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Welcome to Day 2 dedicated to rivers of life

This day offers an opportunity to connect deeply with the consciousness of Rivers of Life,

their wisdom, their gifts and their messages in the journey of Reweaving Wholeness.

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Rest in Loving Senses

And we begin to surrender body and soul to the language of Life,

To the shapes and colors and smells
and tastes and textures

And sounds and sensations

Within and around us.

We notice the shifting interplay
of rhythm and patterns

That weave beneath and beyond -

A host of loving possibilities 

Breathe through us,

Awakening us to honor their presence,

To engage in sacredness with their gifts.

We hold the rainbow spectrum

With awe and tenderness 

As the creative energy stirs within us,

Waiting to unfurl in joyful, sensual service.

From the first 7 Days of Rest 2018

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PLEASE NOTE! This website is continually updated throughout the event.
Please refresh your page regularly.



As you connect with Rivers of Life, you are invited to explore the inspiring offerings below gifted generously to the global community in service of the collective healing field.

You are also invited to deepen the dialogue with Rivers of Life through spontaneous journaling, visual art, sound, poetry, movement and ritual  inspired by the communion with them and also in response to the reflection questions and practices below.

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offerings for day 2

All Live Events are listed in "The Calendar" All offerings, including pre-recorded videos can be found in "The Gallery" and on the page below

live events ~ "the calendar" 

all times in utc


all offerings ~ "the gallery" 

all times in utc

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wisdom and prayers from the mother earth delegation of united original nations

rivers of life ~ grandmother Luisah Teish, turtle island, Iyanifa and Oshun Chief

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flowing with the rivers of life with rutendo ngara and fernando ausin

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daily offerings

animals & water

messages from the animals with Wynter Worsthorne & Pea Horsley

waking the wolf within with kim kapes & the wolves at the in harmony with nature sanctuary

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weaving water's wisdom

with debra emanuelle 

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channeled messages

to rest, perchance to dream... with hope fitzgerald

intuitive messages from the divine gaïa with melanie beamer

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Seven Poems for 7 Days of Rest with nejoud al-yagout

Rivers of Life

Bathed, baptized in the essence
of here and now

Souls and hearts, purified, reborn

In recovery and wholeness, we are raised

Ascension awaits as we swim toward riverbeds of yore



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meditations for the Earth with rebecca attwood - brahma kumaris

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7 Remarkable Stories of Healing  with lisa rafel

Seven sound journeyes for 7 Days of Rest with darren ginn

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Mini Meditative Musings with Linda Rosenthal

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dreams of peace with chindu

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guided journeys, wisdom offerings & sharing circles

daily sacred guidance for reweaving wholeness with christa mackinnon & vanessa tucker

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welcoming love as a daily practice with mignon mukti

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earth Medicine design with miramichelle

rest in the field of heart-centered community with the connection field

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to the primeval remembrance of lemurian essence with corina white feather

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harmonize your relationship with the gravitational pull of the moon with inner treasure hunt

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7 days of joy, rest & reweaving wholeness with joykeepers

conversations on the themes of 7 days of rest with emissaries of divine light

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sharing circle with church of the earth

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wellness and embodied practices


embodied wholeness with ariel-paul saunders

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rivers of life ~ reflections & practices

:Offered by Shelley Ostroff

The following reflections and practices are offered to open channels of connectivity with Rivers of Life and Reweaving Wholeness.

1. In silent space of reverence and listening, invite into your consciousness the presence of Rivers of Life and notice how they become present for you here and now. Notice how your energy shifts with your attunement to their presence, and become aware of any sensations that emerge, images, reveries, insights or messages that may arise.


2. Sense into how you feel called to deepen the circulation with Rivers of Life in your own way. Follow your intuition. Perhaps you are called to close your eyes and listen deeply to their presence within. Perhaps you are called to close your eyes and listen deeply to their presence within. Perhaps you are called to visit a stream or a River, if there is one in your vicinity - perhaps to dance or sing or paint with Rivers of Life, holding their essence in your heart. Offer this process your full attention and notice the nuances and evolution of this journey of communion.

3. Notice how your physical and emotional body respond as you consciously attune to the consciousness of Rivers of Life. What do you notice about the qualities, wisdom and gifts of Rivers of Life as you engage in loving communion with their essence? Sense into the different ways in which Rivers of Life manifest in Creation. How they are an essential and nourishing part of you, your life and of the world around you? 

4. Sense into how Rivers of Life are intricately connected to the essence and experience of Wholeness. In your heart, ask for insight  and guidance from Rivers of Life as to how to cultivate the most vitalizing flow of energy and nourishment within you and between you and the world around you. Allow yourself to receive the response in whatever form it may take. What and how can you learn from Rivers of Life about flow, vitality, connectivity, circulation, nourishment, connection to Source and Life itself?  

5. Offer gratitude to Rivers of Life for their part in this journey of Reweaving Wholeness and share with them what is in your heart in this moment as you attune to their presence. As you recognize the gifts of Rivers of Life and open to deepening the ongoing relationship with them, sense into how you would like to honor and nourish Rivers of Life as a practice, inspired by their own nurturing and creative life-giving to generosity. 

Daily Offerings
Animals and Water
Calendar & Gallery
Channeled Messages
Reflections and Practices
Guided Journeys
Ancient Wisdom
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