for you personally. What is biodiversity showing you? What can you learn from biodiversity by becoming more like it? What is the message the biodiversity wants you to offer to humanity?

  10. Messages for Climate: Sensing deeper and deeper into your ever-present relationship with Biodiversity, what is the message that you would like to offer this  essence of Life?  What would you like to tell Biodiversity if it could speak your language?

  11. Art from the Heart of Biodiversity:  Sense into the way in which this dialogue with Biodiversity wants to express itself through the Heartist in you in any art form you wish. Offer your own Heartful offering to the Heart of Biodiversity.


Meditations and Practices

TreeSisters: Guided Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Quote and Meditation

Offered by

Clare Dubois

'May we rest in the knowing that nature will always seek to bring life back into balance if we let her. If we side with her, choose to restore her by giving more of her nature back to herself, she will always move towards thriving. May we thank the forests for being the crucible of life, the womb out of which so much life emerges, the most species rich and biodiverse places on earth, and may we protect their sacredness and sanctity. May we give thanks for each species still held and protected, and for those still unknown and may we hold the indigenous custodians in our waking prayers, that they may be upheld as the sacred stewards of our most precious places on Earth...'

Meditation Biodiversity ~ The heeling tree (11 mins)

Tree Sisters DAY 6 BIO.png

Jeremy Gallman

Meditation with the animals:

1-7 January

Daily Meditation

Offered by 
AnimalTalk Africa

Animal communicator: Wynter Worsthorne is based in Cape Town and has been practicing as a Professional Animal Communicator since 2002. She is the author of "Where is Biggles?" and teaches introduction and advanced workshops internationally. Wynter is a trustee of Baboon Matters Trust and works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

Wynter webinar2.JPG

These exquisite meditations with the animals by 7 different animal communicators, were first offered during 7 Days of Rest, 2018 and are generously made available for participants this year as well.

Reiki Meditation

1-7 January 2019

Daily Meditation

Offered by
Linda Linker Rosenthal

7 Days of Joy - Daily Practice

1-7 January 

Daily Practice

Offered by 
Halina Goldstein

Joy Keepers Network

Start 2019 With 7 Days Of Joy! Get a simple yet powerful joy practice that only takes a minute and do it each morning for the first 7 days of 2019.

FB Event

7 Days of Joy.jpg

In the Womb of the Mother 

1-7 January

Daily Practices


Offered by

Yulia Jai Ma

In times when our Earth and Our Spirits are in such a need of healing, She rises ... Great Mother stretches her arms toward her children, asking from us to ReMember Her, to see Her for what She is, to Adore her for who She really is, to finally realise that through this kind of radical and all embracing love we will birth through Her in us a new kind of Human consciousness, the Christ consciousness, sacred Divine child of the world. We will spend those 7 days in deepening in silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of

In the Womb of the Mother.jpg

Mother Mary, silence and presence of the Mother, as an archetype of mother Mary, liberated from the religious limitation of Patriarchy. Helping Her to birth Earth keepers and Love workers in us, to assist Her in restoring and healing of our world.

Practices will include meditation, prayers, chants and sacred ceremonies. As well as audio recordings, where I will dive into the mysteries of Her Wisdom .
All will be published on the event FB page every day at the same time.
This online immersion is open and free for anyone, who wishes to offer Her/Himself to the Great Mystery of love.

For more info and the program see PDF.



Light Warriors - Music Live Stream

1-7 January 2019

Daily Live Stream

Offered by

Light Warriors
Erik Rabaska

Daily improvised musical and vibrational offering from the Light Warriors inspired by the elements. 

Mystic Voice

1-7 January 2019

Daily Sacred Chant

Offered by
Mystic Voice

The soothing and meditative chanting of Lixin (pronounced Li-shin) stems from a deep spiritual connection to the ancient texts that inspire her music, such as the Tao Te

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 17.56.38.png

Ching, the Buddhist Sutras, the Sanskrit Vedas or Rumi, the Persian poet and mystic. 

