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conscious birthing wisdom

honoring the sacred practice of tending the birthing process

This page will evolve over the week with offerings from the community

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During the 7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal, we renew our relationship with the birthing rite of passage, the primal experience of Sacred Renewal, from pre-conception to early infancy, as the foundation for the healing and thriving of our children, our communities, of Mother Earth and of all of Life.

We are deeply grateful to those who have offered their gifts for this event, inspiring us to move forward with ever deeper wisdom in supporting the journey of the unborn, parents and communities in welcoming Life into this world.

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Honoring the Wisdom of the Sacred Birthkeepers

May we honor those who have held with devotion,

This ancient feminine tradition,

This timeless practice of tending with love and wisdom to

Life's rite of passage into this world.

May we learn from the birthkeepers

How to honor and support Creation
Birthing at this time of Renewal

And always.

May we be inspired to restore sacred relationship

With the grace and power of Birth,

In our families, in our communities and as a species

So that we can protect and nourish Mother Earth

And All Her Children,

As it is meant to be.

Embrace your child in a song!

“The Rest Of Our Lives” honors the profound experience between a dad and his newborn.The song is from the award winning book with music, Safe In The Arms Of Love: Deepening the Essential Bond with Your Baby. Music and Lyrics  by Lisa Rafel  Sung by Skyler Jett  Produced by Gary Malkin

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7 Days of Rest and Sacred Renewal Birthkeepers Council:  Birthing the New Era in Love and Wisdom

January 1, 2022 at 11:11

On the 1st day of 2022  a Wisdom Council of Birthkeepers co-created a beautiful resonant field into which they offered their prayers, blessings, and wisdom for these potent auspicious times of transformation and re-birth. They addressed the importance of conscious birthing, recognizing the vital influence of the pre-conception phase, gestation, birth and early bonding in shaping the health and well being of each individual, thus contributing to a vibrant, healthy, harmonious culture.

With gratitude to Katharine Roske and Sarah Grace for convening this extraordinary wisdom circle and to all the participants for blessing this sacred birthing space with their presence:

Makasha Roske, Mary Jackson, RN, LM, RCST, Judyth Weaver, Tara Blasco, PhD, Cheserai Scala, Melanie Roske, Jeremy Roske, Sarah Naia Soleil, Layla Verbance and Patrick McGinnis


To see the bios of the participant click HERE

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wisdom offering & blessing from ibu robin lim

director of Birthing Center Bumi Sehat in Bali

offered for 7 days of rest, 2020

sarah grace: embodiment practice  to resource and bring present time connections to the neurobiology of you

The foundation of this meditation originates from Dr. Raymond Castellino (1944-2020), founder of Pre and Perinatal Womb Surround Process Workshops. Sarah weaves together a synergistic blend of Continuum Movement, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Resourcing.

The intention for this embodiment practice is to resource and bring present time connections to the neurobiology of you. As the brain & nervous system repatterns into our present time felt sense of now, the neural pathways within our prefrontal cortex (present time brain center) connect and grow. Following the embryological sequence, we scan our soma from a place of present moment awareness and bring our Adult Presence to meet our somatic implicit memory and re-anchor into LOVE, coherence, and Health. LIVING PRESENCE heals our tissues, and the fragmented aspects of our psyche and body.

Once you become familiar with tracking Mother Earth Father Sky (vertical plane). left-right/right-left (horizontal plane), back-front/front-back, inside/outside, one can use this simple scanning method in minutes or choose the extended meditation. Always orient to Health and Wholeness. Enjoy!

Vocals: Sarah Grace
Music composed and mixed by: Jami Deva

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Daily offerings from lisa rafel

Spiritual Guide, Shamanic vocalist, ​Conscious Birth supporter Songwriter. 

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 Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul ~ 7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal Global Birthing Ceremony

with Juliet haines and the council of oracle women

On the 7.1.2022, Juliet Haines with the Council of the Council of Midwives & Guardians held a Global Birthing Ceremony, held a global birthing ceremony, honoring this time of Sacred Renewal and Rebirth.

Women oracles gather in council connecting to knowing this ancient feminine wisdom of the unknowing,

We are being in the depths together, opening up a transmission to tend what is true during these times,

Our feminine essence is in devotion to birthing the depths of feminine through our bodies,

Our hearts love has the capacity to embrace every aspect of humanity,

The truth of existence speaks through our womanly bodies and voices,

We are rested in our seats, In deep receptivity and surrender to the mystery of life,

dedicated to truth, knowing why we are here,

We are in devotion to embodying our divinity, each holding a unique key,

As we Tend the Birth Canal of the Earth Soul,

We rest deeply into the Being of the Earth through our Hearts and Wombs,

With the Divine Masculine in Devotion to anchoring the Divine Feminine in our World!


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