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foundations of life


7 Days of Rest & Reflection 2019 was dedicated to learning from and restoring right relationship

with the sacred Foundations of Life—Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of LIfe.

Below are wisdom offerings and meditations for each of the foundations with a link to explore many more offerings that were shared for the themes of each day.

This dialogue between Dr. Julie Krull and Dr. Shelley Ostroff offers a deeper understanding of what it means to develop an intimate connection with the Foundations of Life.



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The Listening Field is an online ceremonial space that was discovered by Danielea Castell and her Nature Elders during lockdown in June 2020.


The Listening Field is open, emergent, responsive and evolving. It is a safe, sacred space where groups of Humans and Nature Elders can meet communicate and coCreate in service to the healing and regeneration of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


Listening Fields can be opened for individuals and organizations who wish to connect with Nature Elders for consultation, networking, healing, action research and coCreative innovation.


Over the past 2.5 years The Listening Field has partnered with The World Water Law through the I AM A WATER BODY ecoLabs (2021) and more recently with Eco-Governance during the 99 Days of Peace Through Unity 2022 (2022).  Consultations were conducted in the Listening Field with the 7 Foundations of Life and the 7 Core Needs guided by the first two Primary Tasks of Eco-Governance. The messages that were received from the Nature Elders are being shared publicly through visual memes and video clips curated by Danielea Castell, and unpacked for social research and transformative action. 


The Listening Field is honoured to partner with the 7 Days of Rest and Return to Essence to provide daily opportunities for people to experience live communion with Nature Elders and deepen their embodiment of the 7 essences of the daily themes.   

During World Unity Week 2022, The Listening Field partnered with Eco-Governance to open dialogues with the Foundations of Life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Climate, Biodiversity and the Web of Life. Guided by the Primary Task of Eco-Governance each person asked the Foundations of Life, “How do we restore right relationship with you?” These are some of the answers.

Invitations to engage with the wisdom memes. 


1.   As you read these messages, notice what happens for you? What comes alive in you? How does the message inspire your imagination? How does it expand your field of possibility? We welcome you to share your experience on the 7 Days of Rest Circle in the Eco-Governance Community.


2.  After you have read these messages, ask the Foundations of Life the same question, "How do we restore right relationship with you? Sense into and record what the answers are for you. We welcome you to share your experience on the 7 Days of Rest Circle.


From 7 Days of Rest and Reflection 2019 

an invitation for rest and reflection with earth

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We began the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection with a sacred offering from the Amazon 

with Sacred Ritual Holder, Daiara Tukano. A blessing for Pacha Mama - for Mother Earth.

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Guided Meditation:
Resting and Reflecting with EARTH

Offered by Shelley Ostroff
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Reflections and practices offered each day. Journalling the thoughts, images, dreams, emotions, sensations and experiences that arise throughout the entire week can deepen your journey through these seven days.



Reflection offerings and practices for the day - Shelley Ostroff

  1. Intentional invitation:  There are many ways to connect with Earth. Sense into the way in which you would like to deepen your relationship with Earth today.  What are you inviting in for yourself, and for Earth? How can you best create the conditions for this to manifest. 

  2. Breathing with Earth:  Spend time quietly breathing and noticing the subtle sensations moving through your body. Become curious about the inner spaces within your physical body. What do you notice as you follow the inner sensations – the experience of the breath – the air, touching and nourishing you from within?

  3. Touching Earth:  Spend time with the sense of touch. Open your curiosity to the richness of textures around you and of the quality of different ways of touching and being touched by Earth. How do you feel when you rest on Earth and with Earth?  What are the qualities you offer to Earth as you touch her and walk upon her, and interact with her in your everyday life through the material world around you? How do you feel she would want to be touched by you?

  4. Tasting Earth: Spend time with the sense of taste. Expand your sense of taste. From the taste of soil itself to the rich diverse tastes of her Earth’s abundant garden – spend time exploring the way in which taste itself transforms as you attend to it with greater curiosity and attention.  Notice the impact of the different tastes on your mind and body. Slow down your chewing and let the food dwell just a bit longer with the taste buds. Notice what you learn about Earth through the tastes she offers.  Notice the vibrancy of her pure colors and vital nourishment as it moves through the taste buds into and through your digestive system. Receive inspiration from the Gateway of Nourishment.