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the new earth manifesto

returning to essence with ​​​​​​​the new earth manifesto

We are delighted to honor The New Earth Manifesto as part of 7 Days of Rest & Return to Essence.

The New Earth Manifesto offers an inspiring vision and roadmap for co-creating a world where all humans thrive in harmony with each other, other species and all of Nature. This beautifully crafted manifesto offers practical steps for individuals and communities to shed our old patterns that no longer serve and embrace a New Earth of love, beauty and elegant simplicity. The New Earth Manifesto is deeply aligned and complementary with the principles of Eco-Governance.

"Our imagination is not meant to escape reality, but to create it."

– Collin Wilson

The New Earth Manifesto Creation Story

We are at a turning point in human history. It is obvious that our health care system, financial system, educational system, politics, economics, media, and our treatment of each other and nature are in need of urgent redefinition and a New Awareness of Life.


Driven by the desire for positive change and the deep inner knowing that we humans are capable of living in harmony with each other and all life on earth, filmmaker Catharina Roland (Awake - A Guide to Awakening, Awake2Paradise - A Guide to Life and "The Fairy Tale of the Adventurous Journey of the Children of Light") and Connecter Coco Tache (founder of the web platform, Creating our world of tomorrow - today) elaborated at the end of 2020 a beautiful vision of an Earth, where all life is honored and nurtured: THE NEW EARTH MANIFESTO.

In the following months, Catharina and Coco invited the subscribers of their newsletters to elaborate this vision together further and in detail down to all areas of life. The final touch was given to the manifesto by the expertise of a "Council of Wise Ones", whose members include Daniele Ganser, Franz Hörmann, Dieter Broers, Rüdiger Dahlke, Uwe Burka and Christina von Dreien.

In the meantime, the manifesto has been signed by almost 24,000 people. Since its launch in April 2021, numerous online congresses, podcasts or radio broadcasts have been dedicated to the manifesto. Working groups are forming everywhere to translate the vision into concrete projects.

The New Earth Manifesto is available in numerous languages. In July 2021, the first seminary on the Manifesto took place at Haggenberg Castle in Lower Austria, where more than 80 people came together to acquire new knowledge on the topics of "community building", "humus building" and "new money systems", to network and to exchange ideas on new projects. Other seminaries about composting, Humus, Community Building and more took place since then.


LivingEarth.One ~ A Shared Online Platform

Catharina, Coco, Priska Broese and Franz Rösl are currently developing a transnational networking and information platform based on the New Earth Manifesto - LivingEarth - to the highest good of all life.


Here, women, men, children, projects, organizations and companies working in the spirit of the New Earth Manifesto shall be connected and the already existing solutions and approaches are going to be visible for everyone.

Here solutions are shared, ideas are exchanged and like-minded people will be able to find each other.

4-minute video of the crowd-funding campaign (now closed). The LivingEarth platform is due to launch in March 2023!


The New Earth Manifesto

"For just by reading the manifesto carefully and compassionately - and especially when we let the images arise in detail within us - seeing them, smelling them, hearing them - and connecting these inner images with our feelings of joy, of gratitude - as the LOVE THAT WE ARE - we "work" in the morphogenetic field and become "magnets", drawing this reality into all of our lives. The more we are, looking and walking in the same direction, the faster we are pulled into our reality, what we so ardently desire for life on earth and for our children.


The creative power that is given to every human being and that manifests our reality here on earth is always working. Consciously or unconsciously. It is activated by powerful thoughts and strong feelings. Concrete images, like our healthy living together on a paradisiacal earth and the joy on it, will manifest that wonderful earth. So it makes sense to direct our thoughts and feelings only to the beauty and healing that we wish in our hearts for all life here."

Coco and Catharina

On the page below you can read an outline of the New Earth Manifesto. The anchor menu on the left allows you to jump to the different sections.


To experience the full depth and inspirational activation of the New Earth Manifesto, it is highly recommended that you read it in full on The New Earth Manifesto website.


This video offers a beautiful 90-minute visual immersion into the full text of the New Earth Manifesto, read by catharina


1. Health of All Life

The foundation of life on earth - the vital humus is rebuilt, the waters, the air and the forests are purified and protected. Sustainable and organic farms are promoted. Our food grows in healthy fields - accompanied by the singing of birds and the buzzing of insects. People heal in the new healing spaces in harmony with nature.

