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Since the inception of 7 Days of Rest, Water  has been a central teacher and inspiration,

with many stewards offering blessings, ceremonies and wisdom offerings over the years.

Water continues to be a primary guide and teacher in all initiatives related to Eco-Governance.

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For 7 Days of Rest & Return to Essence, as in some of the previous years Kazumi-san, Water Shaman from Japan offers an opening Water Blessing Ceremony, and Veda Austin, crystallographer offers her unique daily messages from Water.

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During 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing we seeded 2021 as a year of radical individual, collective and planetary healing.


Water guided the themes of this event and the Gateways were dedicated to Water guardians and wisdom keepers, including The Water Protectors of Standing Rock, Masaru Emoto and Emily Conrad.

Together we honored the vitalizing codes of Water as source, sustenance and unifier of all Life and the primary medicine of our time.  On January 1st we launched the Global Alliance for a World Water Law, and World Water Year 2021 as a year of uniting in action for a World Water Law

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World Water Year 2021 was a call-to-action for citizens of all nations, cultures and ages to unite for Life and to collectively transform how we organize ourselves as a species. The core purpose of World Water Year 2021 was to activate an extended period of time for individuals and groups to unite and collaborate for the global adoption and implementation of the World Water Law

2021 saw a growing presence of diverse and inspiring Water events, and over 100 organizations have now joined the Global Alliance for a World Water Law. It is deeply inspiring to witness so many  uniting around the World Water Law as an activation strategy for exponential whole-system healing.

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Over the course of 2020 we prepared the ground for 7 Days of Rest & Radical Healing. The first initiative in support of this intention was a global healing ceremony: Healing Women ~ Healing Water that took place on February 5 & 6, 2020.


The Ceremony was dedicated to co-creating the cultural and environmental conditions for all Women and all Waters to thrive ~ for we know that when Women and Water thrive, all parts of the whole planetary biosphere will thrive.


A meditation following this ceremony  birthed the vision for the World Water Law 

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The proposal for a World Water Law invites all of humanity to unite around the radical healing of the planetary Waters and Water cycle. This foundational law works to ensure that all humans and animals have guaranteed access to natural, uncontaminated Water. The proposal also calls for a binding international agreement to be put in place that holds all governments, corporations, communities and individuals fully accountable for their impact on all Waters everywhere. 

The proposal for the World Water Law is rooted in the original laws of Nature and basic common sense, and stands in stark contrast to the laws, mindsets and structures that currently govern our lives. 

The proposal for a World Water Law, was publicly during the first World Unity Week in June 2020.

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