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7 Days of Rest  2018, Day Five - an invitation to Rest in Loving Communication

Thank you Climate.jpg

7 Days of Rest & Reflection 2019,

dedicating Day 5 to Protecting 

and Honoring Climate


7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020,

Co-creating the Conditions for Life to Flourish



Guided Daily Meditation and Reflection Practices: an offering from Shelley Ostroff

A guided meditation, reflections and practices will be offered each day by Shelley Ostroff inviting you into an exploration of the essence and vibration of the daily themes. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey through these seven days

cocreation soundclousd.jpg

(And) that’s the point we soon will see

Can’t really separate you and me

We’re bound as one in destiny

We may not like it – “What to do?"

Science is showing what the ancients knew

Time and space are wondrous carriers

Of waves and particles that have no barriers . . .

Love, Air, Water, Fire and Earth

Enliven every being's birth

Humans, animals, plants and minerals

Made all of the same materials

Working in a mysterious way

Articulating night and day

And we are given a humble part

Of the magnificent creative art

by Shelley Ostroff from the Poem "Alchemists of Raw Emotion"

05.01.2020, DAY FIVE: EXPRESSION - Co-creating the Conditions for Life to Flourish

1. Inviting the Co-creative Intelligence of Flourishing LifeSitting in a quiet and restful space, invite in an honoring way, the Co-creative Consciousness of Life to reveal itself to you? What insights emerge by tuning into this co-creative intelligence that weaves together the parts and the whole for Life to evolve and flourish? Sense into this co-creative intelligence within yourself? In what ways are you an expression of this co-creative Life force? In what ways do you express this co-creative Life force as you engage with yourself and the world around you?

2. Co-Creative Foundations: Sense into the co-creative intelligence of each of the  foundations of Life, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of Life. Sense into how each of these foundations have a unique and complementary co-creative wisdom. They each need each other for their fullest manifestation in service of Life. They thrive in co-creating harmoniously the conditions for all of Life to flourish. As you tap into how each of these different foundations bring their uniqueness to the co-creative field in service of Life - sense into how these foundations of your own being are reflected in your own co-creative wisdom, activities and potentialities. For instance, what is unique about the Earth's co-creative wisdom? What is unique about air's co-creative wisdom and how can you tap into, cultivate and express these co-creative potentialities of all the different foundations of Life within yourself?

2. The Co-Creative Breath of Life: Take a few minutes to follow your breath. Sense into the creative force of the inhale. Sense into how the Air is transformed as it encounters  your unique body and soul. Sense into the exhale as your co-creative offering to Life. How do you welcome this Life force into your body with your inbreath? How do you honor the Air as a welcome life-enhancing guest in your home as it enlivens the cells within you? What do you offer back to the Air around you and the world around you with the outbreath? What shifts in you as you recognize this as a co-creative act with the Air that connects you with All of Life?

3. In Co-Creation: Imagine that every minute you are co-creating with your surroundings. As with the inbreath and outbreath, you are being informed by your surroundings and informing your surroundings. Your local and global context are creating you and you are co-creating them.What insights emerge as you recognize this circulation between you and your local and global  environment as a fundamentally co-creative act.? What are the qualities you bring to this co-creative exchange in the different contexts in which you live and work? In what ways is this co-creative exchange nourishing to you and to the world around you? How can you cultivate an ever more vitalizing co-creation with the world around you?

4.  The Co-Creative Masculine and Feminine: Sense into the primal co-creative forces of the Feminine and of the Masculine essences, coming together to create Life itself. Inspired by the Life-Giving relationship of the Sun and Moon, sense into each of these forces within you and the co-creative relationship of these forces as you experience them within you? How do honor and cultivate each of these essential and complementary co-creative forces within you? How do you cultivate the sacred relationship between them, so that they can fertilize and nourish each other creatively and harmoniously in service of Life?

5. Co-Creative Living and Radiant Diversity: What does co-creative living and radiant diversity mean to you as an individual, as a human being, as a member of the Community of Life? What feelings and insights emerge as you sense into the following questions?

How do your diverse emotions, ideas, skills, passions and roles co-create within you to enable you to thrive in all your diversity?

What does flourishing co-creative diversity mean to you as you relate to: The diversity within you? The diversity in your personal relationships? In your family, work, leisure and purpose-based communities? In the global human community? In the community of Life? How can you cultivate these co-creative relationships in their full radiant diversity? 

How do the ideas and feelings you have impact your co-creative participation in these different communities?