Every living being is treated with mindfulness and respect. Births are respected as sacred rituals and the fear of death no longer exists. Technology is used where it serves life, and energy comes from renewable sources.

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2. Potential Development

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Cultural exchange is encouraged and the culture of our ancestors is honored. Inspiration, intuition and imagination are given at least the same importance as logical thinking. Each person is supported in finding his or her vocation and living it.

The new universities are interdisciplinary "future workshops" in which researchers, university professors, students and pupils develop fresh impulses and ideas for the future of all of us through collective intelligence and at eye level. In the new communities, the elderly and people with impairments are fully integrated. New forms of travel and how people from third world countries are led into self-reliance complete this currently very important chapter.

Courses are offered everywhere to shed our old patterns and conditioning that no longer serve us, and to develop a new awareness of ourselves and all life, and to awaken the beautiful and powerful being that has been hidden in all of us until now.

From an early age, children are supported by their parents and learning companions in pursuing their infinite gifts of discovery, invention and imagination - and in living them out and developing their individual potential. This takes place in harmony with the laws of nature, in connection with nature and in cooperation with farms and handicraft enterprises. Special attention is also given to individual artistic expression.



3. Production Cycles/Economy

What used to be considered waste is becoming nutrient for new production cycles. This chapter is about decentralization, it is about local shopping, about the longevity of appliances, about how all food finds its buyers without being thrown away or burned. It's about the new corporate models that focus on satisfying the needs of customers, employees and the health of the planet. The only things that are imported are those that cannot be produced in our own region.

In this chapter, the question of energy and it transports is discussed and solutions are brought, and we may understand how much the economy is based on the values of fraternity, where it is about people satisfying each other's needs.

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4. Living Spaces

The new "green villages" and green cities are designed according to ecological principles. Communities live here, where people support each other. As much as possible is used communally, repair cafés are popular meeting places to jointly restore consumer goods and network. People often grow and cook together.

Fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts grow everywhere, springs are especially cared for and made accessible to everyone. With the farmers of the region there is a lively exchange about the respective needs. The fulfilling jobs are mainly found in the own region.

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5. Administration

Until all people have reached their heart sovereignty, a transparent form of democracy serves without a party system, but with highly competent and responsible, network-thinking people, for whom the welfare and health of all life at heart has the highest priority.

In every important question, the people's representatives are assisted by councils of wise men, to which older people, children or representatives of indigenous peoples are also invited as advisors.

Everyone is invited to contribute their constructive ideas and express their wishes on all important issues. This transforms the democracy of delegation into an active democracy of cooperation and engagement. A participatory culture of decision-making is applied.

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6. Law, Guardians of the Law and Peace

The new legal system integrates the laws of nature and forms the structure for a new healthy, inherently just social organism, in which people and nature are equally respected.

The new laws/rules are clearly structured, simply written and easy to understand. The police assume their role as friends and helpers - of people, plants, animals, waters, air, landscapes, forests and humus - and are at the service of the constitution and laws decided by the sovereign people.

The military acts purely as peacekeepers. Instead of prisons, there are potential centers where people who are out of kilter are helped to remember their good qualities as human beings.

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7. Monetary System

Money no longer serves an end in itself, but is there to serve people and nature. A new money system gets along without credit or credit interest and keeps its value. Speculation is completely abolished.

Priority in our new culture has the health and the potential development of humans. Money serves in our culture only as real exchange, loan and gift means for the needs of the living beings.

A basic income is available to every human being upon request in exchange for moderate social employment in a nature reentering project, with people in need or for the development of a community project. In the transition phase, "smart taxes" support the healing process.

Chapter 7 shows how a well-functioning system can also work with completely new ideas.

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health of all life
potential development
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living spaces
production cycles / economy
monetary system

8. Media

Media houses and journalists are financially independent and free. Journalists are aware of the responsibility of opinion formation and prove themselves worthy of it. Freedom of the press, diversity of opinion and independent reporting are once again at the center of the mission. The media are carriers of positive news and solutions for the transformation of our earth and the regeneration of the living and report primarily on successful projects and solutions.

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9. Supreme Guiding Principle

Each of our actions and every law are always aimed at the welfare of all life. In respect, compassion and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity. In love, truth, freedom, equality, fraternity and peace.

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guiding principles
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