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the climate code


During the 7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal, we take the time to honor the climate and sense into its infinite complexity and self-regulating intelligence. We recognize how it weaves together with the Air, Fire, Earth and Water in an intricate planetary dance that enables all life to flourish. We pledge to learn how to honor this code of Creation, to restore balance and cultivate living in sacred relationship with the elements, as we heal and nurture a thriving world for all. 

The Climate Code Manifesto

We, citizens of the planet, recognize and honor the climate and its essential life giving role in all of creation.​


We recognize that in our arrogance we have taken the climate for granted as we plundered and exploited the planet causing enormous suffering and devastation to ourselves and other species.


We acknowledge the climate code as a planetary intelligence that orchestrates the regenerative harmony of the seasons and enables all life to flourish. A code on which we depend.


We are learning how the climate functions together with all parts of creation transmitting and metabolizing information to regulate the entire system harmoniously.


We appreciate how all parts of the planet, play a crucial role in this complex life code.


We realize that we must heal what we have damaged.


We now understand that in order to reverse the damage and replenish life we must cease to interfere with the order of nature and do our utmost to align with it in its pure uncontaminated vibration.


We ask that we may evolve and find humility in the face of this extraordinary planetary intelligence.


We pledge to honor the planetary climate code and learn from it, so that we can become welcome guests upon the earth, leaving it richer for having been here.

We call on all global leaders and citizens to immediately:


Take up our roles as guardians of all resources for future generations for the benefit of the planet and all its inhabitants.


Recognize our limited understandings about the health of living systems and follow the wisdom of ecological experts and indigenous leaders.


Put aside personal, national and corporate interests and work together according to the soundest ecological principles.


Recognize all planetary resources are essential to all life on the planet and cannot be controlled by any individual or group.


Disinvest from all industries that compromise the health of the ecosystem and invest only in enterprises that benefit the entire ecosystem.


Promote education for all citizens, about life and vitality in our interconnected planetary ecosystem.


Thank you for signing the climate code manifesto

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