5. Radiant Diversity and the Web of Life: Sense into the Web of Life in its most flourishing form, as a co-creation of all these diverse essences working in precise complementarity to support and enrich the conditions for Life to flourish. What can you personally, and humans in general, learn from the Web of Life about co-operative and mutually-nourishing Creative Expression?

6. Co-Creation and the Vitality Code - Nature’s code for ever-evolving harmony in diversity and empathy with all of Life.


Sense into the Vitality Code as Nature's code of Co-Creation - the code that ensures that all parts express themselves in their fullest potential as a radiant, mutually-enriching co-creative participant in the Web of Life. How do you see yourself as a part of this co-creative force? What is your part to play? 

Sense into your unique passions and skills - your unique life history, life-lessons, and sense of calling. What do you imagine would be your most radiant expression of yourself in contribution to your personal environment, your local community, the global community, and the Web of Life? Imagine yourself expressing this in its fullness. What are the conditions you would need in order to manifest this? How can you co-create the conditions for your fullest co-creative expression with the community of Life? 

Art from the Heart of Co-Creation and Radiant Diversity: Express what is most alive in you from these different reflections and practices through any form of art – dance, music, visual arts etc.  If you would like to share your Heartist offering and inspire in loving co-creation with others, please share your creations on our Community Sharing Space.

Blessings for a deeply meaningful day of connecting with, remembering and honoring the consciousness of Co-Creative Expression and its role in nourishing Radiant Diversity within you and beyond you and that contributes to making Life all that it is.

honoring thich nhat hanh 

Honorig Thich Nhat Hanh
day 5.jpg

“Life is available only in the present moment” - Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Daily Practice

Mindful Eating

Daily Song/Chant

Plum Village song
“We are all the leaves of one tree”

Dharma Talk

Heal the mind, heal the world? Thay’s new year resolution

Please also visit the GATEWAY: HONORING THICH NHAT HANH that has been co-created with Emelina Corrales-Legrand and Thomas Legrand from the Plum Village lay community.

global silent minute


Global Silent Minute is partnering with 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity to offer a daily Global Silent Minute at 9:00pm GMT. Join millions on both sides of the veil for seven days to create a new rhythm as we focus together on the power of 'silence as action' for global cooperation. The Global Silent Minute will go live each day on the 7 Days of Rest Facebook page at 8:55 GMT.

practices and wisdom offerings

Pratices & Wisdom offerings

The End of Suffering ~ The Great Bell Chant  

1-7 January



Daily Message

and Chant

Day 5: The End of Suffering ~ The Great Bell Chant with Ejna Fleury

Ejna Fleury shares a wisdom offering connecting with the theme of Day 5: Envision.

All of humankind is being invited into a greater conscious Love; a deeper richer vibration of Love, Compassion, and healing. One might say, the Greatest Love we have ever known. By playing the End of Suffering, Great Bell Chant each day for 7 days, all are simultaneously enjoined into its frequency, message and mission. We call this The Ceremony of the Bells. This is a wonderful way to raise the vibration of Earth; the vibration of humanity and set a clear vibrational and conscious intention for this special year: 2020, the Year of the Encircling our Planet with Love.

Each day is started by a special message associated with the theme of the day followed by the "End of Suffering" Great Bell Chant, read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem. The creators of this audio track were Gary Malkin, the composer/arranger, producer, and collaborator Michael Stillwater. The work came from a CD/book called Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying, and it can be purchased by going to

Offered by Ejna Fleury

Gaia's Oneness Grid - Meditation

5 January

13:00-13:30 EST



Join Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Mare Cromwell, in a global virtual meditation/visualization to help amplify Gaia's Oneness Grid around our Sacred Earth.

The meditation/visualization will be led via Zoom.


Offered by Mare Cromewell

TreeSisters ~ Guided Meditation

1-7 January

Daily Quote and Meditation

Clare's Quote for Day 5: Expression

"What if we expressed our hearts with a constancy of integrity and honesty? What if we trusted that what we express performs magic and creates miracles, that intentional expression based in love could weave out fractured wild back together?"

Meditation Day 5 ~ Expression ~ When we embody our own nature as part of Nature, we can find ourselves woven into creation in a way that brings belonging, comfort, wisdom, peace and strength.  

