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The Closing and Transition Ceremony and Assembly for 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020 brought together some of the co-creative partners and supporters of 7 Days of Rest and Codes for a Healthy Earth, and of the hosts of this gathering, UNITY EARTHGlobal Silent Minute and Synergized Impact Network Exchange.

Together, with participants from around the world, we honored and blessed the transition as we move forward with inspiration and a shared commitment to effective global cooperation for rapid whole-system healing, and a New Era of Unity and Harmony in Diversity, and Empathy with All of Life.

With deep gratitude and appreciation for all the participants who made 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity all it was!

We look forward to continuing our journey together with Codes for a Healthy Earth and the upcoming initiatives in support of the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants.

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7 Days of Rest  2018, Day Seven - an invitation to Rest in Loving Grace

Thank you web of life.jpg

7 Days of Rest & Reflection 2019,

dedicating Day 7 to Protecting 

and Honoring The Web of Life


7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020,

Honoring and Celebrating the Natural Laws of Harmony in Diversity



Guided Daily Meditation and Reflection Practices: an offering from Shelley Ostroff

A guided meditation, reflections and practices will be offered each day by Shelley Ostroff inviting you into an exploration of the essence and vibration of the daily themes. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey through these seven days

soundcloud day 7.jpg

Now is here so feel the feeling

Let it take you let it wake you

Let it love you let it make you

Following feelings shifting form

Deep inside the raging storm

Letting go of every norm

Taking essence back to Source

Without the weight of histories course

Distilling from the suffering, pearls-

Of wisdom for new wondrous worlds

~ Shelley Ostroff

07.01.2020, DAY SEVEN: EVOLUTION - Honoring and Celebrating the Wisdom of Life-Enriching Diversity

1. Honoring Evolution: Sitting in a quiet and restful space, invite in an honoring way, the essence of Evolution into the field. What does the essence and intelligence of Evolution reveal to you as you meet it and greet it in this moment? Sense into the Intelligence of Life - of Evolution itself. What does it feel like to be in the presence of this Intelligence? Find a way to honor and bless the wisdom of Evolution that has brought us from the beginning of time until this moment.

2. Radiant Diversity Evolving: Envision how the evolution of Radiant Diversity has manifested over billions of years. How did it begin? What has been its journey until today? Sense into the challenges and triumphs of Radiant Diversity over the millennia - and how the challenges have been an essential path of the richness and resilience of Life unfolding? Imagine how individually, and collectively as a species, we can bring the distilled wisdom from this collective evolutionary journey to honoring, restoring and nourishing the Radiant Diversity of Life.

3. Honoring your own Evolutionary Path: Sense into and honor the profound lessons in your own life that have brought you to where you are today. Spend time remembering the milestones that have shaped you in your evolutionary journey. Take a moment to bless these experiences and the wisdom gifts they have brought. Imagine that they were perfectly orchestrated to prepare you for this unique moment in time with all the challenges and opportunities we face individually and collectively. In what ways did your own personal evolutionary path prepare you for now - in your personal roles and in your co-creative role as an ever-evolving conscious part of the radiantly diverse community of Life?

4. Honoring the Evolutionary Path of Humanity: Sense into the evolutionary path of humanity until this moment - the challenges, the lessons, the falls and the triumphs that have brought our species to where it is today. What do you see as the core lessons, resources, challenges and opportunities for humanity at this moment in our relationship to diversity? How do you see us evolving as a species at this moment? What is needed and what resources do we have as we move forward now?
6. 7 Days of Evolution: Sense into your own evolutionary journey over these 7 first 7 Days of 2020. How have you engaged with the first 7 Days of this New Era? Sense into what has transformed for you and within you. What are some of the significant events that have happened for you over these days and the lessons they have brought? How have you greeted this New Year, this New Era, and how has the way in which you have brought yourself to this time been reflected in what you have received from the world around you? What are the gifts you have offered the world over these days and the gifts you have received in and out of the event? What are the lessons you would like to take forward with you as you set your intentions for your own evolutionary path from now on?