Lixin’s healing voice and unique interpretation of those sacred words of wisdom infuse them with meaning and power, felt strongly by listeners from across the globe, even without understanding a single word.  

Lixin has offered a specific chant for each of the 7 days.

Online Events

Online Events

Message from the Wolves

1-7 January

Daily Sharing

Offered by
Kim Kapes

Day 6 of the 7 Days Of Rest event

It’s early evening and after a long day I was able to bring you all into my world to experience the wonderful diversity of our animals. Today we celebrate BIODIVERSITY and my heart is pouring out the love for this day of reflection! Wolves being such a key species absolutely belong in our environment but face great challenges from the human aspect. When humans can finally learn to let go of feelings of lack and greed we will absolutely move into a realm of knowing ALL

have a place! No need to fear what you don’t understand like the smallest insect the brings many people to cringe. That being has a reason!! We all belong and as humans let’s take time to open our hearts to that which we don’t understand and work on acceptance of differences. It’s what makes our planet so special!!

Good of the Whole - Rest in Loving Celebration of All

1-7 January 2019

Daily offerings

Offered by
Good of the Whole

Hosted by Shelley Darling & Resonance Stewards

Day 6: Biodiversity Rest in Loving Celebration of All

Contemplative Life & Brahma Kumaris Worldwide

1-7 January

Daily Live on Zoom

Offered by
Contemplative Life
Brahma Kumaris worldwide

Smiling Buddha Meditation - Karuna

Facebook Live with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019


Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Deva Premal

Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation - Day 6

om bhur bhuvah svaha tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Meditating upon the adorable, enchanting and radiant source of all things, we awaken to the divine light of pure consciousness.

Loving Waters - Daily Live Zoom 

1-7 January 2019

Offered by
Loving Waters

DAY 6 Diversity: WATER FIRST'


Youth Hosting Water Steward: Maya Shaw Gale

Storytelling time! Readings from Maya's Book Little Bear, a children’s water story

Devotional Joy with Deva Premal & Miten

1-7 January 2019

1 - 1:30 PST

Daily Live Streams

Offered by
Sommer Joy Ramer

As part of the Global 7 Days Of Rest And Reflection Sommer Joy Ramer, Co-Founder of Compassion Games & Synergized Impact Network Exchange has invites you to join Deva Premal and Miten in singing devotional JOY Gayatri Mantra January 1st through January 7th at 1:00PM PST - 1:30PM PST in rest. The intention of this event is to pulse a meaningful 30 minutes of rest and devotional joy as a powerful way to begin 2019 together. 

How can you join?
1. Sommer Joy Ramer will be sharing the Deva Premal FB Live daily on CGI FB Page & FB Group, Personal Stream, and SINE FB Page. You can also RSVP for Deva & Premal Mittens FB Event and watch for the livestream from there too.

2. Join by listening and also sharing the stream on your pages too.

3. Reflection can be sharing your reflections in comments of the live stream in a video, image, and or written reflections. You can also amplify your reflections on the Global Compassion Report Map from where ever you are as Team 7 Days Of Rest at

XR Sisterhood - Online Sharing

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
XR Sisterhood

An on-line sharing - On each of the 7 days of the campaign our the members of XR Sisterhood will be invited to post words and images related to honouring and protecting that days theme


The Future is Indigenous: Indigenous Environmentalism 101

1-7 January 2019

Daily Posts

Offered by
Shaylon Blair Stolk

A series of mini-essays on indigenous environmentalism, along with resources for further information and more cultural perspectives about the importance of indigenous knowledge to saving life on Earth. Content will be posted to this page.

Event XR.jpg

Energy Ball for Peace Ceremony

6th January 2019

Any time

Offered by
Jeffrey Goldstein

Day of Biodiversity ~ Part of the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection* event

Distance Radiant Gathering ~ from wherever you are ~ you can participate by yourself or invite friends to join you.

Spiritually helping human beings live in harmony with each other and the sacred planet we live on.

Every Sunday since the year 2000, Radiant Human Beings, have been joining together, feeding the collective vibration of Peace.