Offered by Clare Dubois TreeSisters

Please also see the Gateway of the Trees for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Trees

Transformation 365 & Contemplative Life ~ Daily Contemplative Practice

1-7 January

Video Release


Daily at

Sharron Rose, the director/producer of the forthcoming documentary series Quantum Qi: The Taoist Art of Nurturing Life has worked in the fields of education, the performing arts, the healing arts, and filmmaking to investigate, and impart the knowledge and wisdom of ancient cultures throughout the world. In 2000, she co-founded Sacred Mysteries Productions, for which she produced numerous documentary films and received grants and awards honoring her work in the arts. Sacred Mysteries catalog of films can be seen on


Sharron has lectured, performed and presented her films in numerous universities, spiritual centers, cultural organizations and museums throughout the world. For the past 2 years, she has hosted The Qigong Global Summit for The Shift Network. Underlying all her endeavors is the vision of an awakened global community focused upon individual, familial, and planetary healing.

Offered by Sharon Rose, Transformation 365 Contemplative Life

Animal Talk Africa ~ Meditation with the animals

1-7 January




Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes, each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Day 5:
Connecting with the Eco-system

We are all one. In today's meditation you experience exactly what that means. By merging your heart energy with the heart of the entire eco-system you will feel how everything you do and every thought you have affects everything and everyone around you, and vice versa. Today allow yourself to be at one with Nature and all her children.

Offered by Wynter Worsthorne AnimalTalk Africa

Please also see the GATEWAYS:
THE ANIMALS, #ISPEAK4, BE-FRIEND DIVERSITY, and LOVING DIVERSITY for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Animals.

Animal And Nature Assisted Awakening Gathering

5 January



This first Sunday of each month Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gathering is open to all who hear the Heart to Heart Call of our Animal Kin and of all of Nature. This first of the year event is part of the global initiative 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity. For all event participants to experience the full context of the larger event and to be a part of its unfolding, please also sign up on the main website: By signing up as an individual and/or community, you will also receive the 7 Days of Rest newsletter with important updates and appear on the website’s global participant map.

Nature and her animals are powerfully assisting our individual and collective Awakening as we cultivate our listening and allow their deep transformational entrainment.
Here we gather via zoom to cocreate a Sacred Space where these gifts of transmissions from the heart of Animal and Nature Consciousness are fully honored and where powerful Alchemy is amplified.

For those who wish to participate in our Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening weekly live gatherings or would like to have access to each of the weekly recordings, the Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Membersip group for diving deeper into these teachings is available here and you are wholeheartedly invited to
join: Scholarships are available, no one will be turned away...

Offered by Sabrina Cox, Co-Creating The New Earth With Our Animal Partners

Please also see the GATEWAYS:
THE ANIMALS, #ISPEAK4, BE-FRIEND DIVERSITY, and LOVING DIVERSITY for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Animals.

Sacred Female Rising Institute Wisdom Offering MiraMichelle

1-7 January


Daily Wisdom Offering

Day 5 with MiraMichelle, founder of the Sacred Female Rising Institute.

MiraMichelle co-creates with her soul sisters a sacred space for the divine feminine to be expressed and shared.

"We felt the energetic shift from sharing to flourishing when we All committed to being in the moment with one another!"

Offered by MiraMichelle Sacred Female Rising Institute

"I Speak For" Earth Medicine Wheel Constellation

1-7 January 2020

Offered by Robin Youngblood

Dance to Heal the Earth

Robin Youngblood offers a Medicine Wheel Earth Constellation in support of the global campaign #ISPEAK4

"I Speak For" is a way of connecting with one of our many Earth Relatives, hearing what they want us to voice for them, and understanding how each of us can help. We will do this through a Medicine Wheel Earth Constellation, in a guided shamanic journey. I know that you care as deeply as I do about restoring balance. Please join me and All Our Relations to listen to the needs of Creation.

The #ISPEAK4 campaign that is dedicated to discovering and sharing the wisdom and gifts of those who do not speak the human language, to cultivate greater understanding of and empathy with all aspects of Creation.

Grandmother Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, of Okanogan/Cherokee heritage, travels the world sharing the spiritual values, prophecies, processes and ceremonies of the many indigenous peoples she has trained with. Grandmother Robin's teachings assist each person to recognize their gifts and purpose, heal blockages and activate their ancestral DNA. This is a time of purification and transformation and we must all share our gifts to help restore balance and harmony among All Our Relations.

Please also see the GATEWAYS: THE ANIMALS, #ISPEAK4, BE-FRIEND DIVERSITY, and LOVING DIVERSITY for more inspiration from the Guardians of the Animals.

