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Rest in Loving Wisdom

And visions from the future bless,

As gentle guides who show the way.

They answer calls that ask to serve

Creation in its path of Love

As in-sight flows,

New paths of promise waken.

Instinct and imagination play and wisdom grows -

With past and future mixing fertile longings.

A time of peace and health and joy,

Is seen upon our inner screen,

And swept up by the clarion call,

With inner compass clarity,

We let go and we let come -

To take our place along the way 

Into the mysteries of the day.

​~ From the first 7 Days of Rest 2018

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Reflections & Practices: Invitation to commune with the Essence of Clarity and the Clarity of Essence

Offered by Shelley Ostroff

These daily reflections and practices invite you to commune with the essence and vibrations of the theme of the day. As you engage with these essences you are invited to deepen the dialogue with the essence through spontaneous journalling, visual art, sound and movement inspired by the communion. The creative journey with these essences over the week offers a profound portal into the mystery and medicine of "Return to Essence".

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offerings for day 6

All Live Events are listed in "The Calendar" All offerings, including pre-recorded videos can be found in "The Gallery" and on the page below

live events ~ "the calendar" 

all times in utc


all offerings ~ "the gallery" 

all times in utc

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daily offerings

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Wisdom and Prayers from The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations

clarity with Grandmother luisah teish

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all our kin

Image from Water in response to the word "clarity" ~ offered by Crystallographer, Veda Austin


Veda is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist  and author. She has dedicated the last 8 years observing and photographing the life of water. She believes that water is fluid intelligence, observing itself through every living organism on the planet and in the Universe. It is through her remarkable crystallographic photos that water reveals its awareness of not only Creation, but thought and intention through imagery.

You are invited to commune with these messages from Water and sense into what Water is communicating about these themes. You are invited to share your insights around this message from Water on the community platform. You can learn more about the ground-breaking work of Veda on her website:


the listening field with danielea castell ~ embody essence with the nature elders 


walk with Wolves, kim kapes and the wolves at the in harmony with nature sanctuary


elephant hour with annette haddaway & anita valala 


the essence of stillness with hope fitzgerald


way to faerie


northern lights revelations with marieke anna


clarity with the

freedom farm sanctuary 


crystal connections with the magicians guild community

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meditation & immersive experiential journeys


The Weave Embodied Teachings with miramichelle


rest in the womb of creation… and be the flow with debra emanuelle


Igniting the Divine Mastery Presence of 2023

with Sri & Kira 


Living into Life with Cari Taylor


Mini Meditative Musings with Linda Rosenthal


Water Whale Wisdom with whaia


Global Coherence Pulse - 7 Days of Rest & Return to Essence


journey back to nature with gail thomas 


Daily Reflections on the divine mastery presence of 2023 with sri & kir


Being Essence with Stela Murizzi


Poetry & Silence with Transformation 365  with yanni maniates


power source meditation

with sharon mcerlane

Power Source MeditationSharon McErlane
00:00 / 01:04
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wellness and embodied practices




The Essence of Nourishment with Tami Hay 


guided rest for the whole family with mira binzen

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for daily reflection

Reflections & Practices: Offered by Shelley Ostroff

These daily reflections and practices invite you to commune with the essence and vibrations of the theme of the day. As you engage with these essences you are invited to deepen the dialogue with the essence through spontaneous journalling, visual art, sound and movement inspired by the communion. The creative journey with these essences over the week offers a profound portal into the mystery and medicine of "Return to Essence".


clarity: An invitation to commune with the Clarity of Essence and the Essence of Clarity

  • Invite the essence of clarity into your field. What comes alive in you as you commune with clarity?

  • Sense into the clarity of essence. What is it about essence that holds the quality of clarity and what does that quality inspire in you?

  • Sense one by one, into the experience of mental clarity, physical clarity, emotional clarity, spiritual clarity and the energetic clarity of your entire being. What do these feel like to you as you listen into them with all your senses? What practices do you engage in to bring you closer to each of these in your life?

  • Sense into the creative power of clear purpose. What role does purpose play in your life? How purpose serve as a compass for your everyday decisions? 

  • Sense into the creative power of clear intention. What are some of your intentions you hold for yourself for the upcoming year and beyond?

  • Sense into the clear water and clean, pristine air. What do you feel is the relationship of the clarity of the Waters we drink and the Air we breathe with our mental, emotional and physical and spiritual clarity, health and vitality? 

  • What are the different senses you use to come into greater clarity in different situations? Bring into your consciousness a situation that you feel unclear about at this time. As you bring the situation into your field allow your different senses to engage with the situation. Notice how you feel as you imagine yourself choosing among the different pathways presented in this situation. How do you resonate with the different pathways, what does your instinct tell you, your intuition, your feelings, your sensations. Imagine lifting yourself into an eagle's eye-view of the situation, bringing in a fuller panorama of context. What new perspectives come into play? How do each of these perspectives bring you information towards greater clarity

  • What would it look like for you to de-noise, declutter, detox your mind and body to enable greater clarity of perception and communication? What would it look like for us to de-noise our culture and our environment.

  • Envision a world free of the noise that is a result of human disconnect from nature within and beyond us.

  • What do you experience as the relationship of clarity with presence, resonance, radiance, gratitude, truth, courageous self-awareness, and integrity of heart and mind.

  • Imagine what it would look like if we organized as one humanity around a clear vision, purpose and organizing principles that served as a unifying and practical collective compass for the benefit of all of Life. In what ways do you feel Eco-Governance brings us closer to this?

  • Sense into the clarity of Nature  and the intricacy and precision of the information pathways, flows and codes that ensure that all parts of the whole receive what is needed to take up their unique function in the communication network for the health of the whole. What can we learn from Nature about precision, discernment and organizing principles for discernment in perception and communication. How can the Vitality Code inspire this process?

  • How do you experience yourself next to ambivalence and ambiguity, and what is needed for you to stay with these and allow the deeper wisdom and clarity to emerge?

  • Eco-Governance suggests four discernment principles that can offer greater clarity and well-being as we organize as groups and communities for the health of the whole. The principles ask what pathways are: the most effective, the most vitalizing, the most impactful and the most compassionate. In what ways do you feel organizing around these criteria can support greater clarity in our personal and collective decisions?

  • Eco-Governance is a deeply consultative process that supports bringing in the diverse relevant human and non-human perspectives to ensure decisions are most beneficial for the health of the whole. Imagine what it would look like if we consulted more with all of those who are impacted by our decisions and the diverse human and non-human wisdom keepers.​​​​​​​

  • "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite." What does this quote of William Blake evoke for you? What are the practices you can use to cleanse the doors of perception and communication?

  • In what ways is the path of clarity an essential part of the medicine and journey of Return to Essence.

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