Our purpose is to hold a space for Peaceful vibrations to flow throughout the Middle East, assisting in calming down the collective vibrational tension in this Sacred and challenged region of Planet Earth.

More info see also FB Event.


Local Events

7 Days of Rest - Hyderabad, India 

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Chindu and SAFA

Chindu, a cultural resource centre and SAFA a skill training centre working with Dalit, Muslim and other disadvantaged communities in Hyderabad are creating a 7 Day in-house event for their staff dedicated to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection during which we will offer a daily program, working with different experiential modalities (arts, movement,  playback theatre, meditation and more) to learn how to connect with the different elements individually and collectively for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

7 Days of Rest - Deventer, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Jannah Wijffels
& Via Natura

7 days retreat to recallibrate with mother earth. To restore the relationship with our resources. To redefine our goals and actions for 2019. To really commit to what we can do if we take full responsibility of what is happening in the world right now.


Free entrance.*

Weeklong extensive program!

To sign up, you can send an email to:
For more information about the event in Dutch, see Facebook event page.


7 Day's of Rest and Reflection - The Hague, The Netherlands

1-7 January 2019

Opened Daily

from 1 PM-7 PM

Offered by New Humanity Dojo

The New Humanity Dojo wants to contribute to the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection and offers the space for you to do that in communion, in connection with your fellow evolutionaries.
We want to create an environment together of 'Existential Relaxation' and we invite you to together with us sink into a deeper relaxation than you ever have experienced before. 
Everyday of the week will have a different quality of 'Existental Relaxation' and we will keep that quality (lightly) in our awareness as the theme of the day.

The day will be co-created in the moment by the people that feel called to be there and show up in their wholeness, their full humanness.
We start the day with an opening circle and sense into what is in our awareness. We then let the day unfold into and from 'Existential Relaxation' and the engagement with the abundant qualities in each and every one of us that come from that.

Sacred Circle and Meditation - Granada, Spain

1-7 January

Daily Ceremony

Offered by
Grian A. Cutanda

We will pay tribute to all the elements and beings of nature through a daily ceremony in the four directions, earth and sky, and we will accompany it with a meditation within the sacred circle on that foundation of Life that is dedicated every day.

Ubuntu 7 Days of Rest - Earth Prayers - Cape Town South Africa

1-7 January 2019

Daily Program

Offered by
Ubuntu Wellness

Ubuntu and 7 Days of Rest join in a global event to unite and activate consciousness for the good of the earth and all its creatures. Join us for a daily ceremony under the branches of Nokuphila, our sacred tree for prayer, meditation, singing and maybe even dancing to the rhythms of Her being. Our daily program is inspired by the Earth Prayers of Petra, a renowned spiritual ‘Heartist’whose incredible images are a harmonic meditation in themselves, conveying precise healing resonance for us individually and globally at this time.

Long Live the Amazon * 7 Days of Prayers for the Lungs of Earth - Brazil

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by
Marianne Soisalo

We, the Mariri crew, guests and artists in residence of the jungle lodge will be gathering together with our beautiful indigenous activist friend Daiara from the Tukano tribe on each of the days to pray and honour the Foundations of Life dedicated to the Amazon forest, now sadly threatened by a new ecocidal Brazilian government. 

We invite the rest of the global community to remember this most important source of our most basic needs; oxygen and water and its inherent value to continue green and alive without being further plundered for resources by human interests. 

7 Days of Rest Retreat - Tel Aviv, Israel

1-7 January 2019

Week long program

Offered by City Tree 

7 Days of Rest Retreat

A week of rest, replenishment, reflection, urban ecology and preparation for activism at the CityTree Eco-Home in the heart of Tel-Aviv.
The retreat will be in Hebrew.

25 Bialik St., Tel Aviv - Israel

7 Days of Rest - Online sharings

1-7 January 2019

Week long sharing

Offered by
Lïla Avery


Sharing an online space for seven days via FB and our blog with lavender themed insights, healing modalities and distillations.