Daily Water Blessing and Prayers

1-7 January 

Daily Practice
9 am IST


For each of the 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity Efrat is praying for the healing of the Waters.

"Peace and blessings to all,
On the "seven days of rest" starting January 1 to 7,
I will pray for water all over the land.
I invite you to pray with me, wherever you are.
If you have the option be by a water source.

We pray for the water. Healing and love for the water.
Pure and clean water for all creation.
We pray with all our heart for the water in the waterfall, oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams,
Rain, fog, dew, clouds, ices, wells and groundwater.
Water in all their forms.

Please pray with me with a pure heart, light and holiness of heaven and water.
Water is God's blessing for all creation.
Please be a center of light all over the land.

Let us pray from January 1-7, 2020
9 am - 9:36 pm Jerusalem time.
"We walk Together. I can not walk without you."

Efrat Sar-Shalom has been teaching A Course in Miracles for 31 years in Israel and Barcelona. We are deeply grateful to Efrat for this sacred offering.

Offered by Efrat Sar-Shalom, founder of Women of Peace

7 Days of Joy Daily Practice

1-7 January 

Daily Practice


Start 2020 With 7 Days Of Joy!  Experience (more) JOY and share it with our beautiful diverse world.
Through daily meditations. You can attend LIVE (highly recommended) or on replay.

The meditations take place online January 1-7, at 6:00 PM Paris / 5:00 PM London / 12:00 PM (noon) New York / 9 AM Los Angeles

Offered by Halina Goldstein - Joy Keepers Network

7 Days of Wholeness Daily Practice

1-7 January

Daily Practice

True You Holistic Life Coaching will be hosting an event to help us find healing and happiness within ourselves so that we can share it with those around us!

Day 1 will be a day of self-acceptance. Without it, we cannot accept and love others. A link to a guided meditation will be shared.

Offered by True Holistic Life Coaching

Heal the Earth with the Seven Line Prayer

In 2018 H. H. Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche advised people to accumulate 21 billion recitations of the Seven Line Prayer to avert global catastrophe. Learn why this prayer is so powerful and practice the prayer with Skywalker Payne, one of Rinpoche's students.

FB Event

Offered by Skywalker Payne, Vibrant Velvet Voice

Online Events

online events

Message from the Wolf Sanctuary 

1-7 January

Daily Sharing

Day 5 with Kim Kapes at In Harmony With Nature Animal Haven

Co-creating the conditions for diversity to flourish!

As humans we have been given a great responsibility. In this new year we can begin a new path. Let’s be open to helping our Earth flourish. We can rebuild, replenish, and rescue the diversity she has provided to help her continue to provide to us. Her wholeness is what keeps us strong and thriving as a species as well!

Good of the Whole ~ Facebook Heart Resonance Attunement 


Day 5: Expression: June Steiner

As Mentoring Stewards committed to the GOOD of the WHOLE, we are listening, speaking from our hearts and intentionally expanding the resonant Field of Love. We gather at the “Watering Whole” and find ourselves nurtured, revitalized and uplifted, as a collective consciousness. Begin your morning for 15-20 minutes in heart-full resonance celebrating the diversity of ALL life.


Offered by Good of the Whole Hosted by Shelley Darling & Resonance Stewards

Good of the Whole ~ The Global Heart Love Bubble Gathering

5 January


Join us as we stand in LOVE and collectively infuse the world with loving consciousness.

Offered by Good of the Whole with Mentoring Steward Grace Berry-Greb

Loving Waters ~ 7 Days of Watershed Wisdom

1-7 January

Daily Facebook Live



DAY 5: Water Wisdom for Children:  Story of Little Bear learning how to talk to water. w/ Maya shaw Gale

Join Loving Waters Core Council "Watershed Wisdom" daily, as we explore Water: The Source of All Diversity.


Offered by Loving Waters Hosted by Loving Waters Stewards Council

Miss Kindness Music and Meditation

1-7 January

Daily Song and Mediation
1pm PST

Day 5 Expression: 7 days of Rest and Radiant Diversity for families
Join in for the 7 days of rest and Radiant Diversity. Music and Mindful Meditation with Miss. Kindness for the entire family. Sing along to song of unity and kindness invite friends and family members to join in. Daily we will have a new song to learn and a global meditation that will help remind us that we are a global family, where everyone belongs.

