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Rest in Loving Wisdom

And visions from the future bless,

As gentle guides who show the way.

They answer calls that ask to serve

Creation in its path of Love

As in-sight flows,

New paths of promise waken.

Instinct and imagination play and wisdom grows -

With past and future mixing fertile longings.

A time of peace and health and joy,

Is seen upon our inner screen,

And swept up by the clarion call,

With inner compass clarity,

We let go and we let come -

To take our place along the way 

Into the mysteries of the day

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day 6 ~ reflection ~ invitation for daily reflection 

offered by shelley ostroff

Event Gallery

The invitation today is to commune with Water in loving meditative reflection.


Sense into the reflective consciousness of Water as She offers herself as a mirror of the physical world and a mirror of human consciousness. Sense into how Water evolves as She is reflected in all of Creation. Sense into how this reflective consciousness of Water serves the evolution of Life.


Imagine how Water, as a meta-consciousness, reflects on and processes these ever-changing multiplicity of perspectives and experiences.


Reflect on how the consciousness of humanity is now mirrored by the state of our planetary Waters.

Sense into the clarity of the reflection in still, pristine Waters.


What can we learn from Water about refining our capacity for being clear, honest and loving mirrors for ourselves, for each other, for Water, and for all of Creation as a foundation for our own personal healing and the healing of our planetary Waters.

Thank you Water.

With love and gratitude,

Shelley Ostroff

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event gallery - day 6

7 Days of Rest  2018, Day Two - an invitation to Rest in Loving Senses

Event Calendar
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Practices & Wisdom

practices and wisdom offerings

offering from treesisters

Day 4 - Circulation

“At our core, at our centre, beats a heart that circulates Life though our beings. A heart whose energy carries love through our lives. Life and love intertwine and dance the rhythm of our journeyings here in this wondrous Earth home. What becomes possible for all of Life when we allow love to flow freely through us? Letting our whole being be infused with the unique love of our hearts… choosing to pour it out to join the heartbeat of Life, we offer a healing force to the world beyond measure.”

Offered by Ellie Herndlhofer, Network and Volunteer Assistant of TreeSisters

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A full moon meditation offered by Clare Dubois

"With the full moon we flow with the element of Water; opening into our sensate and feeling awareness, tapping the pulse of our sensuality and inviting the experience of soul hydration. We are river and rain, ocean and cloud, formless, receptive, nourishing and fertile. This is the dance of allowing that can teach us so much about surrender and becoming."

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Water researcher and crystallographer, Veda Austin

 The Code of Reflection. Veda Austin is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist and author. She has dedicated the last 8 years observing and photographing the life of Water. She believes that water is fluid intelligence, observing itself through every living organism on the planet and in the Universe. Her primary area of focus is photographing water in its 'state of creation', the space between liquid and ice. It is through her remarkable crystallographic photos that water reveals its awareness of not only Creation, but thought and intention through imagery.

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a wisdom message from  kim kapes and the wolves

in harmony with nature animal haven

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Water Clearing Ritual / Meditation with Church of the Earth

Connecting with water as living ancestor/s and - deepening relationship. As Church of the Earth,

Frans is a shamanic minister, and part of African (water divination) tradition. For more info visit

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Conversations of Women with the Sacred Female Rising Institute

Conversation with MiraMichelle and Marion Haak-Schulenberg.

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Offerings from the Connection Field

Divine Heart Meditation with Malini Rajendran

A unique divine heart meditation for every day for healing 7 different types of Waters of the world

Heart Coherence Meditation

Hosted by Julie Down

The Connection WATER Field

with Loving Waters Council and Four Worlds European Grandmothers

Japa Mala for Repairing the Earth

with Linda Linker Rosenthal

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storyteller's lodge

To promote and partner with the World Water Year, the White Otter Academy is acting as a steward of storytelling for the 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing. The intention is to provide stories from people around the globe that relate to Water and healing - and their personal or community connection with the Earth. You can view the inspiring treasure of stories coming in from around world on the

Storyteller's Lodge page

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Healing Water Ceremony offered as a daily practice from Ejna Fleury

2021 Healing Water Ceremony

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WATER CURE ~ 7 days

Drink a glass of water a day


To connect with the healing power of Water

To listen to Her messages

To heal our wounds

To open the channel through which our

emotions can flow

To eliminate what is not

And welcome what IS

To honor our waters

To take care of our body

To nurture our soul

To take care of our roots

To connect with the source of life in us

To take the strength of our ancestors

To feel the eternal bond that unites us

and remains

To remember our essence

To take care of our sovereignty

Water heals. Water offers us the purest and most powerful of medicines. Its power is subtle and deep. If we do not have spring water, living water from the mountains, we can try to get filtered, energised water. And, if what we have is urban water - or bottled water -, we can energize it with vibration, bowls, music. We can also make "diamond water", which is to mix spring water and / or prayed water with the one we have at home, to awaken the memory of living water.

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