Ritual for the 7 Elements of Life - Worcester, USA

1-7 January


Offered by

Shaun Bartone

Private DANCE Ritual for #XR Protect and Honor Life Campaign

Earth Healing

Worcester, MA, USA

7 Days of Reflection at Toberbeg Lodge - Dunlavin, Ireland

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

Nick Bryson

A DAILY OPEN GATHERING SPACE GIVING THOSE WHO ATTEND THE CHANCE TO COMMIT TO PROTECT AND HONOUR EACH FOUNDATION OF LIFE (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity, Web of Life) The daily event will take place for around 40 minutes at 4.30pm each day in Toberbeg Lodge. Nick and Signe will hold a space for people to come together around the shared intention of restoring our sacred relationship with the primary elements of Nature in community. From 1st January through to 7th January 2019 you are very welcome. Children welcome! 

Toberbeg Lodge, Dunlavin, County Wicklow, Ireland

7 Days of Beauty

1-7 January 2019

Daily Video

Offered by

Jamie McHugh

A 7 day online series of 5 minute somatic-aesthetic contemplative pauses with music and images from the natural world for restoring balance. Each day, a new video will be posted on the 7 Days of Beauty FB page.

For more information see the Facebook event page and the 7 Days of Beauty Facebook page

7 Days of Craftivism - Brooklyn, USA

1-7 January 2019

Daily Activities

Offered by

On each day we are creating fabric objects with reflective poems or sayings to put out honoring each of the 7 concepts. They will be gifted to random places.


In Brooklyn, USA

Biodiversity: Poetry in support of Extinction Rebellion - London, UK

6th January

4:15-5:30 PM UTC

Offered by

Anna Orridge

Scientists have warned us that the sixth mass extinction event is underway. Through poetry, flash fiction and art, we will explore biodiversity in all its glory, and consider the consequences of its decimation. Part of the global Seven Days of Rest and Reflection event. £5 entrance fee, all proceeds to go to the environmental campaign Extinction Rebellion

New Moon Eclipse Circle of the Capricorn Crones - Somerset, UK

6th January

5 - 8 PM GMT


Offered by

Yoni Heart Yoga

Join us for a powerful and awakening New Moon circle on the Sunday 6th January.

This is the first new moon of 2019 in the Wise sign of Capricorn...
and is the same day as the partial solar Eclipse, as well as Uranus going direct!
On this New Moon and Eclipse I invite you to come and celebrate Women’s Christmas with us, where we will offer back to the Earth in sacred ceremony our holy waters, and medicine to be replenished in Mother Gaia’s Earth Womb.
Bringing cleansing and renewal to Our Sacred Wombs and blessings to the Holy, fertile land of Avalon for the new potent cycle ahead.

This will be a powerful and cleansing Womb ceremony of great intention, and Capricorn wisdom.
There will be singing, dancing and celebratory howling (obviously)
Come Sacred Priestess of Avalon and share your magic with us on this special day.
Come as you are, and be as you will
All Wombs welcome.

This is a FREE event to bring healing and rejuvenation to the land

Igniting hearts through the Web of Light - Cape Town, South Africa

6th January

7-9 PM (GMT+2)

Offered by
Debra Delglyn

A sharing and healing circle to connect with the Web of Light that upholds the Earth and shine our presence and intentions for the Earth that we all share. All are welcome.

Lost Species Contemplation - Alsager, UK

6 th January

10-11 AM GMT

Offered by
Jane Smith

A visit to the soon-to-be Contemplation Space for Lost Species, Milton Park, Alsager, Cheshire.

Bliss 2019 Nature Walk - Biodiversity - Lisboa, Portugal

6th January

10 - 12:30  pm WET

Offered by
Ines Lourenzo

This is the first Bliss Nature Walk of 2019 honoring and celebrating Life and Nature - Gaia Mother Earth. It will happen in the 6th day of the Global Event 7 Days of Rest and Reflection that happens for the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its habitants. We will be connected to the global community motivated to the transformation of the way of life in this Planet to a better World. In this deep intention, we will be together in the beginning of this year.