Offered by Miss Kindness - Karen Palmer, We

UP for 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity

1-7 January

Daily Facebook Live Attunements
10 am SAST

7 Days Of Rest is running for the 3rd year and The UP will be playing too... ALL are welcome... Everyday we will tune in with a gathering online Facebook live... at 10:00 SAST. We will talk about the theme for the day and we will hold it in its sacredness and talk about ways we can embody it... This space will be held and co-hosted by Nicola Jackman (found of The UP) and Karen Christian (co-director of The UP)

Offered by The UPliftment Programme

GOOD of the WHOLE ~ Ohana Legacy Foundation

5 January 

7 - 7:30 pm CST

Ohana Legacy Foundation: Creating At Cost Perpetual Communities for the good of the whole. We are coming together with different talents, perspectives, and resources to implement a new approach to housing and community for the good of the whole.

The premiere video will air on the GOOD of the WHOLE Facebook page. Shortly after, Glenn will be available on a Facebook Live to answer your questions. Come learn more and support this innovative housing solution.

Offered by Ohana Legacy Foundation with Advisory Council Mentor Glenn Head 

READATATION ~ A Daily Spiritual Adjustment

1-7 January


Daily 20 min
11 am ET

Relax, sit in comfort with a cup of tea/coffee, and join Ron and Victoria on Facebook Live for a daily 20 minute immersion in Readatation: A Spiritual Adjustment

Offered by Vistar, hosted by Dr. Ron and Victoria Friedman


1-7 January




We’re delighted that Kat Robertson is joining with her extraordinary art works and journals. Kat is posting daily blogs about her artistic journey around the themes of the day.

"I love to connect this ‘rolling om’ with the global zeitgeist, working for global harmony and right relationship with Mother Nature.

I took part in the ‘7 Days of Rest and Reflection‘ last year and found it to be a wonderful way to begin a new year and set intentions. A way to feel part of a global healing and also a great way to loosen up my thinking and become more open to ‘otherness’ and the wider picture."

~ Kat Robertson

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 14.16.01.png
Local Events


JeJu Stone Park ~ South Korea

5 January


"On January 5, we gathered before the altar of the Goddess SeolMunDae Halmang, who created Jeju Island (Jeju Stone Park) to honor and give thanks to her. Then we moved to her natural shrine to celebrate with song and dance. The altar and the shrine are located in Jeju Stone Park. It was an expression of integrating of the diversity of all, human being, nature and Goddess in mythology who created nature and all life.

Offered by Jae Hyoung Lee , Shin Ae Jung: Dancer, Bo Ram Kim :Singer, Hyung Tack Lim: Camera Duk Hee Kang: Organizer Nam Ho Kim, Bona, Sun Hee Lee, HwaIn Seo

7 Days of Rest Stadsretraite Deventer Netherlands

1-7 January

Week long


7 days, form 9.30 pm to 9.30 am we come together in contemplation, meditation, singing and ceremonie.

FB Event


Offered by MindFoolnes, Jannah Wijffels

7 days of Rest & Radiant Diversity Retreat at CityTree ~ Israel

1-7 January

Week long


A week of deep rest, nourishment or fast, as you choose, observation, deep connection to the Vitality Code generating the diversity of Life and learning of the Codes for a Healthy Earth.

FB Event


Offered by City Tree,  Alon & Tami Zori

Riverbend Bending the River of Time Canada

1-7 January

Week long


At RiverBend Seniors Community, we are creating an eddy in the River -- we are making time to take time for ourselves and each other to contemplate All that has been, All that Is and All we desire... Sending heartfelt prayers of gratitude and love to the One, the Creator Inside us, all around us and That which is becoming, through us...

FB Event


Offered by Shannon McArthur

Rest and Restore ~ India

1-7 January

Week long


FB Event


Offered by Sneha Mangalchand

Temple of Light of the Sacred Female ~ Germany

The Sacred Feminine Temple Day to support deep relaxation, contemplation and joy! In support of celebrating diversity!

FB Event

Offered by Sacred Female Rising Institute, with MiraMichelle

5 January

Journey of Light - Shaman gathering ~ USA

5 January

On day 5 (Jan. 5, 2020) of the 7 Days of Rest a gathering of women shamanic practitioners will be gathering from noon to 3 pm EST.  This gathering is called the Journey of Light and we will be collectively journeying to our Teachers to gain guidance on  how to cultivate Diversity and to assist in our goal to establish and co-create healing for our planet.

On the other days we will be working individually with the daily intention. (I will list this on my Facebook page)


Offered by Harriet McMahon

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