7. Setting Intentions: Meditate on your intentions for your own desired evolution as you move forward. Write them down. Write a letter to the future you, blessing that future you with the manifestation of these intentions. Put it in an envelope to revisit in the next 7 Days of Rest Event, in 2021, so that you can look back and reflect on your journey towards manifesting these intentions. You may want to create a ritual to ground this intention. 

8. Intentions in Action: In what ways would you like to transform your actions in order to set in motion your intentions for yourself? Consider some practical steps that you can take over the next day, week, month - year to ground your intention in action. Write these steps down as a preliminary and evolving plan of action.

8. Blessing Radiant Diversity: Take some time for meditation, prayer, sacred ceremony to bless the restoration, replenishment and thriving evolution of Radiant Diversity, and the many many gifts that you receive from this generous, loving and essential Life-Enriching consciousness that manifests in infinite forms within you and beyond you.

9. The Vitality Code and Codes for a Healthy Earth - Applying the vitality Code in a Whole-System Healing Framework for ever-evolving Harmony in Radiant Diversity and Empathy with all of Life.


Codes for a Healthy Earth

- Imagine as part of our collective evolution, how the Vitality Code be implemented on a global scale to nourish and restore the health, vitality, harmony and Radiant Diversity of all of Life? 

Watch the video above and read the Codes for a Healthy Earth on the Website or on the Codes for a Healthy Earth Gateway.

- What thoughts, feelings, insights, intentions emerge as you engage with the Codes for a Healthy Earth

- In what ways do the Codes inspire you to think about the world in new ways, and your role in the world in new ways?

Sense into how evolution can be seen as wisdom in action, and how the Codes can provide the foundational organizing principles for applied wisdom as we move forward individually and collectively.

- In what ways are the Codes inspired by and translate the Vitality Code into organizing principle for how we can move forward effectively as a species for rapid social and ecological healing and regeneration?

- Consider ways in which you may want to apply the Codes in the different environments in which you engage.

- Consider ways in which you may want to support the dissemination and implementation of the Codes - you can learn more on the official Codes for a Healthy Earth Website.

Art from the Heart of Codes for a Healthy Earth: Express what is most alive in you from these different reflections and practices through any form of art – dance, music, visual arts etc.  If you would like to share your Heartist offering and inspire in loving co-creation with others, please share your creations on our Community Sharing Space.

Blessings for a deeply meaningful day of connecting with, remembering and honoring the Wisdom of cultivating Radiant Diversity within you and beyond you and that contributes to making Life all that it is.

honoring thich nhat hanh 

Honorig Thich Nhat Hanh
day 6.jpg

“Peace is every step”, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Daily Practice

Holding Anger

Daily Song/Chant

 Plum village song “Please call me by my true names” based on a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh

Dharma Talk

The Art of Being Peace

Please also visit the GATEWAY: HONORING THICH NHAT HANH that has been co-created with Emelina Corrales-Legrand and Thomas Legrand from the Plum Village lay community.

practices and wisdom offerings

Pratices & Wisdom offerings

The End of Suffering ~ The Great Bell Chant  

1-7 January



Daily Message

and Chant

All of humankind is being invited into a greater conscious Love; a deeper richer vibration of Love, Compassion, and Healing. One might say, the Greatest Love we have ever known. By playing the End of Suffering, Great Bell Chant each day for 7 days, all are simultaneously enjoined into its frequency, message and mission. We call this The Ceremony of the Bells. This is a wonderful way to raise the vibration of Earth; the vibration of humanity and set a clear vibrational and conscious intention for this special year: 2020, the Year of the Encircling our Planet with Love.

Each day is started by a special message associated with the theme of the day followed by the "End of Suffering" Great Bell Chant, read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem. The creators of this audio track were Gary Malkin, the composer/arranger, producer, and collaborator Michael Stillwater. The work came from a CD/book called Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying, and it can be purchased by going to

Offered by Ejna Fleury

Whole World View ~ The Evolving Story Of Now

7 January


Day 7 of 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020.

