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During 7 Days of Rest we invite  participants to spend time re-connecting with the pure essence of water, and learning how to take up our roles as stewards of this life-giving consciousness, so that all may live. May we come together to protect and heal the waters of the planet, returning them to their pristine state. As humans we are essentially water beings ourselves, made up of over 70 % water.  As we heal the waters of the planet so we heal ourselves. May we restore sacred relationship with the waters of the planet, the earth, the air and the fires so that Creation can once again flourish on Mother Earth. Immense gratitude to our Partner Loving Waters for their sacred stewardship of water, and for generously offering their prayers and wisdom to the 7 Days of Rest . We also honor the water protectors of Standing Rock who lead the way in Sacred Activism for protecting the Waters with profound courage and devotion.

Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte

Makoto no daiwa no miyo ga nari nata

We pray for the healing blessings of the Water

We pray for the healing blessings of the sea

We pray for the healing blessings of the rivers

That they may shine in crystal purity


~ by Nalini Blossom~ 

As we connect to the essence of water and the protection of water at this time we cannot but look to The Water Protectors of Standing Rock for inspiration and guidance. We thank them and honor their courage and leadership in protecting the land and the water through activism rooted in prayer and peaceful action.

LaDonna Allard, Director of the Sacred Stone Camp, says, “I was asked, “When do you consider this pipeline issue to be over?” I said, when every pipe is out of the ground and the earth is repaired across the United States. I am not negotiating, I am got backing down. I must stand for our grandchildren and for the water.”


Loving Waters is a growing united global community of Water advocates providing connection, support, presence and focus for committed 'Water Guardians' in their broader actions by hosting this website, a monthly conference call, and with a lively social media networking presence.

7 Days of Rest - Day One  Loving Waters Jan 1 Water Blessing Ceremony - with Loving Waters Council Guardians and Gratitude to Pamela Gerrand for bringing her beautiful voice and Spirit of the Waters to our sacred Ceremony. Come together in gratitude with full remembrance of our quintessential sacred relationship with Water. 
We are choosing to slow down, grow our respect and love as we honor our Water within and without.

7 Days of Rest - Day One  Loving Waters Jan 2

Heart Resonance Meditation - Restoring Flow

Gathering within the waters of our Heart to deepen our

personal relationship and ancient connection Water in

all forms.
Presented by: Charlie Riverman Bergeron

7 Days of Rest ~ Loving Waters Wisdom Share
We come together in gratitude with full remembrance of our quintessential sacred relationship with Water. 

DAY 3: Water Wisdom Rising w Elizabeth Rogers
Journey with Our Living Source Water through the internal cellular landscapes of our bodies and all the way out to the celestial Waters of the Cosmos.

Jan 4


 Forests and Water: A Sacred Union Deepen into this sacred relationship between the trees and water. Presented by: Kathleen Brigidina Loving Waters Council, Artist/Writer/Energy Practitioner

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