We will walk TOGETHER, re-discovering the richness of biodiversity in Monsanto Park. Lisboa. What do we see? What the different species have to "say" to each one of us? What comes to our attention? What beings are with us? What surprises amazes us?

Throughout silence, listening, seeing, touching we will open our hearts and point our attention to the present, to the magic and the beauty of Life and Nature.

Women's Temple - Hannover, Germany

6th January

12 - 5 pm CET

Offered by

Come and soak your soul in the sweet vibration of the divine feminine! 
In honor of 7 Days of Rest & Reflection! 2019!!! In honor of our EARTH!


Archive 2018

Invitation DAY 6 2018

Offered by Shelley Ostroff​​




7 Days of Rest Day 6: Rest in Loving Wisdom

Reflections and practices will be offered each day. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey and the process of healing and transformation.

Sensing wisdom: Find a comfortable position, close your eyes and after quietening your breath imagine awakening all your senses smell, your sight, your taste, your touch, your hearing, your intuition, your instinct, your inner vision! Spend time with each as if it is an encounter with a new friend.


Future present: With your imagination, reach out into the best of all possible futures… Connect with the essence of that future that will be most vitalizing for the core of your being, as well as for the whole planet.  Welcome that vibration into every cell of your being. Allow it to seed within you and beyond you.  Ask it to become the compass for all of your actions. As we become conscious that our own wellbeing is intricately connected with the well-being of all aspects of creation, so we co-create health for the planet and all its inhabitants.


Wisdom healing:  Scan your life and sense into what is asking to be transformed. See what emerges as that aspect that most wants attention right now.  Ask it to show you what needs to be transformed and what the first step would be. Notice your response – are you ready to take that first step? If so, sense into the following step after that. If at any point you notice ambivalence or fear in taking a next step, pause and give it some loving attention. Ask for guidance as to how to honor and move through the fear, or find an alternative route or smaller step forward that is easier. Imagine into the support you need in order to take the necessary steps and commit to moving forward gently in this transformation.


Community wisdom: Sense into what your manifest and potential gifts are – spending time noticing them and acknowledging them. Consider what you may need in order to manifest your gifts more fully,  and the steps needed to ensure that you have what you need to take these gifts to the next level? What do you need from yourself? What do you need from the world?  Sense into how you can offer your gifts to the world in a way that is deeply mutually nourishing – in a way that creates healthy abundance, deep value and healthy circulation of energy and resources. Consider that your talents do not belong to you but are nourished by the system and must in turn nourish the system of which you are part like in any healthy eco-system. How does this understanding shift your perspective and relationship to your gifts?


Interspecies and planetary wisdom: Sense into yourself as one part of nature’s extraordinary eco-system – an eco-system in which all other species play a role in enriching the environment for all while maintaining optimal harmony in diversity. Consider the impact of your everyday behavior on the plants and animals around you, on the land and the water and the air.  How does your behavior nourish other species and life on the planet? How does you behavior harm other species and life on the planet? What would you want to transform in order to live in greater harmony and mutual nourishment with Mother Earth and all her Children? What is your plan to move forward in making this happen?


Looking back – looking forward: Imagine yourself at the end of 2018, what would you like to say has happened for you over the year? What can you do to make this happen? What would you like to see happen for Mother Earth and all her Children over the next year?What can you do to make this happen?


Gratitude wisdom: Thank all your senses and innate intelligences for this visioning process recognizing the complex weaving of so many different aspects working together to enable you to move imaginatively between past present and future and consider how you may want to continue to cultivate all your different senses and intelligences.

Guided meditation DAY 6 2018

6th January 2018

Offered by 

Shelley Ostroff

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 01.44.01.png

Tree Sisters Meditation Day 6 - Shine

6th January 2018

Offered by

Clare Dubois

Day 6: shine

This meditation inspires us to bow to our own life force and soul, trusting passion and purpose, alchemizing the fear of being seen, and living as permission and astonishing ourselves in the process.  From rest and reflection comes revitalized contribution.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 01.43.42.png
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