"From the earliest times of our human journey we have told stories; of who we are and where we’ve come from. And have set these in the context of our relationships with the wider world. These stories have offered meaning and purpose to our lives, both as individuals and collectively. In many ways though we’ve relegated such creation stories to being quaint explanations that have little relevance in our lives. The cost is that we lack any communal framework from which to understand our place in the Universe.

Yet at this pivotal moment of our human journey, a new and yet ancient story is emerging. It is based on the leading edge of scientific discoveries that are coming to stand alongside profound spiritual perceptions to tell a story of a living Universe that exists to evolve and where we and all existence has meaning and purpose in its innate evolutionary impulse…"

Offered by Jude Currivan, Whole World View

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 13.39.14.png

TreeSisters ~ Guided Meditation

1-7 January

Daily Quote and Meditation

Clare's Quote for Day 7: Evolutio


"What if everything that we need in order to evolve into the highest expression of human nature, is encoded within every cell of our beings? What if we acknowledged that the DNA of every living thing, exists within us and that potentially we are here to bow to and serve all life into fullness as a primary function of our own?"

Meditation Day 7 ~ Evolution ~ This is a gentle drop into a softening and an opening that can allow us to become more available to clarity, deep listening and the apparency of miracles. It is ultimately a practice of becoming more available to life itself. .  

Offered by Clare Dubois TreeSisters

Please also see the Gateway of the Trees for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Trees

Transformation 365 & Contemplative Life ~ Daily Contemplative Practice

1-7 January

Video Release


Daily at

Good wishes are thoughts that express a desire for the greatest good and the highest benefit, without specifying what that might be. Good wishes help the recipients move forward, but more importantly, they transform our own negative energy into benevolence, which over time becomes natural and habitual. This practice cultivates Good Wishes as a pathway to the most benevolent Being, the One who eternally wants the best for everyone and everything.

Sister Mary Friedland has been a student of Raja Yoga Meditation with the Brahma Kumaris for 32 years. Based in Chicago, she teaches meditation and coordinates activities of the Brahma Kumaris. Her deep interest in silence and reflection led her to join the Core Team of Transformation365.


Offered by Transformation 365 Contemplative Life

Animal Talk Africa ~ Meditation with the animals

1-7 January




Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes, each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Day 7:
Co-Creating a Better World.


Today, in the last day of Meditations for the Animals, you learn how to draw strength and guidance from Divine Nature in order to continue your work in this world. Whether you are an activist, a rescuer or an individual who wants to make a difference in this world in whatever way you can, this meditation gives you the tools to help you. Although this is the last of the seven days, all of the meditations in this series are available to you at any time.

Offered by Wynter Worsthorne AnimalTalk Africa

Please also see the GATEWAYS:
THE ANIMALS, #ISPEAK4, BE-FRIEND DIVERSITY, and LOVING DIVERSITY for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Animals.

Sacred Female Rising Institute Wisdom Offering MiraMichelle

1-7 January


Daily Wisdom Offering

MiraMichelle speaks about human evolution and harmony and shares a direct message from Mother Earth.

Offered by MiraMichelle Founder of Sacred Female Rising Institute

"I Speak For" Earth Medicine Wheel Constellation

1-7 January 2020

Offered by Robin Youngblood

Dance to Heal the Earth

Robin Youngblood offers a Medicine Wheel Earth Constellation in support of the global campaign #ISPEAK4

"I Speak For" is a way of connecting with one of our many Earth Relatives, hearing what they want us to voice for them, and understanding how each of us can help. We will do this through a Medicine Wheel Earth Constellation, in a guided shamanic journey. I know that you care as deeply as I do about restoring balance. Please join me and All Our Relations to listen to the needs of Creation.

The #ISPEAK4 campaign that is dedicated to discovering and sharing the wisdom and gifts of those who do not speak the human language, to cultivate greater understanding of and empathy with all aspects of Creation.

