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with the White Lions and Lionesses of Tsau

A message from Shelley Ostroff


"The White Lions are the holiest animals on the African Continent. Some of our people believe that if you kill the White Lions,

the whole of Africa will cease to exist." (Sanusi), Credo Mutwa, Africa’s primary wisdom keeper.

Words of wisdom by Indigenous record keeper, Credo Mutwa, shared with Linda Tucker in the 90s

in support of her appointed capacity the “Keeper of the White Lions”.


It is with great pleasure that we dedicate The 7 Days of Rest, this year and all years,  to the Great Teachers and Majestic Leaders of the vibration of Sacred Relationship, the White Lions and Lionesses of Tsau, and to Linda Tucker (who in 1999 was given the mantel, “Keeper of the White Lions” from Maria Khosa) and Jason A. Turner, for their work in protecting and honouring these Majestic Beings and in bringing their wisdom to the world in their own LionHearted word and action.

Linda Tucker and Jason A. Turner, Founders of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, have together pioneered challenging frontiers of Science and Sacred Science to ensure the survival and flourishing of the White Lions as a conservation and cultural heritage.

In November 2012 I was called in a vision by Mandla, the White Lion king.  He appeared in the vision and said simply "Come Now!" This call was clear, and I followed.


A decade before this powerful call I had read the book  Mystery of the White Lions. This source material was delivered to the world by Linda Tucker in 2001, after a decade of prior research and first hand knowledge of the importance of the White Lions, combined with her pioneering efforts to ensure their survival and wellbeing.


The meeting with Mandla, Zihra, and the Pride of White Lionesses and Lions, and with Linda Tucker and Jason Turner, revealed to me the essence of Sacred Relationship in action. It has become the compass of my life's work ever since. The 7 Days of Rest global event is one such expression of my own enhanced journey of service ignited during the visit and the Winter solstice of December 2012.

I later discovered that I was among a growing number of individuals across the world whose lives have been touched by the White Lions and Lionesses, and who have been called to their wisdom in different ways.  

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The mysterious nature of the White Lions and Lionesses and their unique role on the planet at this time is gradually being revealed as more and more people pay attention to their profound wisdom and True Majestic Leadership in service of all of Life. 


In her groundbreaking book "Mystery of the White Lions" Linda Tucker takes us through her own extraordinary story through her first encounters to her path of receiving the mantle of Guardian of the White Lions and with them, working to restore Sacred Relationship with and among all of Creation.


“After being rescued from a life-threatening encounter with lions in the Timbavati game region by a medicine woman known as the ‘Lion Queen”, Linda Tucker embarks on a journey into the mysteries of the most sacred animal on the African continent: the legendary White Lion. It is a mystical jouney into the knowledge and ceremonies of Old Africa, in which humans and lions are able to cross the species barrier – in accordance with the most guarded secrets of Ancient Egypt and humankind’s greatest riddle, the sphinx. It is also a living journey.”

In her Recent book, LionHearted Leadership: The 13 Laws, Linda brings us insight into the binding principles that guide the Majesty of the Animal Kingdom in maintaining the conditions for all Life to flourish. By articulating these laws she provides powerful guidelines for the LionHearted leadership required from humanity at this time.



One of the key challenges of our time is restoring the balance and sacred relationship of the Masculine and Feminine with each other and with all of Creation.


Cultivating this Sacred Relationship is one of the foundational lessons of the White Lions and Lionesses.


When one recognizes the exquisite mutually honouring and loving communication between the males and females and their refined mutual support and complementary role-taking in service of their own pride and of the entire ecosystem, one finds a powerful role model for the sacred relationship of the masculine and feminine coming together in loving union and uncompromising service of the larger home, our entire planetary ecosystem.

Mandla and Zihra reflected this relationship as do Linda Tucker and Jason A. Turner.

"We serve by healing: and regenerate by simply returning to a natural , healthy way of living that is conscious of our fundamental connection with nature. Since Mother Nature restores, by serving her we restore our own wellness." Linda Tucker, LionHearted Leadership: The 13 Laws

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In the midst of a global lion crisis that treats Panthera leo as a killing commodity in cross-border trade, the founders of the Global White Lion Protection Trust have been dedicatedly modelling solutions over three decades. Their initiative combines cultural and conservation strategies, anchored in this ancient natural Sacred Site, centered on the Nile Meridian.


It is here that this pioneering project operates, in the very heart of the White Lions ancestral and natural territories, at the epicenter of South Africa´s Kruger to Canyons ecosystem: a UNESCO Biosphere region, which is one of the world’s last viable lion ranges.


The Global White Lion Protection Trust was founded in 2002 by pioneering conservationist, Linda Tucker and then established together with the expertise of specialist lion ecologist, Jason A. Turner. Its foundation represents a decade of prior first-hand research into the cultural beliefs and lion pride dynamics of this region.


