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"When asking the question 'What is life?',

we first need to understand Water, because without Water,

it is impossible for there to be life or to maintain life."


As we embark on World Water Year 2021, we are delighted to offer tribute to Dr. Masaru Emoto for his vital contribution to humanity, inspiring so many to recognize Water as a living consciousness, and for dedicating his life to bring the messages from Water to the world in service of World Peace. 

We are deeply grateful to Office Masaru Emoto and to Hiromasa Emoto, Dr. Emoto's son, who continues to bring his father's message to the world. We give thanks also for permission to share these photographs here.

To learn more about Dr. Emoto's work, you can visit the website of Office Masaru Emoto and the Emoto Peace Project

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Pictures from the crystal gallery 

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Picture of Elephant


Picture of dolphin





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Love and Gratitude



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the emoto peace project

Message from Masaru Emoto

The vision of EPP is to distribute the children’s version of ‘Messages from Water’ entitled THE MESSAGE FROM WATER to children all around the world, free of charge for children with donations from adults.  ‘Messages from Water’ contains water crystal photographs and the book’s message has received wide support from all over the world for many years.


For a long time the world has been in a difficult situation where people don't understand why it is the way it is. We are still far from global peace. In my opinion, one of the most important reasons why the world is in such a state is a lack of fundamental education. What is life? What is it to be human? For what do we exist? It is essential that our education systems provide these philosophical teachings.

After twenty- five years of researching water, I have come to believe that the answer to the above mentioned issue is in water. Everyone must agree that water is the source of everything but even modern science has not yet fully understood water. Consequently, we do not have much education on water at school. Children, therefore, do not have much knowledge of or interest in water.


When asking the question “What is life?”, we first need to understand water, because without water, it is impossible for there to be life or to maintain life. Children’s school books across the world however, are based on science. There is therefore very little explanation on the importance of water.


Photographs of water crystals seem to show the essence of the water. Unfortunately, many scientists have not yet acknowledged this technology. It will be some time until these photographs are used in school textbooks. Until photographs of water crystals appear in school text books, I would like to distribute my children’s books with sincere cooperation of people around the world.


The distribution of my books began in Japan in 2006. This movement is slowly spreading throughout the world. Thanks to my precious supporters in each country, there are over 28 countries where “The Message from Water” is being distributed.


My wish is to distribute it to at least ten percent of children in the world since I believe this book will convey to children the truth about water. Understanding the truth of water, loving it, and appreciating it, we can, together with children, make the world the peaceful place.


I would be extremely grateful if you could understand my vision and goal, and support our work to achieve this with us together.


Thank you very much for your attention.


With love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto (Water Messenger), Chairman of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, Non-Profit Organization

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"Masaru Emoto’s 15 extensive years of study on water has given him the background to discuss what water is, how it has been implicated in the creation of the universe, and why a perfect ratio of Love and Gratitude can help this energy can go on infinitely.


This fascinating book explains how our prayers, goodwill, and positive words heal us humans—as well as viruses and the universe as a whole—through water. Dr. Emoto explains that the fact that water has lost its true form shows that our way of living has moved away from God’s will, so we should be aware of our Creator’s alert to "correct the way we are living now."The information in this work is an important step in revealing how we can modify our way of living to bring about true peace on earth."

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tribute videos

Tribute to the late Dr Masaru Emoto from Dr Yasuyuki Nemoto

Water and consciousness ~ A presentation by Dr Yasuyuki Nemoto. This presentation was offered as part of the Global Launch of the World Water Law on June 24th 2020

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For several years I had the opportunity to communicate and work with Dr. Masaru Emoto. We met for the first time when he visited St. Petersburg, and I accompanied him during this visit; we talked a lot, enjoyed together opera at the Mariinsky Theater, and walked around the city. I was impressed by his level of erudition, ease of communication, and sense of humor. And this was a man who knew Presidents and Kings.

Later, I participated in Russia's expeditions on Lake Baikal, experiments in Italy, Japan, and other countries.  With the help of our instruments, we could have seen the change of water structure under the influence of Masaro's energy.

Dr. Masaro  Emoto was an outstanding promoter of the idea of clean water; he drew the attention of the whole world to this problem, and his books with beautiful clear pictures allowed millions of people to understand the importance of this problem. We are sure that his name will not be forgotten, and his research will continue. 


Dr. Konstantin Korotkov,

St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr. Masaru Emoto ~ An extraordinary person - not a programmer, not an engineer, but a poet.  Someone very private and spiritually very powerful.  And very modest — in outward appearance an English scholar, beneath it a sensitive soul who tried to understand himself first of all —and was probably just as amazed by what he found as we are, who have known him and his amazing work with water… the substance that is the most sensitive to the subtle energies that spiritual persons such as he command in abundance.

Professor Ervin Laslo

Laslo Institute

I believe that Dr. Masaru Emoto's work opened the door towards viewing water with an emotional lens. People around the world began associating themselves as water beings and became more mindful of just how responsive the human liquid system is to influences, including positive and negative self-talk. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and the ice images that Masaru presented spoke volumes. Dr. Emoto's humility, reverence and gratitude for life can be summed up in his very last word on Earth, “Arigato”, (Thank you in Japanese) I am very thankful to him for being one of my inspirations.


Veda Austin

 Water crystallographer.

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