Grandmother Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, of Okanogan/Cherokee heritage, travels the world sharing the spiritual values, prophecies, processes and ceremonies of the many indigenous peoples she has trained with. Grandmother Robin's teachings assist each person to recognize their gifts and purpose, heal blockages and activate their ancestral DNA. This is a time of purification and transformation and we must all share our gifts to help restore balance and harmony among All Our Relations.

Please also see the GATEWAYS: THE ANIMALS, #ISPEAK4, BE-FRIEND DIVERSITY, and LOVING DIVERSITY for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Animals.

Daily Water Blessing and Prayers

1-7 January 

Daily Practice
9 am IST


For each of the 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity Efrat is praying for the healing of the Waters.

"Peace and blessings to all,
On the "seven days of rest" starting January 1 to 7,
I will pray for water all over the land.
I invite you to pray with me, wherever you are.
If you have the option be by a water source.

We pray for the water. Healing and love for the water.
Pure and clean water for all creation.
We pray with all our heart for the water in the waterfall, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams,
Rain, fog, dew, clouds, ices, wells and groundwater.
Water in all their forms.

Please pray with me with a pure heart, light and holiness of heaven and water.
Water is God's blessing for all creation.
Please be a center of light all over the land.

Let us pray from January 1-7, 2020
9 am - 9:36 pm Jerusalem time.
"We walk Together. I can not walk without you."

Efrat Sar-Shalom has been teaching A Course in Miracles for 31 years in Israel and Barcelona. We are deeply grateful to Efrat for this sacred offering.

Offered by Efrat Sar-Shalom, founder of Women of Peace

7 Days of Joy Daily Practice

1-7 January 

Daily Practice


Start 2020 With 7 Days Of Joy!  Experience (more) JOY and share it with our beautiful diverse world.
Through daily meditations. You can attend LIVE (highly recommended) or on replay.

The meditations take place online January 1-7, at 6:00 PM Paris / 5:00 PM London / 12:00 PM (noon) New York / 9 AM Los Angeles

Offered by Halina Goldstein - Joy Keepers Network

7 Days of Wholeness Daily Practice

1-7 January

Daily Practice

True You Holistic Life Coaching will be hosting an event to help us find healing and happiness within ourselves so that we can share it with those around us!

Day 1 will be a day of self-acceptance. Without it, we cannot accept and love others. A link to a guided meditation will be shared.

Offered by True Holistic Life Coaching

Online Events

online events

Message from the Wolf Sanctuary 

1-7 January

Daily Sharing

Day 7 with Kim Kapes, director of In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven

Honoring and celebrating the natural laws of harmony in diversity...

As the week long initiative comes to an end we wish to share one final message. Our hope is that you will move thru this year on a path of evolving in your consciousness to be more open to the diversity that surrounds us. We enjoy bringing you into our lives thru these videos and we hope that you have enjoyed them as well. Peace and harmony to you!

Good of the Whole ~ Facebook Heart Resonance Attunement 


Day 7: Evolution with Shelley Darling

As Mentoring Stewards committed to the GOOD of the WHOLE, we are listening, speaking from our hearts and intentionally expanding the resonant Field of Love. We gather at the “Watering Whole” and find ourselves nurtured, revitalized and uplifted, as a collective consciousness. Begin your morning for 15-20 minutes in heart-full resonance celebrating the diversity of ALL life.


Offered by Good of the Whole Hosted by Shelley Darling & Resonance Stewards

Good of the Whole ~ Celebrating Religious Diversity

7 January

Premiere Video

10-11 AM CST

Interfaith Conversations is a three-part video series with members of Tri-Faith Initiative designed to spotlight a living model of peaceful co-existence that honors religious freedom and cultural diversity, while building a bridge of mutual respect, trust and acceptance in community. Episode One during 7 Days of Rest is titled, "Celebrating Religious Diversity." Members of the community will talk about their lived interfaith experience.

Tri-Faith Initiative is a unique and ambitious project in the field of interfaith relations in design, scale, and scope. It brings together into permanent residency a synagogue, church, mosque, and interfaith center on one 38-acre campus in the middle of America’s heartland.