Over the decades, where local government has failed, this NPO has raised millions of dollars in order to purchase approx. 4400 acres of Protected Area in the Heartlands of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere - the White Lions’ original home range - thus ensuring their safety. This Protected Area is called “Tsau" (meaning StarLion)


From this remote location, this initiative engages some of the most critical issues of our times, not only in relation to Lions, Land and People, but also addresses the climate crisis, combining leading edge science with ancient indigenous knowledge systems to help save species.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust, does the work and shoulders the costs for this essential work. In any healthy governance system, this work would be recognized as a priority to ensure the health of the local and global ecosystem on which we all depend. 

Linda Tucker Ted Talk: Ignite your LionHeart. I speak for the Lions!


In the midst of a crisis, Linda Tucker’s LionHearted story inspires others to step-up and change their lives:


Ask not what the White Lions can do for you. What can you do for the White Lions.



DONATE: The Day of Freedom campaign helps to realistically quantify the costs carried by this extraordinary life-giving project and offers you an opportunity to make a real difference.

SIGN: AVAAZ petition which demands that the White Lions be protected by international law


an invitation for rest and reflection

with the essence of sacred relationship

As we enter through the White Lion and Lioness Gateway of the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection, the Gateway of Sacred Relationship of the Masculine and Feminine with each other and with all of Creation, we invite you to reflect on the nature of the relationship of:

 Sun and Moon,

Mandla and Zihra

Jason A. Turner and Linda Tucker

Your Inner Masculine and Your Inner Feminine

We invite you to sense into the nature of the relationship of Sun and Moon, Mandla and Zihra, Jason A. Turner and Linda Tucker and your own Inner Masculine and Feminine and the ways in which they bring all of themselves in mutual nourishment with each other and in service of their local ecosystems and all of Creation.

How do the Feminine and Masculine manifest in these relationships as a mutually nourishing ecosystem within a larger ecosystem - nourishing and nourished by the ecosystem of which they are part?

As you spend time, sensing into these relationships, what insights, inspirations, visions, art forms emerge from this reflection - this mirror?

How does this mirror inspire you to transform your own relationship with yourself and the world around you?

If you wish to share your insights with the larger community, please do so on our community sharing space and inspire our own 7 Days of Rest and Reflection ecosystem.

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Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Planetary Wisdom of the Lions and Lionesses:

by Shelley Ostroff

This article is written in support of the pioneering work undertaken by Linda Tucker and Jason A. Turner, whose reintroduction of the White Lions as Capstone Animal to their endemic habitat against great odds holds the key to ecosystem restoration. 

Understanding the ecological and evolutionary function of animals requires moving beyond mainstream scientific language to a more integrative vibrational language. This vibrational language takes into account the spectrum of cosmic and embodied intelligences as well as recent holographic insights as to the nature of consciousness.


The lions and lionesses hold the most integrative and evolved forms of consciousness of land animals on the planet. As apex predators, they have internalised and metabolised all other aspects of creation into their internal physiological environment. They have evolved a harmonious, energetic structure where each part of the holographic fabric of life has its  accurate place in the microcosmic holographic internal environment of the lion and lioness. Visibly, their golden or white golden fur reflect and embody this integrative, radiant vibration.


The integrative, harmonious, graceful and powerful vibration of the lions and lionesses has been acknowledged intuitively by humans throughout time, and as such, they are considered the royalty and majesty of the animal kingdom. In mythology and iconography from across the world, humans have recognized the fundamental ecological role of the lions of vitalizing and harmonizing the environment. On a conscious level however, we have not yet come to this vibrational understanding. Our recognition of the majesty, power and heartfulness of the lions is far more intuitive and poetic than can emerge from a purely rational or scientific approach to knowledge.


From a vibrational perspective the lions can be seen as being in constant listening and communicating mode with the environment. They listen and communicate in a way that cultivates the most harmonious dynamic and flourishing ecological balance so that all unique differentiated parts of the interconnected whole can thrive.


When the lions and lionesses live in freedom in their natural habitat, they receive complex holographic environmental information, metabolize it within themselves, balance the imbalances and integrate the new information into ever increasing, rich, golden vibrational radiance. They then transmit that informational frequency throughout the environment so that all beings may flourish. Despite their power, the lions and lionesses take no more than they need at any given time.  They thus ensure the full vitality of all the different parts of the eco-system, without prejudice or privilege. This is one of the qualities shown in myths about lions and it is the evidence that we also witness in nature.


Where lions thrive other species thrive. The lions and lionesses have created within themselves these exquisite harmonious internal eco-systems that access and balance the different dimensions of life on the planet. They process the shifts in the environment, harmonize these shifts within themselves as much as possible, and then transmit the vibration of “harmony in diversity” to the surroundings. To serve this regulatory function for the planet they need to roam freely. When lions roam freely, fauna and flora are in balance. Given the planet functions as an interconnected living eco-system, the freedom of the lions and lionesses to roam freely as nature intended is crucial for our global well-being.


The lion population is under serious threat due to the horrific canned lion industry.  It is an imperative for human survival, morality and evolution to ensure that the lions and lionesses roam freely in order to restore the sacred balance of life to the planet.

The Planetary Wisdom of the Lions and Lionesses was originally published on Together in Creation, in March 2014

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