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Welcome to Day 7 dedicated to intimacy with the infinite


This day offers an opportunity to connect deeply with Intimacy with the infinite,

its wisdom, its gifts and messages in the journey of Intimacy with the infinite


Rest in Loving Grace

And She and He are blessed with Grace 

And bless with grace the wholeness.

They came from there

To leave their roots,

Forget their source 

and then return 

with Grace.

The time has come of this return, 

Compassion found - a healing ground,

For-giving Life’s embrace

Where all have space

To live and love and learn,

The path of generosity 

And gratitude

And Grace.

From the first 7 Days of Rest 2018

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PLEASE NOTE! This website is continually updated throughout the event.
Please refresh your page regularly.


As you connect with the essence of Intimacy with the infinite you are invited to explore the inspiring offerings below gifted generously to the global community in service of the collective healing field.


You are also invited to deepen your experience of Intimacy with the infinite through spontaneous journaling, visual art, sound, poetry, movement and ritual, inspired by the communion with them, and also in response to the reflection questions and practices below.

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wisdom and prayers from the mother earth delegation of united original nations

INTIMACY WITH THE INFINITE ~ Randy Lays Bad, Oglala Sioux Nation, Turtle Island, North America


honoring intimacy with the infinite with rutendo ngara and fernando ausin

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daily offerings

animals & water

messages from the animals with Wynter Worsthorne & Pea Horsley - join live

waking the wolf within with kim kapes & the wolves at the in harmony with nature sanctuary

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weaving water's wisdom

with debra emanuelle - part I

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channeled messages

to rest, perchance to dream... with hope fitzgerald

intuitive messages from the divine gaïa with melanie beamer - join live

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Seven Poems for 7 Days of Rest with nejoud al-yagout

Intimacy with the Infinite

Stillness celebrates as the kingdom unites us

Celestial cherubs dance in delight

Trumpets of truth reverberate

Consciousness delves deep, deep

There is love for all

Unconditional, nondual


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meditations for the Earth with rebecca attwood - brahma kumaris

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7 Remarkable Stories of Healing  with lisa rafel

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the art of crystalline ~ poems, reflections, chants, dance, creative expression

Seven sound journeys for 7 Days of Rest with darren ginn

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Mini Meditative Musings with Linda Rosenthal

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dreams of peace with chindu

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attuning to intimacy with the infinite with nikki jackman

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guided journeys, wisdom offerings & sharing circles

daily sacred guidance for reweaving wholeness with christa mackinnon & vanessa tucker

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welcoming love as a daily practice with mignon mukti - join live

sharing circle with church of the earth

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earth Medicine design with miramichelle

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conversations on the themes of 7 days of rest with emissaries of divine light

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sharing circle with church of the earth

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Intimacy with the Infinite ~ Earth Star Sound Journey with Lana Lanaia

rest in the field of heart-centered community with the connection field - join live

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to the primeval remembrance of lemurian essence with corina white feather - join live

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the moon and the subtle body with inner treasure hunt

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7 days of joy, rest & reweaving wholeness with joykeepers - join live

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re-weaving ourselves into wholeness with jude currivan

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Guided Global OM Sonic Meditation with jonathan and andi goldman

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wellness and embodied practices


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ancient nourishment with tami hay

embodied wholeness with ariel-paul saunders

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intimacy with the infinite: a continuum workshop

with elaine colandrea and rori smith

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intimacy with the infinite ~ reflections & practices

Offered by Shelley Ostroff

The following reflection questions are offered to open channels  for cultivating Intimacy with the Infinite and Reweaving Wholeness

1. In silent space of rest, reverence and listening, invite in an ever deepening Intimacy with the Infinite. Notice what becomes alive in you here and now. Notice how your energy shifts with your attunement to the frequency of Intimacy with the Infinite, and become aware of any sensations, images, reveries or insights that may arise.

2. Sense into how you feel called to deepen the experience of Intimacy with the Infinite in your own way. Follow your intuition. Perhaps you are called to sit outside at night and connect with the stars and cosmos. Perhaps you are called to spend loving, tender time with yourself, another person, animal or tree and attune to the Infinite revealing itself in this intimate moment with yourself or with another another being. You may wish to dance or sing or paint your vision or experience of Intimacy with the Infinite as it manifests in the moment. Offer this process your full attention and notice the nuances and evolution of this journey of communion. How does Intimacy with the Infinite feel for you, move through you, sing through you, sound through you? What does this journey of Intimacy with the Infinite reveal to you here and now, and what is the message for moving foward?

3. What does intimacy look like and feel like to you and what does it mean for you now to cultivate Intimacy with the Infinite? Close your eyes and heartfully open your attention to the presence of the Infinite within you and beyond you. Sense into how deepening your experience of Intimacy with the Infinite can contribute to your journey of Reweaving Wholeness. Sense into the different ways in which you can cultivate Intimacy with the Infinite in your everyday experience as well as through creating sacred intentional spaces and opportunities.

4. How has the journey over the last 7 Days opened portals for Intimacy with the Infinite? How is cultivating Intimacy with the Infinite essential and enriching in the journey of personal and collective Reweaving of Wholeness?

5. Offer gratitude to the deepening journey of Intimacy with the Infinite and share with the Infinite what is in your heart in this moment. Sense into how deepening this communion can guide you in becoming the fullest most vital and loving expression of the Infinite and how it can support you in manifesting your unique, natural blueprint as an intrinsic and life-enriching expression of the whole.

Daily Offerings
Animals and Water
Channeled Messages
Guided Journeys
Ancient Wisdom
Reflections and Practices
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