The Tri-Faith Initiative fosters empathy, invites understanding, and advances common action between people of diverse faiths through the shared efforts of intentionally co-located congregations of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths and an interfaith center on one campus. The Tri-Faith Initiative works for a world in which religious differences are seen as an asset and strength to be celebrated, where people realize the ability to overcome fear and stereotypes and embrace one another.


Offered by Good of the Whole and Tri-Faith with Dr. Kurt Johnson and Dr. Julie Krull

Loving Waters ~ 7 Days of Watershed Wisdom

1-7 January

Facebook Live and/or Zoom



DAY 7: Loving Waters Council Watershed Gathering and Closing Ceremony (ZOOM Meeting DAY 7 ONLY or join on FB Live)

Join Loving Waters Council as we celebrate the evolution of consciousness diving into the depth of its contribution to the radiant diversity of all life. Bring your sacred water, poems, readings, songs and love for water.


Offered by Loving Waters Hosted by Loving Waters Stewards Council

Miss Kindness Music and Meditation

1-7 January

Daily Song and Mediation
1pm PST

Join in for the 7 days of rest and Radiant Diversity. Music and Mindful Meditation with Miss. Kindness for the entire family. Sing along to song of unity and kindness invite friends and family members to join in. Daily we will have a new song to learn and a global meditation that will help remind us that we are a global family, where everyone belongs.

Offered by Miss Kindness Karen Palmer, We

UP for 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity

1-7 January

Daily Facebook Live Attunements
10 am SAST

Day 7 of 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity... and this final broadcast, we are honoured to be joined by LiveaMoment creator and peace warrior Deborah Greene (outside San Francisco)... As we rest into our harmony and celebrate our radiant diversity, we appreciate all the ways that we are coming together as a global community committed to Peace... And for each human that is doing the inner work to experience peace - no matter the outer... this way we listen deeper and co-create more harmony and grace!

Thank you for joining UP - and thank you to all the partners and stewards and followers of 7 days of Rest... what a Blessed time to be alive!

From South Africa and TheUP - God Bless you all!

Offered by The UPliftment Programme

READATATION ~ A Daily Spiritual Adjustment

1-7 January


Daily 20 min
11 am ET

Relax, sit in comfort with a cup of tea/coffee, and join Ron and Victoria on Facebook Live for a daily 20 minute immersion in Readatation: A Spiritual Adjustment

Offered by Vistar, hosted by Dr. Ron and Victoria Friedman


1-7 January




We’re delighted that Kat Robertson is joining with her extraordinary art works and journals. Kat is posting daily blogs about her artistic journey around the themes of the day.

"I love to connect this ‘rolling om’ with the global zeitgeist, working for global harmony and right relationship with Mother Nature.

I took part in the ‘7 Days of Rest and Reflection‘ last year and found it to be a wonderful way to begin a new year and set intentions. A way to feel part of a global healing and also a great way to loosen up my thinking and become more open to ‘otherness’ and the wider picture."

~ Kat Robertson

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 23.57.12.png
Local Events


7 Days of Rest Stadsretraite Deventer Netherlands

1-7 January

Week long


7 days, form 9.30 pm to 9.30 am we come together in contemplation, meditation, singing and ceremonie.

FB Event


Offered by MindFoolnes, Jannah Wijffels

7 days of Rest & Radiant Diversity Retreat at CityTree ~ Israel

1-7 January

Week long


A week of deep rest, nourishment or fast, as you choose, observation, deep connection to the Vitality Code generating the diversity of Life and learning of the Codes for a Healthy Earth.

FB Event


Offered by City Tree,  Alon & Tami Zori

Riverbend Bending the River of Time Canada

1-7 January

Week long


At RiverBend Seniors Community, we are creating an eddy in the River -- we are making time to take time for ourselves and each other to contemplate All that has been, All that Is and All we desire... Sending heartfelt prayers of gratitude and love to the One, the Creator Inside us, all around us and That which is becoming, through us...

FB Event


Offered by Shannon McArthur

Rest and Restore ~ India

1-7 January

Week long


FB Event


Offered by Sneha Mangalchand

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