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deep nourishment

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During 7 Days of Rest we invite participants to spend time re-connecting with the essential nourishing wisdom and infinitely diverse generosity of Nature. Rest includes giving our bodies rest by nourishing ourselves with the vitalizing food that is inherently aligned with and resonant with the the Codes of Life as they have evolved over millennia. It means giving Mother Earth rest, by honoring the land and the plants, and eating in a way that is natural and mutually nourishing with the land, offering gratitude for what has been received.



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We are deeply grateful this year, to Essene nutritionist, Tami Hay for the many gifts she is offering to both the 7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal and 7 Days of Return to Essence on the theme of Deep Nourishment.

Tami has generously gifted to the event:

~ her books Earth Gut and Sacred Sovereignty as pdf's.

~  a daily video class sharing recipes for chakra nourishment

~ A pdf recipe book to accompany the daily video classes.

~ a voice meditation based on her book Sacred Sovereignty

Tami Hay has a Masters in Live-Food Spiritual Nutrition, a diploma in Social Work, has been a massage therapist for two and a half decades, is enthralled with mind-body-heart healing and showing up in the world liberated, hydrated and authentic.

Through three decades of eating organic to heal her son's allergies; her recovery from being very ill with crohns and colitis; teaching and witnessing many others heal with plant based living food; a Masters in live food nutrition; studying with some of the best Integrative physicians; and a Mother Bear fierce inquiry to keep our children and grandchildren’s mind-body well, she dove into writing a book on three hot topics; the microbiome and gut health, the mind-body-earth connection and peace as studied by the Essenes.


You can access the full pdf's of the books through the links above and you can also purchase them on Amazon.

Rainbow Food Rainbow People:

Nourishment meditation and chakra nutrition

Tami Hay offers delicious recipes, nourishment meditations and chakra nutrition every day for her Rainbow Food Rainbow People events.

Below is the recipe book and videos of Tami shares her wisdom and demonstrates how to use the recipes.

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the essence of nourishment  with tami hay

day 1


day 2


day 3


day 4


day 5


day 6


day 7

from 7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal 2022

introductory video ~rainbow food, rainbow people

7 day nutrition journey with tami hay

day one ~ tami hay

day two ~ tami hay

day three ~ tami hay

day four ~ tami hay

day five ~ tami hay

day six ~ tami hay

day seven~ tami hay

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